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Louis Koo is interested in the Singapore-Malaysian film and television industry and invests in ready-made Malay comedy films | Lianhe Zaobao

Louis Koo is interested in the Singapore-Malaysian film and television industry and invests in ready-made Malay comedy films | Lianhe Zaobao
Louis Koo is interested in the Singapore-Malaysian film and television industry and invests in ready-made Malay comedy films | Lianhe Zaobao

Louis Koo decided to invest in the Malay comedy film “La Luna” after watching it, becoming the film’s largest investor.

The executive producer of the film, Lin De, told “Lianhe Zaobao” that when he participated in the Hong Kong International Film and Television Festival in April 2023, he learned that Louis Koo was interested in the development of film and television in Singapore and Malaysia, so he seized the opportunity to promote ready-made works to him. ” La Luna”. According to Linde, Louis Koo decided to invest after watching the movie and giving it favorable reviews. Louis Koo is the founder of Tianyi Films in Hong Kong. Tianyi also set up a branch in Malaysia this year.

From left: Li Mingshun, Sally Fayamani, Nadia Nissa, Shaheed Sam, director Raihan Harlem, Wang Guoshen, Hisham Hamid and Zheng Geping attended the premiere of “La Luna”. (Provided by K. Wah Cinemas)

“La Luna” was produced at a cost of S$1.1 million. It was directed and written by Singaporean Malay film director M. Raihan Halim and featured top Malaysian actors Shaheizy Sam and Sharifah Amani. Fayamani), Nadiya Nisaa (Nadia Nisaa), and Singaporean actor Hisyam Hamid (Hisham Hamid), who developed in Kuala Lumpur, star. The movie held its premiere on the evening of November 9. Local artists including Li Mingshun, Zheng Binhui, Zheng Geping and Zhou Chongqing, as well as Minister of Communications and Information and Second Minister of the Interior Yang Liming were present to support the movie.

The director also led the golden cast to attend a press conference on the morning of November 10, and revealed that about five years ago, he came up with the idea of ​​filming after accidentally seeing news about a lingerie store being burned down in a Middle Eastern country. After a long time of planning, the director finally took action after meeting Linde from local Clover Films about three years ago.

Director: Relying on bragging to form a golden cast

When Laihan Harlin responded to a question from the Morning Post at the press conference, he admitted that he used a “fish bait strategy” to assemble this golden lineup. He laughed and said, “When I was still unsure about anything, I first told Sharifayamani that Shahaiz Sam had been confirmed to perform. It was like bragging and I invited them one by one to perform.”

The movie tells the story of how a lingerie store called “La Luna” “revitalized” a lifeless village overnight. While the villagers slowly welcomed the shopkeeper with open arms, the conservative and iron-fisted village chief insisted on driving the shopkeeper out of the city at all costs. This comedy film explores issues of faith, gender equality, and change through laughter.

Talking about how to handle the comedy elements and sexual plot of the film, the director said: “This is not a pornographic film, but a film about the intimate relationship between couples. Some plots are also very realistic, such as accidentally breaking into the room while parents are making out. .”

Asked if this plot was based on personal experience, he responded jokingly: “Even if it is, my answer today would be: no.”

The male lead, Shahiz Sam, is somewhat similar to Hong Kong actor Michael Miu. He plays a righteous police sergeant, but becomes a blind and nervous father when faced with his daughter who is in love and has an open mind. He, who has a son and two daughters in real life, said that interpreting the role gave him a preview of the future: “I suddenly realized that one day when my daughters grow up, I also have to let go.”

Actress Sally Fayamani praised the director, saying: “There are not many male directors who are willing to make movies that highlight women’s perspectives and let women have their voices heard. I admire him very much.”

Hisham Hamid has collaborated with the director many times in the past and he thanked the director for giving him the opportunity to show a different side of himself every time.

“La Luna” will be released in Singapore on November 16.

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