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Don’t forget the national humiliation and let us strive for self-reliance – A side note of a radar brigade of the Air Force in the Northern Theater Command organizing officers and soldiers to visit the September 18th History Museum – Military – China Engineering Network


Original title: Don’t forget the national humiliation and let us strive for self-improvement (theme)

——A side note of a certain brigade of the Air Force Radar in the Northern Theater Command organizing officers and soldiers to visit the September 18th History Museum (subtitle)

Zhang Kaili, Li Weiqiang, People’s Liberation Army Daily reporter Liu Baorui

The officers and soldiers stood in front of the residual calendar monument and solemnly swore in front of the party flag.Photo by He Songsong

Officers and soldiers visited the September 18th History Museum to remember the tragic history.Photo by He Songsong

“I volunteer to join the Communist Party of China, support the party’s program, and abide by the party’s charter…” On the occasion of the 92nd anniversary of the September 18th Incident, a brigade of the Air Force Radar in the Northern Theater District organized officers and soldiers to visit the September 18th History Museum.

On September 18, 92 years ago, the Japanese army blew up the tracks of the South Manchuria Railway near Liutiao Lake in Shenyang, falsely accusing the Chinese army of doing it, and then bombarded the Northeastern Army’s Beida Camp, deliberately creating the September 18th Incident that shocked the world.

In the square, a huge stone sculpture of the residual calendar stands majestically. The shape of the monument is a desk calendar turned to September 18, 1931. The officers and soldiers lined up in order facing the party flag, raised their right fists high and solemnly swore an oath.

Entering the exhibition hall, the officers and soldiers listened carefully to the explanation and stopped to stare from time to time. Historical pictures and documents tell the history of the Chinese people’s indomitable and bloody anti-aggression struggle.

“We must bear in mind the national humiliation and learn the lessons of history.” During the visit, Sergeant Wang Jinpeng said with emotion, “As revolutionary soldiers in the new era, we must maintain a state of readiness for war and fulfill our mission.”

“Today’s event is very meaningful. My grandfather and father are both soldiers. Influenced by them, I have made the ambition to join the army and serve the country since I was a child. Now that the baton of history has been handed over to our generation, we should strengthen ourselves.” The brigade Cadre Feng Luming said.

History is the best textbook and the best sobering agent. Leaders of the brigade said that in recent years, they have relied on the red resources of the station to organize regular visits and study tours for officers and soldiers, strengthening their ideals and beliefs and replenishing their spiritual calcium in the baptism of red history.

During the development of the brigade, officers and soldiers have always kept in mind the revolutionary tradition, inherited the red gene, carried forward the spirit of resistance, and bravely showed their swords in the face of powerful enemies in previous air defense warning missions. In 1961, officers and soldiers at a radar station of the brigade relied on accumulated intelligence data and formulated targeted tactics to take the lead in discovering and reporting the location of an enemy electronic reconnaissance aircraft, and guided the ground air defense troops to shoot it down, and were awarded second-class collective merit.

On the new journey, the officers and soldiers continued the fine tradition and style of “people are in the position, people are in the antenna, and people are in the intelligence communication”, carried forward the heroic spirit of not being afraid of powerful enemies, watched the sky to build loyalty, and held the power to control the waves to shoulder the mission. , and continue to write new brilliance.

“A strong country must have a strong army, and a strong army can provide national security. In modern warfare, radar soldiers, as the ‘clairvoyants’ of system operations, are in key battle positions and have great responsibilities. Only by continuously strengthening practical training, in-depth research on the mechanism of winning wars, and honing the ability to win, can we Only in this way can we defend the airspace of the motherland and resolutely prevent the recurrence of historical tragedies such as the September 18th Incident.” said the leader of the brigade.

At the end of the event, the officers and soldiers solemnly signed their names on a red banner printed with the words “Don’t forget the national martyrdom, remember the martyrs, and revitalize China to become self-reliant.”

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