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Daoxian County: The ancient method of pressing tea oil produces “soft gold in the oil”_Excellent Recommendations_Hunan Channel_Red Net


Red Net Moment News November 21(Correspondent: He Ning and He Ling) It is now a good season for tea oil to be pressed. The tea seeds harvested from various places in Dao County are being freshly pressed, and the rich fragrance of tea oil is floating in the countryside.

Walking into the Zhongwang Camellia Oil Tea Planting Farmers’ Professional Cooperative in Bajia Village, Xianglinpu Town, Dao County, you can hear the sound of “bang bang bang” oil pressing. Wooden wedges are smashed into the pressing chamber, and tea cakes are squeezed one by one. The bright-colored tea oil slowly flows out from the oil outlet, and the entire workshop is filled with the mellow and long-lasting fragrance of tea oil.

“The traditional wood pressing process is more complicated. Generally, only about 5 presses can be squeezed out a day, and more than 300 kilograms of tea oil can be produced every day. The oil produced by the traditional wood press is brighter in color and richer in fragrance, and is very popular with everyone. Today, We received an order of more than 400 kilograms in one day,” said Zhu Xiaozhuan, a shareholder of Zhongwang Camellia Camellia Farmers’ Professional Cooperative in Daoxian County.

Ancient oil pressing is an ancient folk craft, and Bajia Village has continued this traditional oil pressing technique for more than 300 years. Every drop of camellia oil has to go through multiple processes such as “drying, grinding, steaming, making cakes, pressing, and settling”. In addition to using some machines to replace the previous manual operations, the oil mill still uses the traditional wood-pressed tea oil process and follows the ancient physical pressing method, which not only improves the quality and yield of the tea oil, but also retains the concentration and aroma of the ancient oil.

Dao County: The ancient method of pressing tea oil produces

Nowadays, as people increasingly pursue “original” diet, camellia oil pressed by ancient methods is gradually becoming popular in the market. Bajia Village seizes the hot spots and actively guides party members and local talents to develop the camellia oleifera planting industry, build a thousand-acre camellia oleifera planting base, and establish an industrial chain of “cultivation + processing + brand building + sales”. Through “party building + farmers” and “orders” “Style” business model has driven the whole village to increase income and become rich.

“This year our village’s oil tea production is about 300 tons, and the oil we can produce is about 10,000 kilograms. The price of this year’s oil tea is 100 yuan. It is estimated that this year’s wood-pressed oil tea alone will bring about an increase in per capita income of about 800 yuan.” Zhu Jiajun, deputy party secretary of Bajia Village, Xianglinpu Town, Dao County, said.

Dao County: The ancient method of pressing tea oil produces

In recent years, Daoxian County has always adhered to the leadership of party building, focusing on the camellia oleifera industry as a characteristic industry to develop rural economy and promote rural revitalization, extensively guide farmers to plant, use traditional skills to build a large-scale characteristic industrial base, and form a “branch-led, party member-driven” “, mass participation” good development pattern to promote the masses to increase their income and become rich. The total area of ​​Camellia oleifera planting in Dao County reaches 540,000 acres, and 200,000 acres of high-yield bases have been developed. There are more than 300 large growers and more than 80 professional cooperatives. The county’s annual camellia oil output reaches 9,500 tons, and the annual total output value exceeds 2.4 billion yuan.

Source: Red Net

Author: He Ning He Ling

Editor: Wang Yang

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