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Japanese media poll shows support rate for Kishida cabinet hits record low

Japanese media poll shows support rate for Kishida cabinet hits record low
Japanese media poll shows support rate for Kishida cabinet hits record low

4FBgjVBN3Sk “Jointly promote the cause of human peace and development through scientific and technological innovation”

4F64rudm46z The key to Chinese characteristics lies in the “combination of two”

4F2gszcspRc Carry forward the tradition of studying abroad to serve the country and devote yourself to the great cause of rejuvenating the country

4F226IyySwx Build a world that is open, inclusive, interconnected, and develops together

4ExchMCnrl7 “Opening up a ‘road to happiness’ that benefits all countries and the world”

4Eje8dO826b Forge ahead bravely towards the grand goal of building a strong country and rejuvenating the nation

4Ej90Xt02Fw A reception to celebrate the 74th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China was held in Beijing

4EcsGSDN6h9 Hold high the banner of common development and walk on the right path of human progress

4EahmveMPRG The 8th National Congress of China Disabled Persons’ Federation opens in Beijing

4EP4jJo19WZ Carry forward the glorious tradition, strengthen school running and management, support strong army and win the battle

4EOmkrsUZaA Let Chinese aircraft use a stronger “Chinese heart”

4ELtQtdJzSy The 11th National Congress of Returned Overseas Chinese and Their Family Members opens in Beijing

4EJDxLEKD2i Better build a beautiful Xinjiang in the process of Chinese-style modernization

4Dz4UTjjujm peak of thought

4EE2BJpMCv5 Study General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important exposition on the way of thinking丨

4EHNbMF2viH Let’s work together towards a development community to create a better and prosperous future——

4EHNfDAvHv3 Set an example for promoting the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind——

Global Current Affairs

4FEOfJoZcsX article Israeli media: Blinken disputes with Arab countries over calls for ceasefire

4FERA2z0p0U article Japanese media poll shows support rate for Kishida cabinet hits record low

4FEQs5UuFir article Buffett lost nearly 100 billion yuan! what’s the situation?

4FELjtY6KNr article Foreign media: Zelensky denies conflict with Russia is in “stalemate”

4FEMyUYc8Kb article Post Office: Express delivery receives over 2 billion items in four days during peak season

4FER7Rr66sk article A takeaway beef offal soup noodle costs 1,400 yuan?local police response

Global Industry

4FDPIXSwJo1 gallery // News about “artificial sun” News about “artificial sun” 1699057235658

4FECzmlz9HW gallery // The 6th China International Import Expo The 6th China International Import Expo 1699140689361

4FEDN1x1R5Q article Foreign investment institutions raise China’s economic growth forecast

4FEDLmH1ZIb article Guizhou-Guangdong Cooperation Road is wider

4FDOzBs0qon article Issues such as TV “matryoshka doll” charges have been effectively rectified

4FDOVN8o43M article The booming e-commerce industry activates new consumption engines

4FDOZKskKVY article The Central Meteorological Observatory issued a cold wave blue warning and a strong wind blue warning

Global fashion

4FENrg8NPk8 article // Li Ruotong checks in at the Terracotta Warriors and Horses 1699158941865

47WFQPMfZbE article // Luhan looks handsome and stylish in fashion blockbuster 1649378908859

448L0xOP60T article // Blancpain fully supports the sixth expedition trip of the “Coelacanth Expedition Research” – a first exploration of Cape Corsica 1627524632846

47Yl00qAEAf article // Children’s drawings of spring 1649640154845

Global Business Economics

4BYzyL2dkLz article // Jihu Automobile Double Guarantee and Buy with Peace of Mind 1675485241904

9CaKrnKmQBQ article // Jichuan Pharmaceutical hopes that new products will boost performance, but products with brand names are suspected of false advertising 1568599980000

4FCeLyz9VqV article Sichuan drives the “Talent Engine” to stimulate innovation and the “Talent Sichuan Army” empowers high-quality development

9CaKrnKmROO article Carcinogens reduce and other harms increase, revealing the true face of e-cigarettes

4FDmA69iwDF article “Smart and ever-changing large pure electric SUV” Venucia VX6 is officially on sale, priced from 141,900 yuan

7Q2P3389HpK article New developments in Volkswagen’s “emissions scandal” in Australia: Volkswagen may settle with Australian car owners for A$127 million 1568708543125

4CziWg2lHzM article Shannan City helps people stabilize their employment “jobs” 1684721973780


4FBYRQag0Jy article // Women’s football team misses Paris Olympics 1698877670634

4FBYNAyS1DD article // Saudi Arabia is ambitious in sports 1698877710092

4ERIr6uV8Yx gallery // The high mountain Jiucaiping is magnificent and picturesque 1694049008676

4ES7VTZ4VMf gallery // Autumn scenery in Arctic Village, Daxinganling 1694134063934

Global Fun Cloud Shopping

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article Buckwheat and chrysanthemum U-shaped pillow //

article Yiyuan Black Bazhen Meal Replacement Powder //

article Xuanma cheese egg yolk cake //

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