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The second “Yuelu Book Fair” of Hunan Province’s book-scented rural activities went to Ningyuan Xiaguan


Red Net Moment News November 20(Reporter Cheng Wenjie) The fragrance of books enriches the countryside and reading promotes revitalization. In order to improve the service efficiency of farmhouse bookstores and promote the national reading activities to be in-depth and practical, on the morning of November 20, the second “Yuelu Book Club” of Hunan Province brought the fragrance of books to the countryside and The theme activities of “My Bookstore, My Dream” and “Flying Reading Dreams” were held at the Farmhouse Bookstore of Guanxi School in Xiaguan Village, Ningyuan County, Yongzhou City.




“We recite Chinese classics and inherit national culture; we create a scholarly campus and inherit Chinese civilization.” The event kicked off with a reading scene performance “The Analects”, and children’s poetry recited “Ai Lian Shuo”, “My Bookstore I” Wonderful programs such as “The Dream” themed reading sharing, the song “Let’s Go to Yongzhou”, the red story micro-promotion “Le Tianyu’s Life”, etc., share the good time of reading with everyone; Zhang Yunfeng, Director of the Publishing Department of the Propaganda Department of the Hunan Provincial Party Committee, Tang Jun, deputy director of the Propaganda Department of the Yongzhou Municipal Party Committee and director of the Municipal Press and Publication Bureau, Xiao Jun, Party Secretary and General Manager of the Yongzhou Branch of Xinhua Bookstore, Li Ling, member of the Standing Committee of the Ningyuan County Party Committee and Organization Director, and other leaders organized the 2022 “My Bookhouse My Dream” rural Award-winning students and instructors for outstanding works in children’s reading practice activities presented awards; farmer Li Lin shared the story of industrial revitalization and changes brought about by reading in farmhouses. Student representatives took the stage to release their “reading dreams” and guide everyone to develop Love reading, the good habit of reading good books, and regard reading as a living habit, a way of life, and a spiritual pursuit.

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In recent years, Ningyuan County has continued to improve its working mechanism and strengthen daily open management in the construction of farmhouses and advocating reading for all. A total of 406 farmhouses have been built with a collection of more than 1.58 million books. It serves the overall revitalization of the countryside, meets the cultural needs of the people, and It has achieved fruitful results in strengthening the construction of spiritual civilization, and has won more than ten honors such as the national, provincial, and municipal advanced units in farm bookstore management, and the provincial and municipal advanced units in the “Bookish Hunan” reading activities. Focusing on public concerns such as “serving the elderly, raising children, and enabling young and middle-aged people to develop well,” the Farmhouse Bookstore is building a school for farmers to get rich, a palace of rural culture, and a second classroom for rural children.

This event is guided by the Propaganda Department of the Hunan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China (Hunan Provincial Press and Publication Bureau); hosted by Hunan Publishing Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd., Zhongnan Publishing Media Group Co., Ltd., and the Propaganda Department of the Yongzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China; Propaganda Department of the Ningyuan County Committee of the Communist Party of China, Hunan Provincial Committee Organized by Ningyuan County Branch of Xinhua Bookstore Co., Ltd.


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