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“The Wandering Earth 3” is finally set!We have revealed these details for you in advance | Ai Faner


The trailer of “The Wandering Earth 3” has arrived, igniting the fire in the domestic science fiction film and television industry.

The movie is coming out soon?

The second part will be released in January 2023. It has only been ten months. Is “Science Fiction Daji” so productive?

The full cast of starring actors returns

Sci-fi Daji smiled evilly and said that it is still early. “The Wandering Earth 3” will have to wait until the New Year’s Day in 2027, three years later.

Everyone laughed and thought it was reasonable. It is normal for a big-budget series of movies to be released every few years. However, the return of the entire cast of the first and second leading actors was a bit unexpected by the audience.

▲”The Wandering Earth 3″ “Forward 3” press conference. Picture from: Movie The Wandering Earth (Weibo)

There were two points at the press conference that caught people’s attention. First, the QR code for “How Many Points” on director Guo Fan’s clothes read “It’s all fate”. It seems that the special effects of the movie really cost a lot of money. ah. Second, “Science Fiction Daji” seems to have lost a little weight. It seems that film creation is really a “slimming medicine”.

The plot line is set to become a mystery

For “The Wandering Earth 3”, special effects should not be the biggest problem, the real difficulty lies in the plot.

The “Wandering Earth” movie series is adapted from Liu Cixin’s “The Wandering Earth” novel. The original ending is as follows:

After the earth wandered for more than three hundred years, people discovered that the predicted helium flash did not occur in the sun, and they suspected that the “wandering earth” plan was just a conspiracy of the coalition government. In the end, the rebels broke through the coalition government and exiled the remaining more than 5,000 people-the main members of the government, most of the planning members and scientists to the cold surface to freeze to death. Just when the rebels were cheering for victory, the solar helium flash really broke out.

The plot ends abruptly here, and the fate of mankind can only be left to the readers’ imagination.

“The Wandering Earth 3” is a prequel to the first part. Will the third part be completely based on the ending of the original novel?

The conclusion is no.

First of all, the theme of the trailer is very clear. It is set as the battle between AI and humans, and there is almost no direct content related to the rebels.

▲ The ultimate showdown between MOSS and Zhou Zhe

Secondly, many characters who have died in the first two films will appear in the third film in different age forms, which is different from the original setting.

▲ The bald head attracts people’s imagination. Picture from: The movie The Wandering Earth (Weibo)

Finally, the ending of the original novel is inconsistent with the current mainstream values.

If we want to film the Solar Helium Flash Crisis, we must modify the ending of the original novel. The only option is to position MOSS as the culprit. This has been foreshadowed in the first and second movies.

Therefore, I have a bold guess,“The Wandering Earth 3” may have three timelines advancing at the same time, influencing each other to form a closed loopthe principle is similar to the classic infinite loop movie “Terror Cruise”, so that it can satisfy the situation where all characters who are still alive in different eras and ages, characters who are alive in the virtual world, and MOSS after awakening consciousness can exist at the same time.

There is a line in the trailer that is repeated twice in different forms, “History, present, future.” MOSS also said, “Every page records my victory.” This can also be seen as a hint that the plot will advance on multiple lines. clues.

▲ The two characters actually hide surprising similarities. Picture from: Feng Feiyang (Zhihu)

“The Wandering Earth 2” also repeatedly hints at the concept that the future can be accurately preset. 2044, 2075, and 2078 respectively correspond to the space elevator crisis, Jupiter crisis, and helium flash crisis, exactly.

However, what many people overlook is that MOSS is not a villain from the beginning to the end. Its logic is that “human beings need to overcome crisis after crisis to unite and break through themselves and overcome difficulties. Although creating crises is cruel, it is helping mankind not to “Falling into comfort and eventually perishing on the journey of darkness for thousands of years,” it views and promotes human development from the macroscopic perspective of the universe of absolute darkness.

The real “villain” is the person who creates MOSS to encourage human beings not to destroy themselves on the wandering road. They are infinitely close to the height of gods.

Chinese science fiction film and television

For some people, the science fiction worldview has been completely subverted after watching Liu Cixin’s works.

I used to think that science fiction was about a group of people riding in a light-speed spacecraft fighting hand-to-hand with laser swords and thermal weapons. It wasn’t until I saw the two-way foil dimensionality reduction strike that I realized how casual and easy it was to destroy a star system, and even had a sense of beauty. .

Chinese science fiction works have pushed people’s imagination to a new level, and at the same time, problems in film and television have also arisen.

As early as 2015, the “Three-Body” movie produced by China’s Youzu Pictures was released. Production started in 2014 and was completed in July 2015. It can be described as light speed, but it has not been released so far. It is said that it is due to production problems.

Special effects presentation is indeed the first hurdle for science fiction movies. No matter how shocking the plot is, it needs matching images to impress the audience.

The second hurdle for science fiction films and television is the plot. In order to present the most exciting parts of the original work in film and television works, adaptation is necessary, but it is easy to fall into the situation of “people who are not satisfied with the original work, and people who are not the original work can’t stand it.”

For example, the Douban score of Bilibili’s “Three-Body” animation dropped to 3.8 after its release. Some viewers commented that it “doesn’t respect the original work and doesn’t care about the audience.” This is a small episode in the efforts to make science fiction film and television.

In addition, it is not easy to develop the market for film and television works of science fiction works. The filming of the popular “The Wandering Earth 1” was very difficult at the time. The investors withdrew their funds halfway through the filming, which led to the collapse of the nearly 30-minute branch of the space chapter.

Wu Jing went from being a zero-paid guest star to investing 60 million to make “The Wandering Earth” a success. It eventually earned 4.687 billion yuan at the box office, opening a new chapter in Chinese science fiction movies.

As outstanding as “The Wandering Earth” is the “Three-Body” TV series produced by Tencent Video. The TV series has received high attention and has been widely praised for its quality. There are no obvious shortcomings in either the plot or the actors.

However, there is still a long way to go before China’s science fiction film and television production becomes available.

According to the “2023 China Science Fiction Industry Report” released by the China Science Fiction Research Center, China’s science fiction industry will have total revenue of 87.75 billion yuan in 2022, an increase of 4.79 billion yuan over last year. Among them, the total revenue of the science fiction film and television industry was 8.35 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of more than 16%.

Although the growth rate is impressive, the overall market capacity still has a lot of room for growth.

Science Fiction “Created in China”

Or “Made in China”?

For a long time, most of the world’s well-known science fiction film and television works come from Europe and the United States, which is closely related to their scientific exploration, literary enlightenment and film and television production development. The Chinese science fiction novel “The Three-Body Problem” was handed over to Netflix for production. This should also be considered.

However, judging from the trailer of Netflix’s drama version of “The Three-Body Problem”, the creative team’s concept seems to be contrary to the original work of “The Three-Body Problem”.

perhaps,Is it better to use science fiction “Created in China” or “Made in China”?.

Director Guo Fan said in an interview with “Cinema Art”: “Chinese science fiction genre films have not yet formed a contract with the audience. The two films “The Wandering Earth” and “Walking Alone on the Moon” are not enough to achieve it. It will take at least ten or twenty years. .”

Counting from the release of “The Wandering Earth 1” in 2019, it will be almost ten years since the release of “The Wandering Earth 3” in 2027. What kind of works will Chinese science fiction film and television produce at that time? Let’s wait and see.

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