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Selling emotions at music festivals, this generation of young people have a new level of entrepreneurship_TOM News


Either I’m watching a music festival, or I’m on my way to a music festival. Recently, music festivals have become a citywalk favored by more and more young people. With the rapid development of the domestic cultural tourism industry, especially driven by the IP of special music festivals such as New Youth, Midi, Strawberry, and Taihu Bay, the popularity of music festivals is unexpected and reasonable. According to statistics from the China Performance Industry Association, during the National Day alone, the number of music festival performances reached 121, with more than 830,000 spectators, driving consumption of more than 2 billion yuan.

With good music, a relaxing atmosphere, and a carnival to relieve stress, the popularity of the music festival can be said to have hit the “beat” of this generation of young people – the pursuit of freedom and individual liberation, the desire for social interaction and like-mindedness, the music festival has built a good environment for young people. A platform for self-expression. Along with it is the rapidly growing music festival industry, which has grown into a trendy IP covering multiple brand activities such as commercial performances, markets, and cultural and creative products. With the surging passenger flow and surging consumption opportunities, young entrepreneurs with keen sense of smell have also set their sights on music festivals.

November 4th,Zhujiajian Nansha Beach, Zhoushan, Zhejiang, a crowded music carnival kicked off here. Daydream, Instinct Industrial, Bi Xia, City Flanker, Loft Band, Hanggai Band, Absolute Purity, Use Coupon to Buy Chili Peppers, Qingyuan FIDA·, Seven Joys, Escape Plan, Xiao Miao, etc. have gathered. As a music festival focusing on sea breeze, beach, and camping themes, the Donghai Music Festival has become a destination that many young people yearn for due to its unique youth culture and passion for music.

In order to better enhance the atmosphere of the music festival, this year’sDonghai Music FestivalA “new lead singer” has been added – the “Chaoyin Qishi” creative market jointly created with 1688. This is not only the atmosphere prop group of the Donghai Music Festival, but also a creative gas station where young entrepreneurs gather. During the design process, the appearance of Chaoyinqi City integrated elements such as Zhoushan’s local characteristics octopus and ocean with the music festival, becoming the largest “conspicuous package” outside the stage. The most attractive thing is the booths with various atmospheres: there are paintings and support costumes customized for the music festival, there are indispensable peripheral products and clothing bags for the music festival, and there are exclusive and original products specially created for individual music fans. Wear manicures, and of course there are gourmet shops, snacks and milk tea that will make you want to eat. Creativity + personality not only attracted thousands of music fans at the scene and crowded the stalls, but music + market extended this auditory feast to taste buds and vision, making it the most popular event in this year’s Donghai Music Festival. One of the most popular parts.

Selling emotions at music festivals, a new level of entrepreneurship for this generation of young people

The stall owner of “Xiaoxin Painting Art” is a young painting entrepreneur. She has her own interpretation of how to integrate painting into the atmosphere of the music festival. From personalized music festival paintings specially created for different fans, to support makeup and ribbon braiding specially designed for each band, a few strokes of the pen can create a strong sense of music festival atmosphere. Coincidentally, the “music festival exclusive” peripherals, clothing, and even the indispensable food and drinks of the music festival have all become an indispensable part of the music festival, and together they form a platform for creativity and entrepreneurial understanding in the East China Sea. Best to witness. This situation occurs in almost every stall and stall owner in “Chaoyinqi Market”. They are also interpreting young entrepreneurs’ understanding of consumption in their own way – we are different, and our businesses are even more different. We understand the emotions of this generation and even better understand their consumer needs. A deep understanding of the value of emotions has become the essential entrepreneurial logic of this generation of young entrepreneurs.

Integrating happiness and other emotions into products to give them “emotional value” is a true and detailed insight into user consumption. Users are happy to see goods and services with “emotions and feelings” and are willing to pay the corresponding value. Pursuing happiness and individuality release, music festivals have become a trend pursued by young people. Just like the ice cream at a dessert stall on site, with a small chocolate flag that says “I just want to get rich” inserted, such an ice cream has transcended the ice cream itself and become a tool to express the buyer’s self-worth. This is the new business logic of young stallholders who are keen on “making money” at music festivals. They understand the “emotions” of young music fans and embed the “emotions” into their products, ultimately allowing the music fans at the scene to pay for their emotions. .

Selling emotions at music festivals, a new level of entrepreneurship for this generation of young people

“Wherever the young people are, we will go there.” Liu Bei, general manager of the marketing department of 1688, said, “This time we cooperate with the Donghai Music Festival, and we also want to bring about a change in creativity and the way young people make money by connecting with music. Change, bring in fresh blood of young people’s emotional value, link China’s most dynamic supply chain, and explore various possibilities for young people to start their own businesses.”

At the National Consumption Conference held by People’s Daily Online, many scholars proposed the concept of “creating new national consumption scenarios and releasing new consumption needs.” Not only are new consumption needs being awakened and satisfied, but as suppliers of this new consumption, new A generation of entrepreneurs also inevitably ushered in self-innovation and transformation, and relied on the strong supply of China’s supply chain behind the entrepreneurs to explore more diverse consumer interactions. What sits between entrepreneurs and the supply chain is a digital supply chain platform like 1688. There is a vast market with great potential, and digital supply will push more young entrepreneurs to the forefront of entrepreneurship.


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