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Word of the Day | Logo for crewed missions of China’s space program in 2024

Word of the Day | Logo for crewed missions of China’s space program in 2024
Word of the Day | Logo for crewed missions of China’s space program in 2024

The China Manned Space Engineering Office recently officially released the four mission logos for the 2024 Tianzhou 7 mission, Tianzhou 8 mission, Shenzhou 18 manned mission, and Shenzhou 19 manned mission.

China has revealed logos for four crewed missions of the country’s space program in 2024, namely the launches of the cargo craft Tianzhou-7 and Tianzhou-8, and the crewed spaceships Shenzhou-18 and Shenzhou-19, according to the China Manned Space Agency on Sunday.

Image source: “China Manned Spaceflight” WeChat official account

【Knowledge Points】

The “7” in the center of the Tianzhou-7 mission logo is colorful and goes straight into the distance, symbolizing that our country’s aerospace industry is marching forward bravely on the long journey and writing a rich and colorful stroke in the vast space; the space station looms at the end of the road, symbolizing our country’s aerospace industry. The Tianzhou-7 cargo spacecraft will complete docking with the space station the next day. The frame is designed using traditional Chinese cloud patterns. As a classic auspicious pattern, it means promotion and good luck. Decorated by thousands of golden stars, billowing auspicious clouds stretch and flow on both sides, escorting the Tianzhou-7 cargo spacecraft in the center of the picture to fly, expressing heartfelt blessings for this mission. The overall color scheme uses traditional Chinese colors. The gold-inlaid jade color on the border is combined with the cloisonné in the center. The two form a sharp contrast and are fascinating.

The stars in the universe shine brightly, illuminating the long journey of the aerospace industry and leading its vigorous development. The Tianzhou-8 mission logo combines the number “8” with the tail flame of the Tianzhou spacecraft, with simple lines highlighting the theme. The three-color tail flame of red, yellow and blue also shows the unlimited energy of Chinese astronauts, and also implies the inclusiveness of China’s aerospace industry, as well as its efforts to promote the diversity and harmonious development of the world’s aerospace industry. Chinese blue is used as the main color of the logo. Different blues highlight the vastness and mystery of the universe, supplemented by bright colors to show the infinite vitality and energy of the aerospace industry.

The logo of the Shenzhou 18th manned mission is simple and modern, with a strong sense of science and technology. The main body is the Chinese Space Station. The location of the Shenzhou 18th manned spacecraft and docking is highlighted with a yellow line. The mission number “18” adopts a sense of science and technology. The style design uses numbers as the background to emphasize the task sequence and improve the recognition and memorability of the logo. The number of stars also corresponds to the mission number.

The logo of the Shenzhou 19th manned mission is a red, yellow, and blue circular logo composed of patterns such as the Chinese space station, the Shenzhou manned spacecraft, the earth, and the starry sky. The number “19” incorporates elements of the Chinese dragon and dances upward. There are a total of nineteen stars around it, corresponding to the Shenzhou 19 manned mission, and together they reflect the prosperity of my country’s aerospace industry.

【Important speech】

Basic research and original innovation have been continuously strengthened, breakthroughs have been achieved in some key core technologies, and strategic emerging industries have developed and expanded, including manned spaceflight, lunar and fire exploration, deep sea and deep ground exploration, supercomputers, satellite navigation, quantum information, nuclear power technology, and new energy. Technology, large aircraft manufacturing, biomedicine, etc. have achieved significant results, and have entered the ranks of innovative countries.

We have grown stronger in basic research and original innovation, made breakthroughs in some core technologies in key fields, and boosted emerging strategic industries. We have witnessed major successes on multiple fronts, including manned spaceflight, lunar and Martian exploration, deep sea and deep earth probes, supercomputers, satellite navigation, quantum information, nuclear power technology, new energy technology, airliner manufacturing, and biomedicine. China has joined the ranks of the world’s innovators.

——Xi Jinping’s report at the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China on October 16, 2022

【Related vocabulary】

Development of China’s aerospace industry

the development of China’s space industry

Manned space engineering

manned space program

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