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Ten-year promise, Wuzhen is


After ten years of agreement, my heart goes to “Net”.

“Building an inclusive, inclusive, and resilient digital world—joining hands to build a community with a shared future in cyberspace”—On November 8, the Wuzhen Summit of the 2023 World Internet Conference will kick off, and the global Internet will once again enter “Wuzhen Time.”

This year is the tenth year of the Wuzhen Summit. In November 2014, the first World Internet Conference opened in Wuzhen, Zhejiang. In his congratulatory message, President Xi Jinping eloquently declared: China is willing to work with all countries in the world to deepen international cooperation, respect network sovereignty, maintain network security, and jointly build a peaceful, secure, open, and cooperative network based on the principles of mutual respect and mutual trust. space and establish a multilateral, democratic, and transparent international Internet governance system.

Looking back ten years later, our original intention to meet is still fresh in our ears, and our fulfillment of the agreement has been fruitful for a long time.

In the next ten years, we will still resolutely keep our appointments, follow the “Internet” initiative, further work together to build a community with a shared future in cyberspace, and promote the Internet to better benefit mankind.

The Wuzhen Summit is about to kick off, and the global Internet will once again enter “Wuzhen Time”. Photo by reporter Li Zhenyu and Yu Biyin

  Promise: Calling for a better cyberspace

When the historical window period of the information age and digital society arrives, human civilization is like putting on the seven-mile magic boots and making great strides.

On the one hand, the Internet has been fully integrated into human politics, economy, culture, society and other fields, bringing about once-in-a-lifetime development opportunities. On the other hand, chaos in the digital field has also strengthened destructive forces and brought new challenges to the sovereignty, security, and development interests of countries around the world.

Faced with the importance of the Internet and its increasingly prominent problems, how should we view it correctly and what measures should we take? China proposes that people of all countries share weal and woe and have stakes in cyberspace. The international community should strengthen communication, expand consensus, deepen cooperation, adhere to the global governance concept of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits, and insist that global affairs be handled by people of all countries through consultation and jointly build a A community with a shared future in cyberspace will allow the results of Internet development to better benefit mankind.

Over the past ten years, as a platform that provides an opportunity to discuss Internet development and governance, the Wuzhen Summit has received positive response from the international community——

In 2014, the first World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit was held. Celebrities from all over the world gather here, and the town is star-studded.

Former Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern, who attended the meeting, said that how to better adapt to the changes brought about by new technologies and the Internet is an issue that political and business leaders in various countries need to consider. “We need to share solutions to problems with each other so that the fruits of the development of the Internet can be shared by all mankind.”

James Andrew Reeves, director of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, believes that the Wuzhen Summit is necessary and that China has the ability to play a good role in governing the Internet.

Zhuang Qingwei, Director of the China Region of the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore and Consul of the Information Industry Section of the Consulate General of Singapore in Shanghai, looks forward to more cooperation with China in systems, data, processes and other aspects. “With the power of the Internet, the relationship between China and Singapore Relationships will be closer.”

In 2015, President Xi Jinping visited Wuzhen and delivered an important speech, creatively proposing the “Four Principles” for the reform of the global Internet governance system and the “Five-Point Proposal” for building a community with a shared future in cyberspace. In line with the development trend of the digital world, in response to cyberspace risks and challenges, increasingly It has become a broad consensus of the international community.

At that time, Russian Prime Minister Medvedev said that he strongly agreed with President Xi’s proposition that “world standards for cyberspace governance” should be established.

Wu Hongbo, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, believes that President Xi Jinping has raised many issues currently being discussed by the international community. “China’s adherence to principles in Internet governance is recognized by the international community.”

Stephen Patterson, Vice President of Public Affairs of British ARM Company, said that the Internet belongs to the whole world. Together we can build a peaceful, secure, open, and cooperative cyberspace and establish a multilateral, democratic, and transparent global Internet governance system that can benefit people all over the world. , “We’re very supportive.”

Looking back on the past ten years, the Wuzhen Summit has contributed Chinese wisdom to international cyberspace governance, continuously enhanced the international community’s awareness of a community with a shared future in cyberspace, and continued efforts to build a cyberspace that is more fair and reasonable, open and inclusive, safe, stable, and full of vitality, and In various forms and results, China’s plan has demonstrated its profound insights into global Internet development trends, and has become an important platform for exchanges and dialogues on the world’s Internet development and governance.

  Keeping promises: “contributing to the grand vision”

All things are born when they find their true nature, and everything becomes successful when they find their way. In 2014, China issued the “Wuzhen Promise” to the world for the first time, and many responded.

More than a thousand political dignitaries, Internet elites, and scholars from nearly a hundred countries and regions gathered in the water town of Jiangnan to sit and discuss the truth among the sound of paddles and the sound of oars. The confrontation of sharp opinions and the sparks of cutting-edge ideas continue to stir up the trend of digital civilization, transforming grand visions into concrete plans.

In the past ten years, “old friends” have come and gone, and “new faces” have also arrived one after another. Internet people have begun to get used to this indispensable annual gathering.

By 2022, there will be more than 2,100 guests participating online and offline. The almost doubled number conveys a clear consensus and high expectations: This open, inclusive, and harmonious communication platform will continue to gather global wisdom and promote the health of cyberspace. develop.

The times have expectations, and China has responded. This is the responsibility and action of a responsible big country. In the face of numerous challenges such as the epidemic of the century, geopolitical conflicts, and unilateralism, the Wuzhen Summit has never stopped, but has made solid strides in the direction of “getting better and better”.

Keeping this agreement requires not only determination and courage, but also strong execution ability. As a result, Wuzhen, where cars, horses, and mail were slow in the past, has taken off – smart new venues are rising from the ground, 5G signals deeply cover the venue area, and the computing power level of “Wuzhen Light” has entered the top ten in the world… …

If you take a closer look, you will see that this sense of speed has already penetrated into the fabric of the meeting. Ten years have passed, and the cyberspace has been turbulent. The topics have switched from network security and financial supervision to data governance and artificial intelligence. However, Wuzhen has always been able to stand firmly at the forefront of the times, keeping abreast of cutting-edge business formats and leading development trends.

In just a few days, dozens of forums were held intensively from early morning to late at night, and countless new concepts came out during discussions and discussions. Every year, these concepts always take root and sprout, making participants sigh endlessly, “Wuzhen is very close to the future, even within reach.”

Technology always matures in application. Wuzhen has simply made itself a high-quality “test field”. The number of companies related to the digital economy has jumped from the initial 12 to more than 1,000. A large number of new technologies, new applications, and new breakthroughs have moved from vision to reality. . People living here have long understood that any possibility of a better future is worth embracing.

Ideas nourish things silently, but they bring about the reshaping of production, life and governance models on a larger scale. The summit has been very impressive for ten years, and what is in harmony with it is the strong momentum of Digital Zhejiang.

Through the in-depth implementation of major reforms such as “four lists and one network”, “run at most once”, digital reform, and optimization and improvement of the business environment, Zhejiang has opened up new space for high-quality development, created new results that are convenient and beneficial to the people, and deeply planted Create a clear new ecology of cyberspace. A large number of talents have gathered in Zhejiang to promote the digital industry to continue to climb “higher”, march toward “new”, and improve efficiency through “integration”, continuously injecting new impetus into this land of innovation.

Plenty of fruitful results are the reward for keeping one’s word and the motivation for perseverance. In the past ten years, the Wuzhen Summit has used greater carrying capacity, stronger ability to host the conference, and richer practical samples to let the world see China’s sincerity and determination to build a community with a shared future in cyberspace.

  Fulfilling the contract: Let’s go to a new future together in the next ten years

In the blink of an eye, it has been ten years of rafting.

White dew and light frost are on the water side. The quiet water of Wuzhen is full of historical ripples.

In the past ten years, the Internet world has been undergoing rapid changes, and the fate of individuals has intertwined with the times. Ren Xianliang, secretary-general of the World Internet Conference, used the words “weather the wind and rain”, which is really appropriate.

Every ten years, everyone just sits down to review the gains and losses, sum up experience, and continue to develop the “net”.

At every Wuzhen Summit, the most lively forums are the large and small forums, and everyone can’t wait to attend ten of them a day. The forums are getting longer and longer, and the topics are becoming more and more exciting. Some participants lamented: On weekdays, everyone laughs and shows their temperament. At the meeting, everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. , quarreling with each other…

Later, there were more and more guests. Every year on the bluestone streets, the big guys walked in a hurry and the young people were in high spirits – Wuzhen has no threshold and the door is always open.

Looking from the White Lotus Pagoda in Wuzhen, the slanting wind and drizzle are continuous. From anti-monopoly to technology for good, from chaos to calling for standards, Wuzhen has become an ark to escape from the world, and everyone gathers around the fire to talk at night, seeking consensus and looking for answers.

Last year, a great thing happened, Wuzhen was “upgraded”. The World Internet Conference has changed from a conference to a permanent international organization, and the Wuzhen Summit has also been upgraded to the annual meeting of international organizations, which must be gathered every year.

Crossing mountains and seas, traveling through wind and rain, this ten-year appointment is even more precious.

However, gathering together at this moment is not about returning to the original starting point, nor is it about starting over from scratch, but rather standing at the new starting point of the Internet and looking forward to the next decade.

What will happen in the next new decade?

Not only will the story not repeat itself, but it will also be a surprise. Because no one steps into the same river twice, and there are no two identical bridges in Wuzhen.

With the status of an international organization, this year, the Wuzhen Summit is also “new”: new topics, new activities, and to invite new and old friends, even the sign of the Wuzhen Inn is getting brighter and brighter.

There are also countless new ideas that are coming to fruition: the “Global Youth Leaders Program” has been released, allowing young people to learn from each other; the “Light of the Internet” Expo launched the Future Life Digital Experience Hall for the first time; the Wuzhen World Internet Science and Technology Museum has officially unveiled ;Talent blind dates are held both online and offline…

The “Light of the Internet” Expo is ready to go. Photo by reporter Ni Yanqiang, Wang Zhijie and Xu Huiwen

Some guests said that the “ten-year appointment” is approaching, and they are full of expectations for the Wuzhen Summit when the clouds clear and the sun appears. Another guest said that they hope that when the water town reunites, Wuzhen can point to a new path.

Taking a closer look at this year’s theme, it is quite innovative.

The theme of this conference is “Building an inclusive, inclusive, and resilient digital world—Working together to build a community with a shared future in cyberspace”, focusing on the digital world derived from the Internet.

“Inclusiveness and inclusiveness” were once the topics of the forum and hot words among the guests. This time they became the theme of the summit, and the word “resilience” appeared for the first time.

“Toughness” is originally a physical term, which refers to the property of an object that deforms and is not easily broken when subjected to external force. The derived meaning is a tenacious and lasting spirit.

Wuzhen World Internet Science and Technology Museum will be officially opened during this year’s Wuzhen Summit. Photo by reporter Ni Yanqiang and Wang Zhijie

After being tempered for a long time, the toughness of things is revealed. After fulfilling the contract for ten years, he showed his mental strength.

This decade has been the “golden age” of the digital economy, but the global digital development is extremely uneven, accompanied by many problems: privacy, hegemony, inequality… all are shaking and testing the digital edifice.

At this moment, we need to build a solid digital world while also being open, inclusive, and benefiting the people. These seemingly contradictory propositions are actually a pair of dialectical relationships that need to be balanced.

“Inclusive, inclusive, and resilient” is the most relevant and urgent word. It is the essence of building a community with a shared future, and it is precisely the hope and expectation that Wuzhen has written for the world in the next ten years.

Where does resilience come from in the storm? The Wuzhen Summit is a fulcrum in the digital world.

At present, every beam, pillar, brick and tile of Wuzhen is ready to set up a platform for discussions among all parties around the world, build a bridge of communication, call for cooperative governance, and seek common welfare for mankind.

We are waiting for you in Wuzhen for our ten-year appointment.

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