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Promote the culture of Northern Xinjiang and serve the people of all ethnic groups. The Wulan Muqi “Learn, Create, and Perform” new creative works exhibition in the region has been launched – News Center – Inner Mongolia News Network


Hold high the red flag, follow the party, and sing praises for the people. On November 20, to promote the culture of Northern Xinjiang and serve the people of all ethnic groups – the “Learning, Creation and Performance” new creative works exhibition activities of the Wulan Muqi across the region were launched simultaneously in Hohhot City, Xing’an League and Bayannur City.

In order to comprehensively display the new creations and artistic achievements of Wulan Muqi since the launch of the “Learning, Creation, and Performance” work and help build the “Northern Xinjiang Culture” brand, the exhibition was co-sponsored by the Propaganda Department of the Autonomous Region Party Committee, the Autonomous Region Department of Culture and Tourism, and the Autonomous Region Federation of Literary and Art Circles. This exhibition is held throughout the region.

 The performance scene in Donggulou Village, Saihan District, Hohhot City.

In Donggulou Village, Saihan District, Hohhot City, a wonderful performance made the villagers high-five. “Bringing sincere blessings and joy, we will sing joyfully all the way to Beijing…” The inspiring lyrics and cheerful rhythm won bursts of applause and constant cheers from the crowd. The singer was Sule Yaqiqige, a member of the Ulan Muqi team from Liangcheng County, Ulanqab City. She was very excited when she walked off the stage: “Today’s performance was great. “Singing All the Way to Beijing” is a new creation this year. Song, I am so happy to see my grandparents applauding me and singing with me, and I am more motivated to create. I will work hard to create more works that are down-to-earth, spread and can be remembered.”

 Performance scene at Wulan Muqi Theater in Hohhot.

Another wonderful performance was staged at the Wulan Muqi Theater in Hohhot. The song and dance “People’s Country”, the sketch “Study Report”, the song “Singing in the Heart to the Party”, the allegro musical “Bai Erye Shaba” and other programs were performed in turn, and the audience continued to applaud and cheer.

The sitcom “Bai Er Ye Sha Ba” deeply moved the audience. This is a work adapted from a true story. Jia Qiuqing, deputy captain of the Wulan Muqi in Horinger County, said: “This year we have compiled the story of desertification control into a sitcom through many interviews. We hope that generations of Horinger people will not be afraid of hardships and continue to struggle, and will The touching story of Shaba turning into an oasis is promoted in a literary and artistic form that is popular with the masses.”

Xu Lili, a staff member of Linghua Community, Zhaowuda South Road Street, Hohhot City, said: “Today’s performance is very down-to-earth. The actors of Wulan Muqi are very professional. I am very happy to enjoy such a wonderful performance at home.”


 The performance scene of Xing’an League Keyou Middle Banner.

Ulan Muqi from Keyouzhong Banner of Xing’an League walked into Wuxun Gacha in Bayanhushu Town. The vivid and vivid cultural and artistic programs won the love of the farmers and herdsmen at the scene. After the performance, the team members went to the homes of elderly people with limited mobility in Gacha and performed face to face for the elderly.


  Performance scene in Dengkou County, Bayannur City.

In Chengguan Village, Bayangole Town, Dengkou County, Bayannaoer City, people heard that the Ulan Muqi were coming to perform and were waiting in the square early. Accompanied by the melodious music, the Ulan Muqi members walked onto the stage and danced. The original dance “Horse Chasing the Wind” kicked off the performance, with male and female solos, Loop counting treasures… Wonderful and down-to-earth performances took turns, and the villagers cheered loudly.

“This time’s shows are relatively new and have local characteristics. I hope Wulan Muqi will come to perform often.” Villager Wang Yongling said happily.

In 2022, in order to promote the high-quality development of Wulan Muqi’s career, Wulan Muqi in the district launched the “Learning, Creation, and Performance” work focusing on three aspects: learning and training, content production, and performance services.

In terms of “learning”, the primary task is to study, publicize and implement Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Party. Up to now, Wulan Muqi in the region has organized more than 1,800 theoretical studies in various forms and full coverage, which has strengthened the political consciousness of always being loyal, grateful and forging ahead, and the ideals and beliefs of being loyal to the party, loyal to the motherland, and loving the people have become stronger.

In terms of “creation”, we give full play to Wulan Muqi’s creative advantages of taking root at the grassroots level, combine planning and creation, guidance creation and independent creation, and guide each Wulan Muqi to learn, publicize and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Party and implement the five major tasks Create works on major themes such as building a model autonomous region in an all-round way and creating a “Northern Xinjiang Culture” brand. Establish a working mechanism for art instructors to pair up to guide Wulan Muqi, formulate a work manual for instructors to pair up, and select 25 art instructors to go deep into the grassroots to guide Wulan Muqi’s creations, so as to effectively improve the quality of Wulan Muqi’s creations and performances. In 2022, Wulan Muqi will create 1,142 new works, and so far in 2023, there have been 845 new works. Among the newly created works, the original works of our team members accounted for more than 80% of the total.

In terms of “performance”, the party’s voice and care are conveyed in a tangible, tangible and effective way. Nearly 300 Wulan Muqi service teams take root at the grassroots level and go deep into the masses. With mobile services as the main method, they are not afraid of hardships, wind and rain, and bravely undertake their missions. They go deep into rural pastoral areas, remote areas and areas with relatively weak public cultural services, and organize We carry out grassroots service activities of “bringing joy and civilization”, providing more than 8,000 performance services every year, covering more than 1,800 Gacha villages (communities), and benefiting more than 500,000 people. The Wulan Muqi throughout the region fulfilled their original mission and responsibilities with practical actions, promoted the party’s theories and policies in vivid and diverse literary and artistic forms, enriched the spiritual and cultural life of farmers and herdsmen, and sent the party’s voice and care to Thousands of households, delivered to the people.

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  Trainee reporter: Sun Liu

  • Editor: Duan Liping

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