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The “six-in” production and marketing docking event to expand the market of Sichuan specialty products was successfully held in Beijing_TOM News


(launching ceremony event site)

November 20, 2023“Shuli Comfortable Beijing Tesco” – Sichuan specialty agricultural product market expansion “six-in” production and marketing docking activity and launching ceremonyIt was successfully held at the Sichuan Specialty Products Beijing Exhibition and Exhibition Center. Director of the Economic and Coordination Office of the Sichuan Provincial Office in Beijing/Wei Yun; Deputy Director of the Second Division of the Beijing Office and Comprehensive Management Department of the State Administration of Management and Secondary Researcher/Liu Heng; Vice President of Beijing Shijingshan Federation of Industry and Commerce/Lu Jiming; Founder of Nongwuji & Initiator of the Agriculture, Rural Investment and Trade Fair/Liu Dengfeng; Executive Vice President of Longan Shengshi Group Gu Jibin; General Manager of Sichuan Tianfu Preferred Brand Operation and Business Management Co., Ltd./Yang Hao, More than 100 people including Gome Entertainment Shopping Company CEO/Lan Yangxue and business representatives participated. We hope to use this event to attract consumers, purchasers, and distributors in Beijing and even across the country to focus on Sichuan’s specialty agricultural products, so that “Sichuan Brands” can go out of Sichuan and go nationwide, and while broadening the sales of agricultural products, enhance the influence and premium capabilities of agricultural product brands. .

Create a new economic ecosystem with Sichuan specialty products to enrich citizens’ “vegetable basket”

Sichuan is rich in agricultural resources and has distinctive brand characteristics. Beijing has a huge consumer market and strong demand for high-quality agricultural products. How to achieve advantage sharing, complementarity and win-win results has always been a subject of in-depth research between the two places.

Since the beginning of this year, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, in conjunction with the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and other relevant departments, has organized special publicity and promotion activities for the Beijing market according to the launch season of branded agricultural products, and jointly organized Sichuan specialty agricultural products to enter government agencies and The “Six Actions” include central enterprises and state-owned enterprises, entering well-known enterprises, entering universities, entering wholesale markets, and entering supermarkets to increase the market share of Sichuan agricultural products in Beijing and promote Sichuan specialty agricultural products brands.

As early as June 2022, Huang Qiang, Governor of Sichuan Province, gave important instructions on the “market expansion of Sichuan specialty products” at the provincial government executive meeting: promoting Sichuan specialty products to the whole country and the world.

According to reports, under the guidance of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce, Sichuan Commercial Investment Group established Tianfu Preferred Company. This year, Tianfu Preferred Company has successively launched Sichuan specialty product display and sales centers in Beijing and Hangzhou. Tianfu Selected Company will display and sell Sichuan’s characteristic agricultural products and industrial culture to the North China market, and become an important economic and cultural link between cities.

At the same time, under the guidance of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce, Sichuan Commercial Investment Group held market expansion activities for Sichuan specialty products and centered on the “1+1+N” series of activities, namely 1 opening ceremony-Sichuan specialty product display and sales The opening ceremony of the center, 1 exhibition and sales event – Sichuan Specialty Products Exhibition and Sales Week, N supporting activities – Mianyang Theme City Promotion Event, Sichuan Specialty Products Live Broadcast in Beijing, Sichuan Specialty Products Beijing Pop-up Event, Sichuan Specialty Products Display and Sales Sichuan specialty products have participated in a series of production and sales docking activities such as Beijing party and government agencies, wholesale markets, business associations, large supermarkets, etc.


(General Manager of Tianfu Preferred Brand Operation and Commercial Management Co., Ltd./Yang Hao introduces the “Six Advances” activities)

“We implement zero-distance display and face-to-face promotion to build a bridge between Sichuan specialty brand agricultural products and Beijing citizens, allowing Beijing citizens and consumers to eat authentic Sichuan specialty high-quality agricultural products.” Sichuan Tianfu Preferred Brand Operation Commercial Management Co., Ltd. Yang Hao, general manager of the company, said that the “six-in” production and marketing docking activity for Sichuan specialty products aims to further broaden the sales channels of Sichuan agricultural products, enhance the brand influence and market share of Sichuan agricultural products in Beijing, and promote green consumption while helping farmers. High-quality agricultural products fill the “vegetable baskets” and “rice bags” of Beijing residents.

In addition, Tianfu Selection will also focus on speaking out to the outside world by integrating resources from all parties, carrying out live broadcasts and online celebrity store visits at the same time, and creating a vivid fireworks scene in Sichuan through online and offline integration, shaping the brand, expanding the market, and creating Scale empowers the industry, adds value to products, helps Sichuan enterprises smooth sales channels, strengthen the brand of Sichuan goods, expand industrial advantages, and create a new economic ecosystem for Sichuan specialty products.

Promote the “Sichuan Zihao” agricultural product brand and build a platform to expand sales channels

In recent years, Sichuan Province has strengthened the promotion of the “Sichuan Zihao” brand. On November 17 this year, Governor Zuo Yongxiang of the Sichuan Provincial People’s Government made a special trip to visit the Beijing Exhibition and Exhibition Center. He listened to the report on Tianfu’s preferred brand construction and the introduction of exhibition products on the spot. He pointed out that the exhibition and exhibition center must be operated well and give full play to its role. The center’s publicity and promotion role actively expands market channels for Sichuan’s high-quality specialty products and further enhances the brand awareness of “Sichuan Brand”.

It is reported that the Beijing Exhibition and Sales Center is an important display, exhibition and promotion window for Sichuan specialty products to the North China market. The museum has a construction area of ​​810 square meters and is divided into two major functional areas. Among them, the Sichuan leading brand display area is mainly used for the display and sales of high-quality specialty products and famous brands; the new consumption scene experience area includes a live broadcast center, interactive experience area, front warehouse and distribution area, tasting area, office area, etc. Equipped with multimedia large screens, live broadcast equipment, etc., it serves Internet celebrity live broadcasts, small and medium-sized boutique exhibitions, public welfare exhibitions, new product launches, promotion meetings, production and sales docking, etc. It can also meet the needs of cities (states) product promotion and online live broadcasts in Beijing. Sale.


(Beijing Exhibition and Exhibition Center)

Up to now, there are ten major agricultural product categories including Sichuan wine, Sichuan tea, Sichuan non-staple food, Sichuan seasoning, Sichuan fruits and vegetables, meat products, Sichuan grain and oil, intangible cultural and creative products, Sichuan fungi, and Sichuan medicine, and also includes Chengdu, Mianyang, and Dazhou. Products from 21 cities and prefectures, including the City, Ganzi Prefecture, and Liangshan Prefecture, including Juancheng Brand, Zhangfei Beef, Tashan Tea, Tongchuan Douban, and other time-honored Chinese and Sichuan products, Wuliangye, Luzhou Laojiao, Fucheng Ophiopogon japonicus, Yibin sprouts, Central European geographical indication products such as Anyue lemon, intangible cultural heritage products such as Shu brocade and Shu embroidery, seasonal fruits and vegetables such as Ehime orange, winter strawberry, candy apple, pea tip, Aba yak meat, and city and state public goods such as Shengganzi and Yirenyili. Branded products, nearly 300 Sichuan specialty products such as Tianfu Selected Honey and Highland Barley Cake have successfully entered the Beijing Exhibition and Exhibition Center.


(Liu Dengfeng, founder of Nongwuji & initiator of Sannong Investment Fair)

Liu Dengfeng, founder of Nongwuji and initiator of the Agriculture, Rural Investment and Trade Fair, said that the “Sichuan Zihao” brand agricultural products are world-renowned and are at the forefront of national brand agriculture. However, in the face of new demands and new consumption, agricultural products in Sichuan Province must find a differentiated path of branded agricultural products, continue to innovate in the supply chain, build online and offline sales channels, and achieve omni-channel and full-link coverage and innovation.


(CEO of Gome Entertainment Shopping Company/Lan Yangxue)

Lan Yangxue, CEO of Gome Entertainment Shopping Company, suggested that specialty agricultural products have become an important product of live broadcast e-commerce. Tianfuyou Company not only displays and sells Sichuan’s characteristic and high-quality agricultural products, but also helps live broadcast e-commerce companies complete the product selection process. If we then rely on stores across the country to use live e-commerce to create localized life services, this will enhance the new channel pattern of “Sichuan Zihao” brand agricultural products.


(Beijing Exhibition and Exhibition Center)

It is reported that in the future, the Beijing Exhibition and Exhibition Center will hold exhibitions, brand promotions and cultural consumption experience activities on a regular basis, using market consumption information feedback to promote corporate transformation and upgrading and image changes, improve market docking efficiency, reduce public operating costs, and Advantageous industries, featured categories, and large-scale enterprises are the main targets for incubation and cultivation to help them expand markets, maintain channels, and enhance brand image. At the same time, we will continue to connect with large-scale commercial and trade dealers, large-scale distribution channel enterprises, terminal retail, and catering consumption enterprises. , providing origin product selection and supply chain services.


(signing ceremony)

In order to accelerate the promotion of “Sichuan Brand” agricultural products, on the day of the event, Tianfu Preferred officially signed a contract with Agricultural Products Collection. The two parties will integrate diversified channels and supply chains, and use brand advantages and resource advantages to jointly promote “Sichuan Brand” agricultural products to enter the national market and enter every Chinese household.


(Launching Ceremony)

At the end of the event, Director Wei Yun, Director of the Economic and Coordination Office of the Sichuan Provincial Office in Beijing, Director Liu Heng, Deputy Director and Secondary Researcher of the Second Division of the Beijing Office and Comprehensive Management Department of the State Council, and Vice President of Beijing Shijingshan Federation of Industry and Commerce Six guest leaders including Deputy Chang Lu Jiming, founder of Nongwu Ji and initiator of the Agriculture, Rural Areas Investment and Trade Fair Liu Dengfeng, and CEO of Gome Entertainment Shopping Company/Lan Yangxue took the stage to jointly launch the “six-in” production and marketing docking activity to empower Sichuan’s characteristic agricultural products. “Enter Beijing” and “sell to the whole country”.


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