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Chasing the waves, the world is wide – written on the occasion of the opening of the 11th China (Mianyang) Science and Technology City International Science and Technology Expo_Sichuan Online


On November 13, the venue for the 11th China (Mianyang) Science and Technology City International Science and Technology Expo is being decorated.Photo by Liu Jun

Sichuan Online reporter Ning Ning

Early winter is coming, and Sichuan’s science and technology field is having another grand event.

From November 22 to 26, the 11th China (Mianyang) Science and Technology City International Science and Technology Expo (hereinafter referred to as the “Science and Technology Expo”) with the theme of “Science and Technology Leadership·Innovation Transformation·Open Cooperation” will be grandly opened in Mianyang.

This is the eleventh consecutive Science and Technology Expo held in Sichuan.

Looking back on this year, Sichuan science and technology continued to innovate and good news came frequently——

In April, the new-generation “artificial sun” tokamak nuclear fusion experimental device of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) project, which has attracted much attention, set a new operating record. The Southwest Institute of Physics of the CNNC Nuclear Industry from Sichuan is responsible for the development, processing and manufacturing of most of the key components of China’s ITER.

In May, the High Altitude Cosmic Ray Observatory (LHAASO, also known as “Lasso”), a major national scientific and technological infrastructure facility on Haizi Mountain in Daocheng County, Garze Prefecture, successfully passed national acceptance and was officially completed.

Currently, facing major changes unseen in a century, innovation has become the decisive “variable” for development. Sichuan is relying on its advantages of numerous universities and institutions and rich scientific and educational talent resources, and taking advantage of the Science and Technology Expo, to implement the innovation-driven development strategy in depth, take advantage of the momentum to promote innovative development, and contribute Sichuan’s strength to the country’s high-level scientific and technological self-reliance.

Concentrate efforts to build a strong science city and continue to optimize regional innovation layout

As cool weather begins to appear in November, the Xinglong Lake in the Chengdu area of ​​Tianfu New District in Sichuan is bustling with people. The Western (Chengdu) Science City, which is built around the lake, is “growing” by the lake.

Western (Chengdu) Science City.Data map

“After more than three years of construction, the development of the Science City is taking effect.” said the relevant person in charge of the Science and Technology Department. So far, a total of 93 national-level innovation platforms have been built, 25 central scientific research institutions have been introduced, and 62 school-site collaborative innovation platforms have been created. It will effectively promote the gathering of high-level innovation forces in Sichuan.

More than 160 kilometers north from Xinglong Lake is Mianyang, China’s science and technology city. This is the only science and technology city in China approved by the Party Central Committee and the State Council. It shoulders the mission of accelerating the construction of a socialist science and technology innovation pioneer zone with Chinese characteristics.

With “heavy responsibilities” on his shoulders, He Xintan, general manager of Mianyang Zhongjiu Flash Medical Technology Co., Ltd., has been very busy these days. At this science and technology expo, his company will display a model of FLASH radiotherapy equipment. This flash radiotherapy technology, which has a disruptive role in improving the treatment rate and survival rate of cancer patients, has attracted much attention.

This year’s Science and Technology Expo will hold a main forum with the theme of “Disruptive Technology and Future Industry”. Through the release of disruptive technology lists, expert keynote speeches, etc., it will help Mianyang become a new highland leading disruptive technology and future industrial changes. .

Since the beginning of this year, Sichuan has established the Mianyang Science and Technology City Construction Ministry-Provincial Joint Meeting System, laid out the construction of a number of major innovation platforms and engineering projects, aimed at making breakthroughs in “stuck neck” technologies, and achieved positive progress. The construction of the Science and Technology City has been accelerated in an all-round way, and the innovation level has continued. Improve and contribute to the country’s scientific and technological backbone.

At the same time, Sichuan continues to optimize the layout of regional innovation, focus on building a strong science city, allocate innovative resource elements on a larger spatial scale, optimize the layout of productivity, and regional collaborative innovation has taken off.

Looking across the province, the high-quality development of high-tech zones in various regions is also steadily advancing. This year, Sichuan introduced provincial-level high-tech zone identification and management methods and support measures to continue to promote the construction of science and technology service industry clusters. The relevant person in charge of the Science and Technology Department predicts that the province’s high-tech zones are expected to achieve a regional GDP of 1.1 trillion yuan and an operating income of 3.4 trillion yuan this year, with both indicators increasing by 7% year-on-year.

Accelerate the construction of innovation platforms and continue to enhance original innovation source capabilities

Looking back in time, less than a week after the 10th Science and Technology Expo was held last year, Tianfu Jiangxi Laboratory and Tianfu Jincheng Laboratory were officially unveiled; seven months later, the first national laboratory in the western part of Sichuan was officially launched. Operation; in 5 months, Sichuan and Chongqing will jointly build the “Belt and Road” Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone to launch…


Tianfu Jiangxi Laboratory.Photo by Xiao Yingpei

The Sichuan Provincial Party Committee proposed to regard the construction of innovation platforms as a leading task and strive to build an important bearing area for national strategic scientific and technological strength and a gathering place for innovation elements.

Since the beginning of this year, Sichuan has accelerated the creation of strategic scientific and technological capabilities, accelerated the construction of laboratory systems and technological innovation centers. High-energy innovation platforms have emerged in droves, and the construction of industrial innovation platforms has continued to make breakthroughs.

“Right now, the first batch of four Tianfu laboratories have entered physical operation, and we are planning to establish the second batch of Tianfu laboratories.” The relevant person in charge of the Department of Science and Technology said that at the same time, the optimization and reorganization of 9 national key laboratories have also been completed.

Accelerate the construction of an industrial innovation platform: In August, the first cross-regional Wanda Technology Innovation Center in Sichuan and Chongqing was established; in November, the National High-end Aviation Equipment Technology Innovation Center was launched in Sichuan… The relevant person in charge of the Science and Technology Department said that relying on the high-energy innovation platform , “Artificial Sun”, “Hualong One” and more and more “important weapons of great powers” have been stamped with Sichuan’s mark. Promoting the construction of innovation platforms has also become the backbone of Sichuan’s use of global and national scientific and technological resources to expand the external influence of science and technology.


The plasma current of China’s new generation “artificial sun” (HL-2M) exceeds 1 million amperes.Photo courtesy of Southwest Institute of Physics of Nuclear Industry of China National Nuclear Corporation

At the same time, the original innovation source capability continues to increase.

Since the beginning of this year, Sichuan has continued to promote the implementation of five major science and technology projects such as aviation and gas turbines, launched the implementation of three major provincial science and technology projects such as rail transit, and achieved a series of breakthroughs in key core technologies – the first domestically produced independent innovation product F-class 50 The megawatt heavy-duty gas turbine was successfully commercialized; the “Pinxiang Youjianzhen” hybrid rice was selected as the 2023 national super rice…

Sichuan has also deeply implemented the “Gathering Sources to Rejuvenate Sichuan” campaign, investing 100 million yuan to support 22 major scientific and technological achievement transformation projects. Sichuan’s original innovation capabilities are constantly increasing, and major scientific and technological projects are accelerating to produce a number of disruptive and fissionable achievements.

Consolidating the main position of enterprises in innovation, and the global science and technology “circle of friends” continues to expand

As the main body of innovation, enterprises are the well-deserved “protagonists” at every science and technology expo.

At this Science and Technology Expo, an exhibition of major scientific and technological achievements with an exhibition area of ​​40,000 square meters will be organized offline. The first domestic medical cyclotron developed by Jiuyiyuan Technology Company and a series of hard-core and eye-catching “Made in Sichuan” high-precision Top products will be on display. Well-known companies such as CRRC, Huawei, and Baidu will also gather in Mianyang to demonstrate the “hard power” of science and technology and seek more “two-way travel.”


Jiuyiyuan cyclotron and isotope drug R&D and production base.Photo by Chen Dongdong

In order to guide enterprises to increase investment in innovation, Sichuan implemented the “Three Strong Plan” to cultivate innovative enterprises with strong leaders, strong backbones and strong foundations, and launched Sichuan Province’s “Tianfu Xinquan” scientific and technological enterprise listing cultivation plan…”It is expected to be recognized as a high-tech enterprise this year There are more than 6,000 companies, and more than 50 gazelle companies have been cultivated.” said the relevant person in charge of the Science and Technology Department.

Currently, Sichuan is deeply implementing the Sichuan-Chongqing Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Plan, actively building a “Belt and Road” science and technology innovation cooperation zone with Chongqing, continuing to promote mutual recognition of foreign high-end talent qualifications and resource sharing in Sichuan and Chongqing, and constantly improving the Sichuan-Chongqing science and technology collaborative innovation system. This year’s Science and Technology Expo will co-organize the main forum – the Sichuan-Chongqing Science and Technology Forum, the Chengdu-Chongqing-Mianzhou Science and Technology Achievements Display and other activities together with relevant units in Chongqing, which will effectively promote the Chengdu-Chongqing region to build a scientific and technological innovation center with national influence.

At this Science and Technology Expo, Indonesia will serve as the guest country to showcase relevant scientific and technological innovation technologies and products; guest representatives, experts and scholars from Spain and other countries will be invited to participate in the exhibition, and well-known multinational companies such as Tesla and Turing will participate in the exhibition. “It can play a role in promoting international scientific and technological cooperation through exhibitions.” The relevant person in charge of the Department of Science and Technology said that Sichuan is currently actively expanding the global innovation network and has achieved remarkable results in further promoting open cooperation in science and technology.

So far, Sichuan has cooperated with more than 70 countries around the world, built 2 national-level “Belt and Road” joint laboratories, is establishing a China-Cuba joint laboratory for cutting-edge brain science, and has built 90 international science and technology cooperation bases. Platform cooperation objects Covering more than 100 countries, regions and international organizations.

When the wind is good, it’s time to set sail and chase the waves. The sky and the earth are wide. Sichuan is constantly innovating.

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