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The public security organs have achieved remarkable results in cracking down on telecommunications network fraud crimes involving China in northern Myanmar. A total of 31,000 telecommunications network fraud suspects have been handed over to us – Xinhuanet


In view of the current serious situation of telecommunications network fraud involving China in northern Myanmar, the Ministry of Public Security has deployed public security agencies in Yunnan and other places to continue to promote border police law enforcement cooperation and carry out multiple rounds of crackdowns. So far, relevant local law enforcement departments in northern Myanmar have handed over to us There are 31,000 suspects in telecommunications network fraud, including 63 behind-the-scenes “financiers”, organizational leaders and backbones, and 1,531 online fugitives. The crackdown has achieved remarkable results.

Since September this year, under the command and deployment of the Ministry of Public Security and the Yunnan Provincial Public Security Department, the public security agencies in Xishuangbanna, Pu’er, Lincang and other places have carried out border police law enforcement cooperation with relevant local law enforcement departments in Myanmar, carried out a series of crackdowns, and a large number of telecommunications networks Fraud suspects have been handed over to us one after another, and remarkable results have been achieved. Since November, in order to advance the crackdown in depth, our public security organs have further deepened police law enforcement cooperation between China and Myanmar and launched a fierce offensive against telecom network fraud crimes in northern Myanmar. The results have been remarkable and good news has been reported frequently. Ming Guoping, Ming Julan, and Ming Zhenzhen, the important leaders of the Kokang telecom network fraud criminal group in northern Myanmar who were publicly wanted by our public security organs, were successfully arrested and brought to justice. The first criminal Ming Xuechang committed suicide in fear of crime. A large number of overseas fraud dens were successfully eradicated, which dealt a severe blow. The arrogance of overseas fraud groups. On November 18, the Dehong Public Security Bureau made an important breakthrough in border police law enforcement cooperation. The law enforcement department in the Muse region in northern Myanmar handed over 571 telecommunications network fraud suspects to us one after another, forming a strong deterrent to fraudsters. So far, with the strong cooperation of all parties in Myanmar, a total of 31,000 telecommunications network fraud suspects have been handed over to us and have been successively taken back by the public security organs of the places involved. The public security organs will thoroughly investigate all illegal and criminal facts and resolutely punish them severely in accordance with the law.

The relevant person in charge of the public security agency stated that they will always maintain a high-pressure crackdown on telecom network fraud criminal groups in northern Myanmar, continue to deepen police law enforcement cooperation on the China-Myanmar border, continue to organize special crackdowns, make every effort to clear out fraud dens, arrest fraudsters in accordance with the law, and resolutely Safeguard the safety of life, property and legitimate rights and interests of the people, and effectively maintain border security and stability.

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