Seize opportunities to list and seek cooperation. 1,153 companies and 4,052 people from Wuxi attended the “Opening Appointment”


Only by not rejecting the flow of the crowd can we become the river and the sea. Opening the “open window” of the CIIE, China sends an invitation to the world. Wuxi “Six Degrees” participated in the exhibition and rushed to this annual “open appointment”.

“This year, 1,153 companies and 4,052 people in Wuxi have signed up to participate in the exhibition, and they have successively entered Shanghai to ‘grab orders’ and ‘hit the forefront’ of the industry.” The person in charge of the Foreign Trade Department of the Municipal Commerce Bureau said that Wuxi issued a procurement demand list to the world, focusing on advanced technology. In areas such as equipment and fast-moving consumer goods, we are fully committed to taking on the spillover effects of the CIIE with a stronger offensive.

Visiting the exhibition, you will find thousands of exhibits “each with its own beauty”

On the first day of the exhibition on November 5, the “Four-leaf Clover” building had a completely new look inside and outside, the exhibition hall was crowded with people, the thousands of exhibits “each have their own beauty”, and the exhibition and purchasing team was full of energy.

In the medical equipment and medicine and health care exhibition area, reporters saw a variety of high-precision medical imaging equipment, simulated rescue rooms, surgical robots and other medical facilities that were dazzling, just like a miniature version of the future hospital. In the artificial intelligence experience area of ​​the technical equipment exhibition area, robots are “welcome and delivered”. The eighth-generation table tennis coaching robot brought by Omron to the exhibition this year appeared on the scene. With the theme of “Creating a Better Future of Mobility Together”, the Automobile Exhibition Area of ​​the China International Import Expo has become the “traffic-responsible”. The world’s top 15 brands in the vehicle sector all participated in the exhibition, including the fastest-accelerating pure electric vehicle, the world’s limited-edition SUV, and China’s first-ever Off-road RVs and many other dazzling exhibits are on display.

It is reported that at this CIIE, more than 400 new products, new technologies, and new services were unveiled, including advanced medical devices, innovative drugs, energy and low-carbon equipment, smart industrial equipment, new energy vehicles, and high-tech beauty products. etc., including many world premieres, Asian debuts, and China first exhibitions.


Product features, Wuxi elements shine in the exhibition hall

At the exhibition site, Wuxi elements were very eye-catching.

On the CIIE, a high-level open and shared platform, GE Healthcare has never been absent in the past six years, and this year it brought nearly 30 high-precision “dry goods”. “Look, this equipment was completed at GE Healthcare’s Wuxi base from research and development to production.” The staff in the exhibition hall pointed to a whole-body application ultrasonic diagnostic equipment called “Huacai” in front of them and introduced it through the built-in technical shadow – Yuanying’s 5G remote ultrasound solution supports remote consultation, real-time or offline guidance, quality control, and teaching and training, helping to improve the technical level of primary care.

“Last year, GE Healthcare implemented more than 30 projects in China, half of which were implemented at the Wuxi base.” Zhang Yihao, GE Healthcare’s global executive vice president, China president and CEO, said that Wuxi is currently the largest ultrasound and probe center of GE Healthcare in the world. and a research and development and production base for life care products.

With their lively and playful looks and festive and peaceful expressions, “Ah Fu” and “Ah Xi” attracted countless audiences to stop and check in at the Jiangsu Pavilion. In the exhibition area, the light sign of “Huishan Clay Figure” “lights up” the Wuxi identity of “Afu” and “Axi”. “This is a new clay figure image that we invited the famous painter Gui Tuzi to jointly create.” Wang Jie, deputy general manager of Wuxi Huishan Clay Figure Factory Co., Ltd., introduced that in recent years, Huishan Clay Figure Factory has made great achievements in cultural co-branding, innovative design, and cross-border Continue to “strengthen” efforts in building and explore modern paths to revitalize traditional cultural brands. In addition to the classic clay figurine works of Huishan clay sculpture masters such as Liu Jiakui, there are also trendy cultural and creative blind boxes of Huishan clay sculptures such as “Super Sweet With You”, which are loved by young groups. The aroma filled the exhibition hall, and Huishan Clay Figure’s “NANIMOMO” brand coffee also entered the CIIE for the first time. “Who can resist the delicious and fun ‘NANIMOMO’?” The audience held coffee in hand, drank while shopping, and had a deep understanding of Wuxi’s “cultural story”.


Check out the list, Wuxi “buyers” make generous moves

The quality and quality of the exhibitions were outstanding, and Wuxi buyers were generous in buying and selling, starting a “buy, buy, buy” model.

A purchase order of nearly 80 million yuan for food raw materials was reached on a small square table. Jiangsu Papa Candy successfully found a flour partner with better price and higher quality. “Dad Candy is a leading company in toast production, and flour is a key raw material for pastry production. Of course we also hope to cooperate with the leading supplier of flour.” Huang Yushan, general manager of Jiangsu Dad Candy Catering Management Co., Ltd. said that this is a company It is the fourth time to participate in the CIIE. The amount of orders signed at the event has increased year by year, and the company’s “circle of friends” has continued to expand.

On the same day, Tianpeng Group signed purchase orders or strategic cooperation agreements with many exhibitors including Canadian Cannon Health Group. “We have participated in the CIIE for the sixth consecutive year, met many friendly businessmen, and introduced high-quality imported pork products, high-quality beef from Europe and South America, and high-end seafood products from Northern Europe and the Americas through the platform of the CIIE.” Huihong Group Ji Xin, a member of the party committee and chairman of Wuxi Tianpeng Group Co., Ltd., said that Tianpeng Group’s annual transaction volume is about 18 billion yuan, of which imported products are nearly 3 billion yuan. Introducing high-quality products, enriching and optimizing people’s dining tables is an important goal of Tianpeng Group’s current development. The group is committed to becoming a bridge between high-quality imported food companies and people’s kitchen tables.

Hupan Optical Core, whose corporate mission is to supply OLED microdisplays with excellent performance, has also initially reached a cooperation intention here. “This time, we will mainly focus on semiconductor-related equipment and material products to further improve product performance.” Hupan Optical Core Semiconductor ( Wu Di, chairman of Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., said that at this CIIE, the company is targeting strong industry leading companies and plans to purchase equipment worth tens of millions of euros for the Hupan Optical Core 12-inch digital production line. Wu Di revealed that at the CIIE, Hupan Optical Core will also jointly launch smart glasses using Hupan Optical Core’s 1.31-inch micro OLED silicon display with LST and Shiftall Inc, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Panasonic Holdings. For the first time, VR smart glasses using micro-OLED displays have been delivered to actual customers.

(Photo by Han Yichun, Zhu Wenjunwen/Zhu Jipeng)

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