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The annual participation rate in learning activities for urban residents in Jiangsu Province exceeds 60%! 2023 Provincial Lifelong Learning Activity Week for All Begins


The annual participation rate in learning activities for urban residents in Jiangsu Province exceeds 60%! 2023 Provincial Lifelong Learning Activity Week for All Begins

2023/11/20 19:52
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Intersection News Recently, the 2023 Jiangsu Province and Changzhou City National Lifelong Learning Activity Week opened in Changzhou. The 2023 National New Era “Public Learning Star” and “Lifelong Learning Brand Project” promotion lists were announced. Five people from Jiangsu were selected as the 2023 National New Era “Public Learning Star”. In the 2023 National New Era “Lifelong Learning Brand Project” “Among the selected lists, one item was selected into the list of “Lifelong Learning Brand Projects Particularly Favored by the People”, and five items were selected into the promotion list of “Lifelong Learning Brand Projects”.

Jiang Yong, director of the Provincial Department of Education, said that in recent years, the atmosphere of lifelong learning for all people in Jiangsu Province has become increasingly strong.

——The channels are smoother and learning is more convenient. A five-level community education system covering urban and rural areas has been explored and established. The annual participation rate of urban and rural residents in learning activities in the province exceeds 60% and 40% respectively.

——The method is more flexible and the resources are richer, and a digital learning platform has been developed. “Jiangsu Learning Online” has shared more than 48,000 video resources, more than 3,100 courses, and more than 63 million students.

——More diverse subjects and better quality to make up for the shortcomings of rural education, build 15 national-level demonstration counties for rural vocational education and adult education, 55 high-level demonstration bases for integrating agricultural science and education to enrich the people, and provide high-level education services for “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” 104 bases.

“Promoting lifelong learning for all is not only an important part of exploring new experiences in building the modern civilization of the Chinese nation, but also an important manifestation of achieving new improvements in promoting the modernization of social governance.” Jiang Yong said that it is necessary to improve the service mechanism of “learning at all times” , focus on “one old and one young”, coordinate the planning of educational resources at all stages, strengthen the inclusive development of preschool education, accelerate the innovative development of education for the elderly, optimize the social education school system and operating mechanism, and build a three-dimensional lifelong learning service system for all people. At the same time, we will accelerate the construction of digital learning resources, strengthen the construction of community education grassroots positions, create characteristic brand projects, build a strong team of full-time and part-time teachers, and promote the development of social education connotation, characteristic development, and high-quality development.

At the opening ceremony of the activity week, the opening ceremony of this activity week focused on displaying the lifelong learning achievements of all people across the province, and announced the selection results of Jiangsu Province’s 2023 “Public Learning Star” and “Community Education Brand Project” and Jiangsu Province’s 2023 selection Individuals and projects of the National “Public Learning Star” and “Lifelong Learning Brand Project” in the new era. Among them, 42 brand projects were selected as the 2023 provincial “Community Education Brand Project”, and 121 people were awarded the 2023 provincial “Public Learning Star”.


Xinhua Daily·Junction Point reporter Yang Pinping Cheng Xiaolin


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