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Why do these industry-leading companies “increase their investment” in Heilongjiang? – Enterprise – China Engineering Network

Why do these industry-leading companies “increase their investment” in Heilongjiang? – Enterprise – China Engineering Network
Why do these industry-leading companies “increase their investment” in Heilongjiang? – Enterprise – China Engineering Network

Original title: Why do these industry-leading companies “increase their investment” in Heilongjiang?

If enterprises are “horses”, an efficient and convenient business environment and an industrial ecology that benefits enterprises are like “grasslands” with fertile water and grass. Faced with the major opportunity to build a new development pattern, Heilongjiang has made use of its strengths to compensate for its weaknesses and is determined to “plant grass and protect original lands.” Efforts will be made to forge strong areas and actively leverage five major advantages including resource advantages and ecological advantages; we will make every effort to make up for shortcomings and further promote market-oriented reforms and optimize the business environment. Since the beginning of this year, the province’s actual use of domestic and foreign capital has maintained rapid growth, and a number of industry-leading enterprises have increased investment.

Dig deep into the “five major advantages” to build a nest to attract the phoenixes

The Hegang Luobei Minmetals graphite industry project site was crowded with people. China Minmetals (Heilongjiang) Graphite Industry Co., Ltd. has completed a cumulative investment of more than 3 billion yuan.

Kong Ping, deputy director of the Hegang Graphite Industry Development Center, said that more than 80% of the natural graphite raw materials used for negative electrode materials nationwide come from Hegang. In recent years, Hegang has relied on its resource endowment to introduce China Minmetals Corporation to integrate Luobei Yunshan graphite resources. By unifying mining rights, problems such as “one mine with multiple openings”, “large mines with small openings”, and extensive management have been solved, and local resource potential has been released.

At China Minmetals (Heilongjiang) Graphite Industry Co., Ltd. located in Luobei County, Hegang City, staff work in the smart management and control center.Photo by reporter Xie Jianfei

At present, Heilongjiang is focusing on resource advantages, ecological advantages, scientific research advantages, industrial advantages, and location advantages, accelerating the pace of investment promotion, deeply integrating into the new “dual cycle” development pattern, and promoting comprehensive revitalization and quality improvement.

As an old industrial base, Heilongjiang has a relatively strong industrial foundation and has many high-quality industrial workers. There are 3.96 million industrial workers in the province, and 839,000 manufacturing industry workers, accounting for a relatively high proportion.

In June this year, United Aircraft Group settled in Harbin. The large-scale unmanned helicopter project with a total investment of 2.5 billion yuan will give wings to the development of Heilongjiang’s aviation industry. “We will make full use of Heilongjiang’s solid industrial foundation and abundant resource advantages to carry out the construction of large-scale civilian drone industry demonstration bases, manned-drone-to-drone modification bases and other projects.” Chairman Tian Gangyin said.

Having an advantage does not mean sitting back and taking advantage of the situation. It is also necessary to leverage and amplify the advantages. Heilongjiang is rich in science and education resources, with 78 institutions of higher learning including Harbin Institute of Technology, 226 scientific research institutes, and more than 1,200 national and provincial innovation platforms.

Chen Su, director of the Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology, said that Heilongjiang has accelerated its development towards the industrialization of high-tech achievements and has transformed hundreds of major scientific and technological achievements this year, further playing its role as an incrementer of scientific and technological innovation.

Coming to Heilongjiang from Shenzhen, Harbin Wanxin Graphite Valley Technology Co., Ltd. has become a leading enterprise in Heilongjiang’s graphite industry. “An additional investment of 630 million yuan is expected this year.” Liu Zhiliang, general manager of the company, said that based on Harbin’s talents, scientific research and other advantages, the company established the Graphene New Materials Research Institute, which was rated as a national specialized, special and new “little giant” enterprise.

Data show that in the first three quarters of 2023, Heilongjiang’s actual utilization of foreign capital increased by 23.7% year-on-year, and the utilization of domestic capital for projects with domestic capital of 10 million yuan and above increased by 14.3% year-on-year. Investment in industrial technology transformation and equipment manufacturing industry have grown rapidly, and manufacturing investment has shown a trend of becoming high-end and green.

It is necessary to streamline administration and delegate power toAlso reduce business costs

“Everyone eats in a restaurant. If the waiter is not diligent, who will be a repeat customer? The same is true for government service companies.” The change in thinking of a department leader in Harbin is the epitome of Heilongjiang’s continuous optimization of the business environment.

The future development potential of old industrial bases depends on the degree of release of dividends from institutional reform. Heilongjiang uses business environment reform as a breakthrough to further handle the relationship between the government and the market and advance into the deep-water area of ​​reform and development.

“The key to business reform is decentralization.” Some grassroots cadres interviewed said frankly that some departments are nostalgic for the power in their hands, are unwilling to change, and are slow to change, so they must deal heavy blows to the interests behind them. Heilongjiang insists on deepening the reform of “decentralizing power, delegating power, delegating power, delegating power, delegating power, delegating power, delegating power, delegating power, delegating power, delegating power, delegating power and optimizing power.”

In April this year, the Sinopharm Heilongjiang Traditional Chinese Medicine Industrial Park project started laying the foundation; in May, Baidu Smart Cloud (Longjiang) Data Industry Base started operation… Since this year, a number of large projects have been launched and put into operation.

In less than three months, all five individual buildings have been capped, and the Sinopharm Heilongjiang Traditional Chinese Medicine Industrial Park project has accelerated its construction. Pan Weipeng, project manager of Heilongjiang Sinopharm Tianjiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., said that the industrial park has a total investment of 400 million yuan and is expected to be put into production by the end of 2024, accelerating the creation of a green and intelligent biopharmaceutical production base.

“Heilongjiang has made many efforts to create a pro-business, friendly and business-friendly environment, which makes us feel that it has a very good development platform and investment environment.” Fang Juntao, Senior Vice President of Group Affairs and Sustainable Development of Nestlé Greater China Region He said that Nestlé has a long history of cooperation with Heilongjiang and will continue to deepen its business in Heilongjiang.

A very important criterion for whether the business environment is good or not is whether the operating costs of the enterprise are low. Among them, reducing tax costs, financing costs, factor costs, etc. is the top priority.

“In a low-cost environment, it is easier for companies to generate comparative advantages and competitive advantages.” said Yang Yang, financial director of Harbin Linke Information Technology Co., Ltd.

After the company settled in Harbin, it enjoyed a series of preferential policies such as tax exemptions and fee exemptions, and financial incentives for high-tech enterprises. It is now a national specialized, special and new “little giant” enterprise. Last year, the company obtained an intellectual property mortgage loan. According to the interest discount policy of Harbin New Area, it can save nearly 200,000 yuan in interest expenses.

“Joy from near, come from far away” takes a long time to achieve

The institutional mechanisms and economic structural problems accumulated over a long period of time in Northeast China are difficult to resolve overnight. To create a development ecology in which “those who are near are happy and those who are far away”, we also need to make our long boards longer, make up for our short boards faster, and have higher requirements for ourselves.

Some cadres who participated in counterpart exchanges and temporary posts believe that compared with the business environment in the north and the south, many southern regions are more characterized by “management in service”, which plays a silent role in moisturizing things. In the Northeast region, “service under management” exists to varying degrees. As the reform enters the deep water zone, further changes and improvements in service thinking and practice are needed to accelerate the construction of service-oriented government.

“The business environment is a ‘fragile commodity’ and needs to be continuously optimized.” “The biggest improvement is the business environment, but there is still a lot of room for improvement.” Some Northeastern entrepreneurs interviewed said that the government is connecting with the market and helping companies solve problems. In terms of strengthening and strengthening the government, the policy toolbox needs to be continuously enriched, such as continuing to improve local financial structures and innovating new methods such as industrial chain financing to better adapt to new changes in the market.

At present, competition in attracting investment is fierce in various places. There are many factors that influence where big and good projects are located. Whether there is an industrial chain to undertake has increasingly become an important reference for companies to settle and invest.

“We not only need land, but also industrial chains and industrial agglomerations, otherwise companies will not stay long after they come.” Entrepreneurs reflect that the upstream, mid-stream and downstream cluster effects, low-cost effects and technology spillover effects formed through the industrial chain are helpful. Shaping the long-term competitive advantage of enterprises, local governments can also form a stable source of tax revenue.

A single tree cannot form a forest. Entrepreneurs and grassroots cadres recommend strengthening investment in the industrial chain, scientifically planning and doing a good job in strengthening the chain, supplementing the chain and extending the chain, making the industrial cluster bigger and better, and then attracting investment based on the advantages of the industrial cluster to form a virtuous cycle of the industrial ecology. (Reporter Qiangyong Liu Heyao)

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