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Mao Weiming held a discussion with cadres of the Hunan Provincial Committee of the Kuomintang: Focusing on “Three Highs and Four New” to create a better future – News – Hunan Online


Mao Weiming’s message during a discussion with cadre representatives of the Hunan Provincial Committee of the Kuomintang

Focus on “Three Highs and Four New” to create a better future

Huasheng Online News on November 20 (All Media Reporter Sun Minjian) On the afternoon of the 20th, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Governor Mao Weiming came to the Hunan Provincial Committee of the Kuomintang Revolutionary Committee to visit party members and cadres of the organs and hold discussions with everyone. He emphasized that we must thoroughly implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important thoughts on doing a good job in the party’s united front work in the new era, combine the advantages of multi-party cooperation with the needs of the overall situation of the central government, work together with one heart and frequency, and work in the same direction to jointly implement the “three highs” The beautiful blueprint of “Four New” has turned into a grand picture.

(On the afternoon of November 20, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Governor Mao Weiming visited the Hunan Provincial Committee of the Kuomintang and attended a symposium.)

Provincial leaders Sui Zhongcheng and Jiang Difei, and provincial government secretary-general Qu Hai participated.

At the meeting, members of the Hunan Kuomintang Revolutionary Party Liu Jiyang, Zhang Xuewu, Dai Yu, Liu Yan, Zheng Xiaofeng and others spoke successively, focusing on making Hunan’s biopharmaceutical industry bigger and stronger, supporting the prosperity and development of the private economy, accelerating key technology research and achievement transformation, and protecting vulnerable groups. Express opinions and suggestions on rights, strengthening the cultivation of innovative talents, etc.

(Scene of the symposium.)

On behalf of the Hunan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, Mao Weiming expressed congratulations on the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Hunan Revolutionary Committee. He said that since its establishment in 1953, the Hunan Revolutionary Committee has always been united with the party, patriotic and serving the people, and has devoted itself to the cause of socialist construction in Hunan. Especially in recent years, the Hunan Provincial Committee of the Kuomintang Revolutionary Committee has fully implemented the beautiful blueprint of “Three Highs and Four New”, highlighted the characteristics of duty performance, fulfilled the function of participating in politics, and presented the characteristics of “four manifestations”: demonstrating its position in concentration, Demonstrate responsibility in consultation and discussion, demonstrate responsibility in serving the overall situation, and demonstrate performance in self-construction. Last year, the Kuomintang Central Committee’s investment promotion conference to assist the construction of a modernized New Hunan signed a total of 164 projects with an investment of 234.63 billion yuan; more than 70 high-quality research results were produced; the Zheng Dongguo Education Foundation has carried out scholarships and teaching assistance for 15 consecutive years, with a total donation of 67.74 million yuan. 218 teachers and 1,778 students were awarded.


(Mao Weiming understood the honors and commendations received by the Hunan Provincial Committee of the Kuomintang over the years.)

Mao Weiming pointed out that at present, Hunan has developed at the right time, in the right location, and with the right people, and has stood at a new historical starting point. It is hoped that the Hunan Revolutionary Committee will continue to play an important role in the province’s high-quality development, focusing on “four focus“Work hard, speak wisely, and take pragmatic actions to make greater contributions to building a modern new Hunan.We should focus on enhancing the “four identities” to condense the heart and forge the soul. Strengthen political leadership, build ideological consensus, enhance exchanges in promoting reunification, carry out in-depth the united front’s “Five Studies and Two Assistance” actions, continue to deepen Hunan-Taiwan economic and trade cooperation, youth exchanges, and continuously enhance understanding of the Communist Party of China and society with Chinese characteristics The political identity, ideological identity, theoretical identity, and emotional identity of doctrine.Focus on creating “three highlands” for political discussion and consultation. Focus on key tasks such as the construction of landmark projects in the “Three Highlands” and the construction of a “4×4” modern industrial system, give full play to the advantages of the Hunan Provincial Committee of the Revolutionary Committee in gathering talents, wide contacts, and diverse channels, contribute insights, and help lead the way Intelligently attract investment to promote a higher level of opening up.Focus on fighting the “six battles for development” and fulfilling our responsibilities. To help stabilize growth and improve confidence, strengthen supervision and improve efficiency, and do practical things to benefit people’s livelihood, combined with the “Go, Seek, Want, and Promote” activities and the “Three Deliveries, Three Solutions, and Three Excellent” actions, the Kuomintang Revolutionary Party members were mobilized to go to the front lines of parks, enterprises, and grassroots to answer questions and resolve doubts. , unite and encourage, strengthen democratic supervision and track results around the ecological environment, improvement of people’s livelihood, optimization of business environment, etc., and build a platform for Kuomintang entrepreneurs to think about their source of wealth and repay society.Focus on implementing the “three good” requirements to strengthen the foundation. We should work hard to build a strong team, make real moves to improve capabilities, seek practical results in building a strong grassroots level, and be a good adviser, helper, and colleague of the Communist Party of China.


(Mao Weiming visited and expressed condolences to party members and cadres of the Hunan Provincial Committee of the Kuomintang.)

Mao Weiming said that the provincial government will, as always, support the Provincial Committee of the Kuomintang Revolutionary Committee in participating in and discussing politics, strive to create conditions for everyone to perform their duties, consciously accept democratic supervision, listen carefully to opinions and suggestions from all parties, promote the transformation of duty performance results into concrete measures and work results, and jointly implement Things are done better in Hunan.

Picture/Photo taken by Huasheng Online all-media reporter Liu Shangwen

(First trial: Xia Bo Second trial: Deng Wangjun Third trial: Shi Wei)

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