Take the No. 101 bus bound for spring and experience the changes in Jiaxing’s urban and rural areas

Take the No. 101 bus bound for spring and experience the changes in Jiaxing’s urban and rural areas
Take the No. 101 bus bound for spring and experience the changes in Jiaxing’s urban and rural areas

“Welcome to the No. 101 bus. Our current location is Jiaxing Railway Station. Starting from here, we will start today’s journey of tracing…” On November 15, the Municipal Bureau’s Second Party Branch and the Economic Development Branch Party Committee The branch carried out a party day activity with the theme of “Tracing the Thoughts of Footprints, Gratitude, Endeavoring and Making New Merits”. Party members, party activists and representatives of young cadres from the two branches participated in the activity. Everyone took the No. 101 bus collectively to follow General Secretary Xi Jinping’s inspection of Jiaxing’s urban and rural infrastructure integration. diversify the footprint of construction and feel the changes in urban and rural development.

From Jiaxing Railway Station to Sanxing Village, Fengqiao Town, Nanhu District, the route passes through many red tourist attractions and beautiful countryside such as Nanhu Community, Nanhu Tiandi, Nanhu Scenic Area, and Central Park. On the way, the commentator introduced the overview of the scenic spots along the No. 101 red tourist bus, the achievements of the integrated urban and rural public transportation in Jiaxing City, and the relevant situation of beautiful rural construction. As the bus drove by, the scenery outside the window kept switching before my eyes. On one side was the bustling city and on the other side was the beautiful countryside. There was no obvious boundary between the city and the countryside. Unknowingly, I arrived at the Sanxing Village stop in Fengqiao Town.

At the Sanxing Village site, we visited the No. 101 bus route sign and recovery vehicle, the Sanxing Village Public Service Center (Family Banquet Center) and surrounding cultural tourism projects, and experienced the construction results of the “Thousand Villages Demonstration, Ten Thousand Villages Improvement” project up close. “Bus No. 101 not only facilitates travel, but also promotes the development of villages along the route. By introducing industrial projects such as red study, wedding travel photography, team building adventures, and parent-child tours, it has promoted surrounding Sanxing Village, Lianfeng Village (Wangxiangli), and Yonghong Village. , Xinmin Village and other rural tourism developments, every stop on Route 101 carries the people’s dreams of well-off society, wealth and happiness,” the commentator said with emotion.

On the way back, party members and representatives of young cadres talked about their learning and insights. Pei Wu, a member of the second party branch, said: “Tracing the route of the 101 bus, I personally felt the rural changes brought about by the implementation of the ‘Ten Million Project’ in Nanhu District. And the ’88 Strategy’ has brought Jiaxing a path choice to coordinate urban and rural areas and promote common prosperity.” Fan Neng, a Party branch of the Economic Development and Reform Commission, is a native of Jiaxing. He said: “We are following the footsteps of General Secretary Xi Jinping and taking the 101 Taking the bus, I felt the earth-shaking changes in the urban and rural development of Jiaxing over the years. The ecological environment in the countryside is getting better and better, and the farmers are getting richer. Every household lives in a small bungalow with several floors, and the villages also have their own Specialty industries have made farmers really rich.” Tan Yiwen, a young cadre of the Economic Development Bureau, is a native of New Jiaxing whose hometown is Wenchuan, Sichuan. She said: “Jiaxing’s advanced experience in the coordinated development of urban and rural areas has provided a reference for the development of her hometown. .” When passing through the Shuangxi Lake section on the way back, Guo Yunan from the Planning and Management Section of the Economic Development Bureau also introduced the planning and design of the super future community in the Shuangxi Lake section in detail.

101, bound for spring, carries General Secretary Xi Jinping’s instructions and expectations that “Jiaxing is fully qualified to become a model for coordinating urban and rural development in the province and even the country.” Following General Secretary Xi Jinping’s footsteps, we will continue to deeply study and comprehend the great thought The “source of living water” can be used to turn this understanding into the internal driving force for progress in work, further gathering ideological consensus and drawing strength from learning.


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