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People’s Forum Online Review | Intensive exhibitions witness the rapid and steady development of China’s economy

People’s Forum Online Review | Intensive exhibitions witness the rapid and steady development of China’s economy
People’s Forum Online Review | Intensive exhibitions witness the rapid and steady development of China’s economy

In Xi’an, Shaanxi, at the 7th Silk Road International Expo, familiar cultural relics such as the Terracotta Warriors and Horses and the Three-Colored Soaring Horse were transformed into various exquisite cultural and creative products, attracting the public to stop and visit; in Shenzhen, Guangdong, the 25th Many new materials and new processes at the China International High-tech Achievements Fair demonstrate the huge potential in the field of robot research and development.;In Kunming, Yunnan, various seminars and other activities at the 2023 China International Tourism Mart provide ideas and plans for global tourism development… In recent days, a series of high-level and high-standard exhibitions have been held intensively in various places, one after another. The exciting activities and intelligent dialogues witnessed the rapid and steady development of China’s economy.

The exhibition is a powerful testimony of unswerving opening up to the outside world and an important window for observing the vitality and potential of economic development.Looking at the vast land of China, ports and terminals,The traffic is busy and goods are coming and going; the CIIE venue attracts the world’s attention and signings are constantly being signed; the fertile fields are harvested and fireworks are rising… Everywhere is a busy scene full of energy and vitality, showing resilience, potential, and Strong economic development has become an important source of confidence that catalyzes the continued warming and recovery of the global economy.The continuous holding of high-quality international exhibitions not only conveys the firm determination and solid steps that “the fundamentals of China’s long-term economic growth will not change”,It will also promote the construction of an open world economy and better benefit people of all countries.

Opening up is an important driving force for the progress of human civilization and the only way for world prosperity and development. Practice has proved that China’s development cannot be separated from the world, and the development of the world needs China even more. Using the exhibition as a medium demonstrates that China’s economic “circle of friends” is expanding and becoming more and more high-quality development momentum.Looking at the exhibition site, new exhibits were intensively released and new orders were placed;forumCommunicate, old friends return, new friends join, talk, exchange and cooperate, and jointly promote future development. The data is speechless, but it is the most powerful proof. At the 2023 World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit, more than 1,800 guests from 126 countries and regions around the world attended the “Ten-Year Appointment” online and offline, and the number of countries reached a record high.At the 6th China International Import Expo, 442 representative new products, new technologies, and new services were launched for the first time, with an intended transaction volume of US$78.41 billion in one year.,An increase of 6.74% compared with the previous session… Behind the strong popularity and dazzling results are the huge opportunities contained in China’s ultra-large-scale market and the trust and confidence of global merchants in the Chinese economy.

It is difficult for those who work alone to get up, but it is easy for those who work together to follow.The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that “China adheres to the basic national policy of opening up to the outside world and firmly pursues a mutually beneficial and win-win opening strategy.,“Continuously provide new opportunities for the world with China’s new development.” This is not only a solemn commitment made by China to the world, but also a consistent pragmatic action. Looking to the future, facing the complex and severe external environment and multiple domestic difficulties and challenges, we can only forge ahead and take advantage of the situation. Only by always adhering to the cooperation principles of openness, inclusiveness, innovation leadership, and mutual benefit and win-win, and striving to contribute more open, global, and shared public products that transcend geographical restrictions, break through cultural differences, and integrate development needs, can we build a larger-scale, A new pattern of opening up to the outside world with a wider scope and a deeper level will pave the way for world economic recovery and global development and prosperity.,We will work together to create a new future of inclusiveness and sharing, make greater contributions, and play a louder “strong voice of openness.”

Under the general trend of the “stable” foundation of China’s economy being continuously strengthened and the momentum of “advancement” accelerating, we firmly believe that by riding on the “east wind” of cooperation, “holding hands” with the world and building more international exchange bridges, we will surely be able to continue writing More cooperation stories and win-win chapters. (Author: Liu Xin)

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