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Xinhua News Agency, Nanning, November 15th Title: Praise for youth carries forward the past and opens up the future

  ——Overview of the First National Student (Youth) Games

Xinhua News Agency reporters Zhao Jiantong, Xiang Zhiqiang, Lu Xianting

The closing ceremony of the first National Student (Youth) Games was held on the evening of the 15th at Nanning Qingxiu Mountain Bronze Drum Square on the bank of the Yongjiang River. Looking back after parting, Bagui Earth has witnessed a youth event, a stage where youth blooms, and an exploration of the integration of sports and education.

On November 4, the break dancing competition of the First National Student (Youth) Games was held at the Qinzhou Sports Center Gymnasium in Guangxi.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Ailin

The successful holding of this sports event that will carry forward the past and open up the future is of great significance. The Youth League, which was formed from the merger of the National Youth Games and the National Student Games, has paved a youth track for more than 20,000 young athletes, and has also inspired hundreds of millions of young people to write the story of the new era with confidence, openness, and high spirits. The music of youth.

  Striving for the lead on the youth track

A total of 20,360 athletes from all over the country participated in this Youth League, including 17,971 from the Guangxi competition area and 2,389 from competition areas outside Guangxi. The participating athletes include some champions of international and domestic competitions. They pursue excellence, are confident and open-minded, take hard work as beauty and compete for friendship. They perform high-level competitions inside and outside the stadium and show the style of young people in the new era.

Youth world records, Asian records, and national records have been surpassed one after another. In the women’s 45kg weightlifting competition, Xu Luying of the Fuzhou team tied the world record with a snatch of 85kg; Yao Huali of the Nanning team set two world youth records in the women’s 100m equipment swim and 50m snorkeling; Wu Haolin of the Guangzhou team set a world record of 10.31 seconds Refreshing the national juvenile men’s 100-meter record that had been dusty for ten years…

Wu Haolin (middle) in the men’s 100m final of track and field (open group).Photo courtesy of the event organizing committee

Groups of potential stars stand out on the stage of the Youth Association. Nanning men’s handball player Lu Shikai shined in many games and turned the tide in the semi-finals to help the team stage a comeback; 14-year-old Chen Yujie won the gold medal in the middle school women’s 100-meter final with a personal best time of 11.43 seconds, surpassing The Asian Games champion Ge Manqi won the championship in the women’s 100-meter final of the University Group B. In the 200-meter race, she once again won the gold medal with a super-college championship performance; not long ago, she won the 2023 World Youth Badminton Championships Mixed Championships. Xu Wenjing, the team champion, won the women’s team and women’s singles double championships with her outstanding performance at the Youth League.

Scenes of tenacious and hard-working competition scenes instantly shine in the memories of youth. Guangxi team athlete Lu Xianjiang did not choose to retire after being injured in the 4X400 meter relay final, but insisted on completing the game by jumping on one leg; the athletes of the Guangxi Women’s Volleyball Team, which was only formed this summer, have an average height that is half a head shorter than their opponents. , showing the spirit of daring to fight and the attitude of not admitting defeat, repeatedly winning applause from the audience.

All competitions of the first Youth League have ended, but the story of youth has just begun. After a grand event with both sports performance and spiritual civilization, future generations of young people will continue to move forward, strive to be the first, and continue to pass on and carry forward the vigorous power of chasing dreams and daring to fight.

On November 14, the Guangxi Women’s Volleyball Team and Jilin Women’s Volleyball Team were competing.Photo courtesy of the event organizing committee

  Sharing true love and praise from all the people

At this Youth Youth Conference, 101 delegations, including those from Hong Kong and Macao, gathered in Guangxi. The idea of ​​”all people participating and all people sharing” runs throughout the competition. The event projects are spread across all 14 cities in Guangxi, so that the pulling effect of the event and the post-game use of the venues will benefit more people.

Various places in Guangxi use the Youth League as an opportunity to accelerate the construction of sports infrastructure, improve the organizational capabilities and level of organizing large-scale events, promote the accelerated development of competitive sports and mass sports, and use hosting events as a window to display a good city image and beautiful landscapes The scenery and colorful national customs have written another colorful chapter in the history of Guangxi sports.

Liuzhou, once the “Acid Rain City”, has now become an ecological city and a water entertainment and sports capital after years of governance. National fitness continues to heat up; it has held four youth conferences including surfing, skateboarding, sailing, and campus football. Beihai City, where the project competes, has taken advantage of its unique natural advantages to vigorously develop the “sports + tourism” industry, and the ancient Silk Road port has gained new vitality; Baise, a city in the west that integrates “old and young people”, took advantage of the opportunity of hosting the event to transform and upgrade A batch of municipal infrastructure has refreshed the “gold content” of Zhuangxiang Hongcheng…

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