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Sing when you are young! Sing a beautiful song | “China Jewelry” Longxing Campus Music Season opens registration! _TOM information


Sing when you are young! From now until September 29, 2023, Sing the Beautiful – China Jewelry Dragon Campus Music Season has officially launched online audition registration. The event covers more than 500 colleges and universities, providing a showcase for college students across the country who love music and Chinese traditional culture. An elegant platform that gathers students who love singing together to create a musical storm.

This event is the first campus music season launched by the “Chinese Jewelry” brand with the theme of zodiac culture. It aims to discover campus music talents who love music and dare to release, and help the talents stand on a bigger stage with super resources and rewards. , so that young and good voices can be released to their fullest!

Campus music expert, release your “star” attitude, super rights are waiting for you

Sing the beauty – China Jewelry Dragon School Music Season encourages young people to express themselves bravely and use music to show their confidence, positive energy and perseverance in life attitude. In order to fully support campus music talents to realize their music dreams, the “China Jewelry” brand generously sponsors to help college music talents express themselves and give campus musicians a greater stage and exposure opportunities.

In this music season, outstanding campus music experts will have the opportunity to win multiple awards, including multiple individual awards. Players who win individual awards will each be awarded a 2,000 yuan dream fund and can become a member of the China Jewelry Dragon Campus Music Season. Promotion ambassadors, exclusive gold jewelry for the “China Jewelry” brand, support from tens of millions of promotional traffic on the platform, qualifications to attend live performances at the “China Jewelry” brand offline “Dragon” themed new product launch conference, etc., and have the opportunity to obtain brand rights. With traffic support, you can break through the circle and become famous.

How to participate – Audition date: From now until September 29, 2023, China Jewelry Dragon Campus Music Season officially opens. Search “China Jewelry Dragon Campus Music Season” on Douyin to view the official account and contact the official , fill in the registration information according to the guidelines and you can register successfully. This China Jewelry Dragon School Music Season consists of multiple stages, including the audition stage, the popular PK stage, and the decisive battle stage. A number of popular contestants were selected from the national final competition to receive corresponding rewards.

Chinese jewelry,Inherit dragon culture and highlight Chinese aesthetics

As a well-known domestic jewelry brand, the “China Jewelry” brand insists on creating Chinese aesthetic jewelry, inheriting five thousand years of Chinese civilization, inheriting the blood of Chinese culture with the beauty of jewelry, building the Chinese spirit, and telling Chinese stories.

“Dragon” culture has a long history and is a prominent symbol of Chinese culture. For thousands of years, dragons have penetrated into all aspects of Chinese society and become a cohesion and accumulation of Chinese culture. Today, the dragon has become a symbol of China, the Chinese nation, and Chinese culture. Every descendant of Yan and Huang is proud to be “the descendant of the dragon”.

“Chinese Jewelry” takes “dragon” culture as the theme to create theme jewelry that resonates with Chinese people’s emotions, and launches the “Sing the Beautiful – Dragon Campus Music Season” event to allow young people to participate in the inheritance and promotion of traditional Chinese culture. Among them, music is used to let young people understand and love dragon culture, and experience the charm of Chinese aesthetics while enjoying what they hear and see.

The flying dragon is in the sky, singing the song of youth. Sing a beautiful song – China Jewelry Dragon School Music Season is waiting for you to “sing”! Let the passionate youth be ignited with one click, let the musical attitude be released to the fullest, and let the Chinese “dragon” culture sing everywhere. Now, come and sign up as a team!


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