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The creator of “Becoming God Again” speaks out about its online premiere on November 18 | Clean World | The Epoch Times

The creator of “Becoming God Again” speaks out about its online premiere on November 18 | Clean World | The Epoch Times
The creator of “Becoming God Again” speaks out about its online premiere on November 18 | Clean World | The Epoch Times

The main creators of the large-scale fantasy drama “Becoming God Again” speak out; it will premiere on “Clean World” on November 18. (Clean World)

[The Epoch Times, November 02, 2023](Epoch Times reporter Shi Ping reported) The large-scale fantasy film “Once We Were Divine” filmed by Canada’s New Tang Dynasty Television has received a positive response from the audience after trial screenings in several cities. enthusiastic response. Recently, several of the main creative staff of the film appeared on the Internet to introduce their thoughts and experiences in creating this film; they also revealed that in order for audiences around the world to see this film, it will be held on November 18 at the “Clean World” ” The video is premiering on the website.

Director: True Fantasy

Yan Zhen, the film director and host of NTDTV’s famous program “Mainland News Interpretation”, said that “Becoming God Again” is the last part of their trilogy series following “Come for You” and “Fifty Minutes of Eternity”. But this is not like a series of films that continuously develops the main characters and storylines like “The Godfather” or “The Lord of the Rings”, but a trilogy in a thematic sense.

“We want to explore the origin and meaning of life from a broader perspective, explain some of the chaos in the world and the reasons behind it, and show the choices and solutions that life faces,” said Yan Dao.

“Furthermore, although the film uses the expression techniques of fantasy films in its production, it is different from fantasy films in the usual sense.”

Director Yan added, “Usually fantasy films, their fantasy parts are fictional or written at random, but our fantasy part is based on some kind of reality, so it is a ‘real fantasy’, which can be said to be our A characteristic of the entire film.”

Screenwriter: A successful attempt

Zifeng Song, the screenwriter of the film, said that at first they wanted to create a realistic film to show the various major events that Falun Dafa experienced from the spread of Falun Dafa in 1992 until the CCP began to suppress it in 1999.

“It involves today’s anti-traditional and anti-moral human social environment, as well as life in other different spaces and the connection between lives, and it must express the interpretation of the universe, life, history and human nature.”

“Through the switching and arrangement of different spatial scenes, the film presents such an originally abstract concept very vividly and concretely,” she said. “I think it is a great and very successful success in this regard. attempt.”

Starring: The film makes people think and sublime

Jiang Guangyu, who plays the male protagonist of the film, said that this film will cause people to rethink the world today.

“When I first saw this script, what attracted me most to Song Guangming was not only the fate of his entire character, but also the stories and origins behind it that ultimately allowed him to make the right choice,” he said. “I am certain that after watching this movie, you will have new thoughts on many issues, and you will also have a new understanding of our world today.”

The film’s female lead, Cecilia Xiong, said that this film changed her and sublimated her.

“We will encounter many major choices in life, good and evil. How to choose? There are many personal interests in this, but in this process, how can we have a larger pattern and be able to pay for it? Use what you feel is precious to achieve a greater beauty.”

She said, “Actually, during the performance, I was sublimated and re-evaluated my life. It actually changed a lot of my thoughts on many issues.”

The creators hope that people can get some kind of enlightenment after watching the movie.

In order to meet the needs of audiences around the world, the producers will premiere it exclusively on the “Clean World” website at 8pm on November 18 (Saturday).

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