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“Chinese Entrepreneurship Association” opens in Wuhan in 2023, and thousands of overseas Chinese embark on a new journey together – China News Service Video

“Chinese Entrepreneurship Association” opens in Wuhan in 2023, and thousands of overseas Chinese embark on a new journey together – China News Service Video
“Chinese Entrepreneurship Association” opens in Wuhan in 2023, and thousands of overseas Chinese embark on a new journey together – China News Service Video

[Explanation]The 2023 Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurship Development Fair (hereinafter referred to as the “Chinese Entrepreneurship Fair”) opened in Wuhan on November 16. More than 800 representatives from home and abroad attended the meeting, including nearly 600 overseas representatives from 67 countries and regions.

[Explanation]The 2023 “Chinese Entrepreneurship Conference” is co-sponsored by the Hubei Provincial People’s Government and the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council. With the theme of “Thousands of overseas Chinese unite and start a new journey together”, the opening ceremony and special sessions will be held in a combination of online and offline formats. A series of activities, project promotion and negotiation, city and state inspections, etc., serve overseas Chinese who return home (come to China) to start their own businesses, and help Hubei build a new highland for inland opening up.

[Same period]Zhang Jinlong, Chairman of the British Chinese General Chamber of Commerce

In the new development pattern, Hubei serves the country’s major strategies, stimulates new momentum, and builds a pioneer area. I was invited to attend this conference. Like other overseas Chinese, I really felt that Hubei is booming in the new era, felt the good business environment in Hubei, and even saw new opportunities for investment and development in Hubei.

[Explanation]According to the organizing committee of the “Chinese Entrepreneurship Association”, in 2023 the “Chinese Entrepreneurship Association” will focus more on recruiting talents. In the early stage, the Organizing Committee Office of China Entrepreneurship Association has collected 860 high-end talent position information, of which 50 key employers such as Hubei Optics Valley Laboratory, Hubei Institute of Aerospace Chemical Technology, and Wuhan Industrial Innovation and Development Research Institute have provided 303 jobs for the talent session. A high-end R&D and management position.

[Same period]Representative Su Xin

The development of our country in the past few decades is closely related to the development of the overseas Chinese. It has been a very important part of our past development. I also hope that my past work experience overseas can be integrated with the destiny of the country and the development of the industry.

[Explanation]This year, the “China Innovation Association” will introduce nearly 100 high-level overseas talents through activities such as the 10th “China Innovation Cup” Entrepreneurship Competition, a special session for overseas high-level talents, and an overseas high-tech project investment and financing matchmaking meeting.

[Same period]Representative Zhu Tiefeng

Overseas Chinese should gather more together. This is called cohesion and common development.

[Explanation]In terms of investment promotion, focusing on Hubei’s breakthrough development of optoelectronic information, new energy and intelligent connected vehicles, life and health, high-end equipment, Beidou and other advantageous industries, a total of 333 projects were negotiated and participated in the conference, and 113 contract agreement projects were reached. indivual. At the opening ceremony, 27 projects were signed together, with a total contract value of 30.8 billion yuan.

[Same period]Yin Yiqiao, President of Future Group, Honorary President of Hubei African Private Chamber of Commerce

Through participating in so many Chinese Entrepreneurship Conferences, I have made many overseas Chinese friends from all over the world. Now, my business friends can be said to be all over the world, including Southeast Asia, Europe, and the United States.

[Explanation]Since its establishment in 2001, the “Chinese Entrepreneurship Association” has insisted on “based on Hubei, serving the country, and connecting the world”, focusing on attracting talents and investment, and has invited overseas Chinese professionals from more than 100 countries and regions. More than 20,000 people, including people and representatives of overseas Chinese businessmen, attended the on-site meeting, and more than 2,800 projects were signed and introduced. It has become a well-known brand in the overseas Chinese community to attract talents and investment, and a service provider for returning overseas Chinese (coming to China) to innovate and start businesses and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. important platform.

Zheng Ziyan and Wu Taotao reported from Wuhan, Hubei

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