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2023 China International Travel Fair Beijing Exhibition Area Concludes “Travel with Performing Arts” to Shine in Spring City_Fangshan_Space_Cultural Tourism


Original title: 2023 China International Tourism Mart Beijing Exhibition Area concludes with “Travel with Performing Arts” Shining in Spring City

CCTV Beijing News on November 21 (Reporter Song Xue) The reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism that on November 19, the three-day 2023 China International Tourism Fair concluded successfully at the Kunming Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center. The Beijing exhibition area has the theme of “Travel with the Performing Arts and Charming Beijing Welcomes You”. 28 Beijing cultural and tourism companies participated in the exhibition, presenting a new picture of cultural tourism in an all-round way and highlighting the profound and rich cultural heritage of the capital.

In order to actively create the cultural business card of “Watch Beijing in a Big Show”, vigorously promote the construction of “Performance City”, focus on the achievements of the construction of national cultural centers, effectively improve the development level of performing arts services, cultivate and create new performing arts formats and new scenes that reflect the integration of culture and tourism, To support the development of more “small but exquisite” and “small but beautiful” performing arts spaces, in May 2023, the Beijing performing arts service platform established by the Beijing Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau launched the performing arts space cultivation project for the first time.

At this tourism fair, the first batch of 15 performing arts spaces announced by the Beijing Performing Arts Service Platform were promoted to the world for the first time. Jixiang Grand Theater, West District Theater, China Puppet Art Theater Puppet Art Experience Base, Beijing Yushe Performing Arts Space, Tianning No. 1 Oriental Art Space, Gulou West Theater, and Nanluo Theater made a concentrated appearance as representatives of new performing arts spaces, providing original performances to the audience. Ecological presentation of performing arts repertoire. The eye-catching stage setting, beautiful singing, and vivid performances not only won applause from the audience, but also fully demonstrated the diversity and strong potential of Beijing’s performing arts space construction.

The Beijing cultural tourism booth also specially set up a stage stage “Peking Opera Cultural Journey”. Visitors can put on helmets and cloud shoulders to deeply experience the long charm of the quintessence of Chinese Peking Opera.

During the three days of the exhibition, the Fangshan booth was crowded and lively. Fangshan District’s beautiful scenery, delicious food, beautiful houses and beautiful accommodation continued to attract many visitors. Representatives from six Fangshan cultural and tourism units, including Yunju Temple, brought high-quality international travel routes, self-produced delicacies, interesting cultural and creative DIY and other special products that have attracted countless fans. During the exhibition, Fangshan District held a total of 6 “Damei Fangshan Welcomes You” cultural tourism promotion conferences, which attracted nearly a thousand visitors to watch and participate in interactions, and more than 2,000 people consulted and negotiated on site. The booth specially launched a series of Fangshan Scenic Area Check-in stamps, as well as a color-coded seal that uses the beautiful scenery of Fangshan as its brushstrokes and depicts “Fangshan” through eight-color combinations, attracting a large number of stamp collectors to come and stamp and check-in.

In addition, the leading cultural and creative brand “Beijing Gifts” that shined at the “Belt and Road” Summit once again appeared at this Tourism Fair, highlighting the international expression and innovative development of “Beijing Gifts”. Forbidden City Corner Tower Coffee launched five series of themed handbook products including “Along the River During Qingming Festival” to create a new way of cultural tourism consumption with fashion innovation; Fanghu Qiwu Society launched “Time and Space Ticket” cultural innovation product, which the audience can scan online “Travel through time and space” to understand the past and present of Beijing’s architecture and cultural relics; Beijing Enamel Factory invites the audience to experience the beauty of intangible cultural heritage through interactive sessions displaying exquisite cloisonné products and experiencing cloisonné production techniques.Return to Sohu to see more


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