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The fifth trip to Shandong to return home and watch the development of Internet celebrities came to a successful conclusion


530 million reads! “Cultural ‘Two Innovations’ Look at Qilu” – The 5th Shandong Tour of Returning Hometowns and Looking at the Development of Internet Celebrities Concluded Successfully

Luwang News on November 18 (Reporter Fan Jinxin) On November 17, the “Cultural ‘Two Innovations'” was hosted by the United Front Work Department of the Shandong Provincial Committee, the Cyberspace Administration of Shandong Provincial Committee, and the Shandong Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, and hosted by Shandong Culture and Tourism Media Group “Look at Qilu” – the fifth trip to Shandong to return home and look at the development of Internet celebrities came to a successful conclusion.

During the event, more than 40 Internet celebrities and mainstream media reporter representatives visited Jinan, Tai’an, and Jining for on-site inspections. Through an all-media perspective and visual presentation, they fully demonstrated Shandong’s vivid practice of creating new benchmarks for cultural “two innovations” , comprehensively showing the new brilliance of Shandong’s long history and culture in the new era.

Up to now, the Sina Weibo topic culturetwochuangkanqilu # has been read 530 million times, and online celebrities such as @LIVE aliang, @陈皓然icon, @panmingxiang, @steelxiaoxia, @garbled travel story and other online celebrities have posted 600 posts More than one article, with 166,000 interactions. This event gives full play to the influence of Internet celebrities, and promotes the new style of China’s excellent traditional culture and the new achievements of Shandong culture’s “two innovations” through Weibo, Douyin, Kuaishou, video accounts, etc., allowing positive energy to surge and massive traffic .

Over the past ten years, Shandong has kept in mind the instructions and has always regarded the cultural “two creations” as a major political task. It has deeply cultivated the fertile soil of humanities, focused on integrity and innovation, and systematically implemented the action plan to create a new benchmark for cultural “two creations”. The excellent traditional Chinese culture formed over thousands of years Through continuous creative transformation and innovative development, it is gaining momentum in Qilu. Cultural resorts represented by Jinan, Tai’an, Jining, etc., under the guidance of cultural “two creations”, have realized the elegant symbiosis of ancient and modern traditional culture.


Each city has a different answer to the question of how to further inherit and carry forward excellent traditional culture. In Jinan from November 13th to 14th, the group visited the Shandong Handmade Exhibition and Experience Center, the Old Commercial Port, and the Shandong Art Education Center of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, visited Daming Lake, Chaoran Building, and checked in at the Jinan Museum. Here modernity and tradition complement each other, and the thousand-year-old city of Jinan has successfully emerged from the entertainment industry with a youthful appearance, and traditional culture is blooming with new vitality.


Looking far and striving to be the first, Tai’an has always been “ahead” in creating new benchmarks for cultural “two innovations”. In Tai’an from November 14th to 15th, the group visited Taishan Youshan Dong Handmade and Courtesy Tai’an Exhibition Hall, experienced the intangible cultural heritage collection, and visited Taishan Shigandang Cultural Park, Jiunv Peak Immersive Scenic Area, Song Dynasty Sleepless City, Dai Village dam. One child falls and everything comes alive. Each representative point has become the epitome of the continuous practice and exploration of the “two creations” of local culture.


The “two creations” of Shandong culture are fresh and heartfelt. From November 15th to 17th, the event came to the last stop in Jining. The group visited Li Bai Memorial Hall (Taibai Tower), Qiao Yu Art Museum, Jining Cultural Center Museum, Qufu “Three Kongs” Scenic Area, Confucius Museum, Confucius Institute. From physical and mental experience to tracing the origin of thoughts, in the birthplace of Confucian culture, Internet celebrities draw nourishment and find strength from the long-standing and outstanding Chinese traditional culture.

Learn from the past and nourish the present, and keep pace with the times. Only by continuously inheriting and innovating can China’s excellent traditional culture maintain its vitality and vitality. In the land of Qilu, where the ancient and the modern overlap, the cultural “two creations” are taking off and writing a new chapter.


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