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The poster of the movie “The Three Brigades” Walking Together in a Lonely Lane explains the spirit of brothers. Zhang Yi leads the brothers on the road to pursue the murderer_Life_Stills_Audience

The poster of the movie “The Three Brigades” Walking Together in a Lonely Lane explains the spirit of brothers. Zhang Yi leads the brothers on the road to pursue the murderer_Life_Stills_Audience
The poster of the movie “The Three Brigades” Walking Together in a Lonely Lane explains the spirit of brothers. Zhang Yi leads the brothers on the road to pursue the murderer_Life_Stills_Audience

Original title: The poster of the movie “The Three Brigades” Walking Together in a Lonely Lane explains the spirit of the brothers. Zhang Yi leads the brothers on the road to pursue the murderer.

Sohu Entertainment News The movie “The Three Brigades”, which will be released on December 15, today released the “Walking in the Alley” poster and the “Four Patterns of Life” group portrait stills. Although the brothers have gone through ups and downs, they have always supported each other and have a deep love for each other. No matter how difficult it is to chase the murderer, they will never forget their original intention as a police officer. The posters and stills freeze the shining team spirit of the three teams and the brotherhood that has never been erased. The group portrait stills and movie lines also show the states and moods of the three brigades gathered together in four different states: the three brigades have been together through ups and downs all the way, whether it is the turbulent years in the past or ordinary people after taking off their police uniforms. In life, they always carry their undying faith in the police. In the first round of screenings at the Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival, the touching brotherhood between the three teams also received praise from the audience. The audience expressed that “the brotherhood between the three teams is very real and can naturally come into their hearts” and “we have been sad several times because of the unity between the brothers.” The film is produced by Chen Sicheng, directed by Dai Mo, written by Zhang Ji, starring Zhang Yi, with Li Chen special starring, Wei Chen, Cao Bingkun, Wang Xiao, and Zhang Zixian.

The unpredictable circumstances in life and the lines in the poster show the sincere friendship between the police and the police

The poster of “Walking in a Lonely Lane” chooses to continue the realistic texture of the film. The dim warm light reflects on the face, and the wrinkles on everyone’s face are clearly visible. This is their first reunion after encountering an accident. On the poster, all the members of the third brigade are staring ahead, as if deep in the lonely alley they have never set foot in, they still have unfinished obsessions that they want to pursue desperately. Compared with the high-spirited faces of everyone in the first exposed group photo, the status of the characters in this poster has undergone great changes. The documentary footage vividly explains the age changes of the three teams throughout the years of solving crimes. The lines in the “Four Patterns of Life” stills released simultaneously today are also worth chewing:

“When people are young, they all want to solve big cases, but you know how many people behind big cases have changed their lives.”

“Old rules, move! The third brigade is back.”

“Happy New Year, brothers! Eat your dumplings while they’re hot!”

“Take care brother, take care and be happy!”

The Third Brigade was once the most elite criminal investigation team in the police station, and it always took on the most difficult cases. The “Four Frames of Life” group portrait stills record the scene of everyone gathering in the police station office to study the criminal investigation materials piled up on the table. Everyone in the stills exudes the heroic aura of being bound to catch the suspect and bring them to justice, showing the three characters. The sincere and united side of the team. However, such an elite team encountered unexpected changes while handling a case. Unpredictable circumstances in life did not dim the light of faith among the members of the Third Brigade. After they were released from prison, they reunited. They were determined: Even if they no longer have their police uniforms, they must arrest the suspect and bring him to justice. . It is easy to see from the stills of “Four Patterns of Life” that although the faces of the people in the third team are slightly weathered, there is still light in their eyes. The last words, “Take care, brother, take care, and be happy!” are an explanation to myself and to everyone. The road to chasing the murderer is long, and time keeps running forward. Looking back, only the passionate friendship between brothers is as firm as a rock, and the belief in justice in solving the case will always remain alive.

The first round of screenings continues to gain traction and the creators share the behind-the-scenes story of brotherhood.

At this year’s Golden Rooster Awards Domestic New Film Exhibition, “The Three Brigades” held its first screening event as the closing film, and was highly recognized by the audience. A public security policeman in the audience told the creators that he could empathize with the characters in the movie. He said: “Your interpretation is not only alive, but even bloody. I really saw every detail in my heart.” , I wanted to cry several times.”

When talking about the brotherhood in “The Three Brigades”, producer Chen Sicheng believed that brotherhood is something that needs to be well grasped in the film. Therefore, the filming content did not deliberately promote the emotions between the three teams. He said that the audience should be able to Through just one incident, you can see the deep emotional connection between the team members. “I think this emotion is, when you see the brothers reunited at the supper stall, everyone meets again after a few years, nothing more, a hug is enough.” Producer Chen Sicheng talked about the night supper stall The table scene was actually a scene that moved many viewers. Under the night, everyone from the three brigades gathered together to sing their infinite emotions about the encounters in life. They cried because the case was not solved yet and their wishes were not fulfilled, and they laughed because of the ups and downs. After many years, across the wine table at this moment are still the brothers who once lived and died together.

Director Dai Mo said in an interview when introducing Captain Cheng Bing as the protagonist: “He prefers to fight side by side with his brothers, rather than being a commander and standing behind. When he goes on a mission, he usually rushes to the front. , but he knows that there must be brothers following behind.” The trust between the members of the three teams not only means that they can trust their brothers to give their backs to their brothers, but also can follow the leader’s footsteps with confidence. When the lead actor Zhang Yi talked about how to interpret the brotherhood of the three teams well, he once mentioned: “Acting is actually about the relationship between characters. When I first started studying, I didn’t understand. For example, if you want to play two people who are very close, we think that intimacy is only It could be hugging, hugging, and talking sweet words non-stop, but it is not.” Zhang Yi said that as he grows older and has more experience, he finds that a truly good relationship is to look at each other and nod, and have it in mind, without using anything. explain. He also said that his fellow actors and actresses may have all reached the stage of good relationships in their lives, “so our three teams are more real and natural.”

Just like the poster “Walking in a Lonely Lane” released this time, the road to chasing the murderer is a lonely alley with no end. On this road to chasing the murderer, the fate changes and life choices of each character in the three teams are all… The film is very noteworthy.

The movie “The Three Brigades” is produced by Wanda Pictures (Hainan) Co., Ltd., Beijing Yitong Legend Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., Beijing Anrui Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd., China Film Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Taopiao Piao Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. Wanda Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., Wanda Pictures (Horgos) Co., Ltd., Chinese Image (Beijing) Film Co., Ltd., Huanrui Century United Co., Ltd., Xiangshan Xiaohonghua Film Co., Ltd., Beijing Weimeng Innovation and Technology Network Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yitong Film and Television Production Co., Ltd., Yitong Keying (Shanghai) Culture Co., Ltd., Beijing Jiapi Film and Television Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Light and Shadow Times Hotel Management Co., Ltd., Horgos Wanying Internet Culture Media Co., Ltd. Co-produced by Chen Sicheng, directed by Dai Mo, written by Zhang Ji, starring Zhang Yi, special starring Li Chen, starring Wei Chen, Cao Bingkun, Wang Xiao and Zhang Zixian. The movie will be released nationwide on December 15.Return to Sohu to see more

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