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Overseas Chinese: The CIIE promotes win-win cooperation and allows the world to share China’s opportunities – China Overseas Chinese Network

Overseas Chinese: The CIIE promotes win-win cooperation and allows the world to share China’s opportunities – China Overseas Chinese Network
Overseas Chinese: The CIIE promotes win-win cooperation and allows the world to share China’s opportunities – China Overseas Chinese Network

  Overseas Chinese: CIIE promotes win-win cooperation and allows the world to share China’s opportunities

International online news (reporters Zhang Yi and Li Meng): With the theme of “New Era, Shared Future”, the 6th China International Import Expo (hereinafter referred to as the “CIIE”) was held online in Shanghai from November 5th to 10th. held below. China Central Radio and Television Station Chinese Global Broadcasting recently held “China’s New Development World and New Opportunities” – the Sixth China International Import Expo Chinese-speaking Overseas Audience Exchange Meeting, inviting many exhibitor representatives and overseas Chinese businessmen to focus on the impact of the International Import Expo on China in the past six years. We will conduct exchanges and discussions on topics such as building a new development pattern and promoting positive contributions to world economic development. Overseas guests participating in the meeting said that the better CIIE will continue to fulfill its promise of “China’s opening up to the outside world” and continue to promote specific measures for opening up and cooperation, demonstrating that China shares market opportunities with the world and promotes the world economy. An open mind for development.

Bian Xingshi, vice president of the Spanish-Chinese Cultural Exchange Association, who has participated in the CIIE many times, said that he has changed from an exhibitor at the CIIE to an investor. The Spanish cosmetics company he invested in will settle in Baoshan, Shanghai in 2021. “The holding of the CIIE It is conducive to giving full play to the advantages of China’s ultra-large market. By “turning exhibits into commodities and exhibitors into investors”, more new international products, new services and new technologies will enter the Chinese market, driving domestic economic transformation, industrial upgrading and consumption upgrading. Accelerate the promotion of high-quality development.”

“This is my second time to participate in the CIIE. I can intuitively feel at the scene that the CIIE is getting bigger and bigger, more and more popular, and the ‘circle of friends’ is getting bigger and bigger!” Participating in this CIIE Ms. Chen Yao, an exhibitor of a European jewelry brand, said that many overseas business people at this CIIE are like her, hoping to delve into the Chinese market and are confident in China’s economic prospects.

At the CIIE, keywords such as “low carbon”, “green” and “artificial intelligence” can be seen everywhere, and a series of global premieres, Asia’s first shows, and China’s first exhibitions have highlighted the content of scientific and technological innovation. “I believe that China’s steady advancement of high-quality economic development will generate more new opportunities for cooperation.” Ms. Yu Hongyi, Chinese President of the Russian Eurasian International Business Development Promotion Association who participated in this CIIE, said, “Through the CIIE , people can clearly feel the strong pulse of China’s high-quality economic development.”

The sixth CIIE provided free booths and construction subsidies to about 100 companies from 30 least developed countries, continuing to promote the entry of specialty products from these countries into the Chinese market. Wu Xinghua, executive vice president of the Laos Chinese Chamber of Commerce, said, “The platform effect of the CIIE has built an important bridge for these countries to integrate into the global value chain, providing important opportunities for exporting their products, promoting poverty reduction, and achieving sustainable economic development. .”

“The CIIE is a major measure for China to promote high-level opening up to the outside world. It fully demonstrates China’s confidence and determination in building an open world economy, opens up a path for common prosperity for all countries, and creates unlimited business opportunities for overseas Chinese.” Leading the team. Zhang Weijia, the new media director of Indonesia’s “International Daily” who participated in the reporting of this CIIE, said that China has super-large market advantages, population advantages, digital advantages, etc. “As overseas Chinese, we also hope to rely on the CIIE as a large platform to actively promote cultural exchanges and digital cooperation in the countries under the ‘Belt and Road’ initiative.”

Gao Jin, president of the European Overseas Chinese Newspaper in Romania, said that over the past six years, the CIIE, which has been getting better and better, has continued to fulfill its commitment of “China’s door to opening up wider and wider” and continued to promote specific measures for opening up and cooperation, using the CIIE as a window. , China is taking a more open and confident attitude to benefit the world through win-win cooperation.

Ms. Fang Ji, chairman of the Brazil-China Economic and Trade Exchange Center, said that from the “One Belt, One Road” initiative to accelerating the construction of free trade zones to holding the CIIE in successive years, China’s door to the outside world is getting wider and wider.

Ms. Zhou Sumeng, vice president of the Russian Overseas Chinese Youth Federation, said that since the CIIE was held, the attributes of international public goods shared by the world have become more evident. “The world not only sees China’s high-quality development, but also deeply feels China’s high-level opening up and China’s active promotion of building an open world economy, so that win-win cooperation benefits the world.”

Wang Shilong, CEO of Australia’s Most Western Culture Media, said that this year marks the 45th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up, and China is taking practical actions to expand high-level opening up. With the help of the CIIE platform, the dividends of China’s opening up will continue to be released, promoting China’s large market to continue to provide new opportunities to the world.

Qiu Hongbin, executive vice president of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce in the United States, said that the CIIE demonstrates China’s openness to share market opportunities with the world and promote world economic development. It also demonstrates China’s strong determination to provide new opportunities for world development with new achievements in Chinese-style modernization.

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