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Bundesliga-Kane performed a hat trick, Sane provided 2 assists, Bayern defeated Dortmund 4-0 away_Restricted Area_Central Road_Frontcourt


Original title: Bundesliga – Kane performs a hat trick, Sane provides 2 assists, Bayern beats Dortmund 4-0 away

At 1:30 a.m. on November 5, Beijing time, the German national derby started. Bayern challenged Dortmund away. In the 4th minute, Upamecano opened the scoring with a header. In the 9th minute, Sane assisted Kane to expand the score. In the 72nd minute, Kane once again succeeded in grabbing a goal in front of the goal. In the stoppage time of the second half, Kane scored with a low shot to complete the hat trick. In the end, Bayern defeated Dortmund 4-0 away from home. After 10 rounds, they had 8 wins, 2 draws and 26 points.

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In the 4th minute of the opening, Bayern took the lead quickly. Sane took a corner kick on the spot. Upamecano scored from the center and the score became 1-0!In the 6th minute, Koeman received a ball from his teammate on the right side of the arc, and then shot a blast and missed the goal.In the 9th minute, Bayern quickly counterattacked and opened the goal account with two passes. Goretzka passed the ball diagonally to the left side of the penalty area. Sane followed up with a cross kick in front of the goal. Kane followed up and scored with a push shot. The score becomes 2-0!

In the next ten minutes, Dortmund launched multiple offensives, but the thunder was loud and the rain was small.

In the 12th minute, Leersen cut in from the left side of the frontcourt and hit the goal high. In the 23rd minute, Brandt continuously moved sideways on the left side of the frontcourt, and then blasted the goal, which was also high. In the 26th minute, Royce in the middle of the penalty area received an inverted triangle pass from his teammate and followed up with a high kick.

In the 32nd minute, Musiala knocked the ball from the top of the arc to the right side of the penalty area, and Kane responded with a powerful shot that hit the post. In the 36th minute, Koeman passed the ball to the middle of the penalty area. Goretzka stopped and hit the goal with an overhead kick, but the ball was kicked wide. In the 45th and 2nd minutes, Dortmund stole the ball in the frontcourt and made a move, but Malen, who penetrated into the middle of the penalty area, hit the goal high again.

At halftime, Bayern easily led 2-0.

In the 46th minute, Kane split Dortmund’s defense with a precise through ball. Musiala countered offside and hit the center of the penalty area with a single shot, but his shot was bravely saved by Kerber. In the 47th minute, it was Kane’s turn to attack alone in the middle. His shot was saved by Kerber. Musiala followed up from the outside and scored with a supplementary shot. However, the referee then signaled Kane for offside and the goal was disallowed.

In the 53rd minute, Schlotterbeck on the left side of the frontcourt tried a long shot. The ball passed through the defensive player and then changed the line and went out of bounds. In the 55th minute, Dortmund drove directly into the Bayern penalty area with a big kick from the backcourt. Royce stopped and passed the ball to his teammates. Then after receiving the ball from his teammates, he turned and volleyed towards the goal. The ball was blocked by Neuer. In the 64th minute, Musiala, who was on the right side of the penalty area in the frontcourt, received a through pass from his teammate and shot a shot that was blocked. Kane’s follow-up shot was blocked again.

In the 69th minute, Kane Musiala’s connection worked again. Kane received a pass from his teammate and entered the penalty area. Then he faced the goalkeeper and crossed to Musiala to score. However, the referee later determined that Kane received the ball at the moment. The goal was disallowed and the goal was disallowed again.In the 72nd minute, Koeman accurately passed the ball from the right to the penalty area. Kane, who was accidentally missed in the middle, succeeded in pushing the shot directly, and the score came to 3-0!

In the 85th minute, Sabitze hit the goal with a set kick in the frontcourt, and the ball slightly missed the right side of the goal. In the 88th minute, Mukoko received a cross from his teammate in the middle of the frontcourt and then shot the goal, and the ball hit the goal high again.

In stoppage time in the second half, Bayern still scored! In the 90th and 3rd minutes, Pavlovich, who came on the bench, scored with a through ball. Kane countered offside and entered the penalty area with a single shot. After facing Kerber, he calmly scored with a low shot. Bayern led 4-0! Kane also completed a hat-trick in a single game.

Subsequently, the two sides failed to change the score, and Bayern finally defeated Dortmund 4-0 away from home.

Lineups for both sides:

Dortmund (4231): 1-Kerber/4-Schloterbeck, 15-Hummels, 26-Leersen, 17-Wolf (46th minute, 25-Sule)/6-Er Zjan (58th minute, 8-Nmecha), 20-Sabitzer/11-Reus, 19-Brand (66th minute, 18-Mukoko), 21-Mullen (58th Minutes, 27-Adeyemi), 14-Phil Kruger (79th minute-Allais)

Bayern (4231): 1- Neuer/19- Alphonso Davies, 2- Upamecano (60th minute, 45- Pavlovic), 3- Kim Min-jae, 40- Maz Ravi/8-Gretzka, 27-Laimer/10-Sane (89th minute, 25-Muller), 11-Koeman, 42-Musiala (89th minute, 13-Schupomo Ting)/9-Kane


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