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Daxing Tiangong Hospital will be developed in conjunction with the “Chinese Medicine Valley”

Daxing Tiangong Hospital will be developed in conjunction with the “Chinese Medicine Valley”
Daxing Tiangong Hospital will be developed in conjunction with the “Chinese Medicine Valley”

Original title: Daxing Tiangong Hospital will develop in conjunction with the “Chinese Medicine Valley”

Our reporter Chen Qiang

Tiangongyuan Street in Daxing District, which is home to the city’s largest logistics base, will achieve joint development with the “Chinese Medicine Valley” Daxing Biopharmaceutical Industry Base across the road. At present, Tiangongyuan Street has sorted out 310,000 square meters of office research and development space and 20,000 square meters of high-load load-bearing factory space. After enterprises settle in, they can enjoy Daxing District’s “1+N” industrial policy. The street will discuss key projects on a “one-by-one basis” and match financial, credit and other services.

Recently, the Innovation Service Center of the Beijing Association for Science and Technology, the Daxing Biomedical Base Management Committee and the Tiangongyuan Subdistrict Office jointly hosted the “High-Quality Development of the Pharmaceutical and Health Industry” Academician and Expert Roundtable Forum. At the beginning of the forum, Gao Yan, deputy director of the Daxing Biomedical Base Management Committee, described the relationship between the biomedical base and Tiangongyuan Street as “close to mountains and rivers.” The reporter learned that in recent years, especially in the recent period, Daxing Biopharmaceutical Industry Base and Tiangongyuan Subdistrict Office have conducted many rounds of exchanges and negotiations to find cooperation opportunities, hoping to promote Daxing Biopharmaceutical Industry to a higher level.

The Jingnan Logistics Base within the jurisdiction of Tiangongyuan Street covers an area of ​​6.97 square kilometers. It is the largest logistics base in the city and the only logistics base in the city with the function of road-rail combined transportation. In the past, due to relatively extensive management, the output value of the entire logistics base was not high, and there was an urgent need for industrial upgrading.

Just across the Beijing-Kaifeng Expressway from the Jingnan Logistics Base, the Daxing Biopharmaceutical Industrial Base, known as the “Chinese Pharmaceutical Valley”, is a prosperous scene. After more than 20 years of development, the “China Pharmaceutical Valley” has 76 industrial enterprises above designated size, 20 listed companies, 251 national high-tech enterprises, and 99 specialized and new enterprises, forming an industrial agglomeration effect. In recent years, the compound annual output value of “China Medicine Valley” has exceeded 30%, of which the output value in 2021 is 163.3 billion yuan, accounting for 40% of the city’s pharmaceutical industry.

The transformation of Jingnan Logistics Base is imminent. Ma Xianying, secretary of the Tiangongyuan Street Working Committee, said that currently, Daxing is making every effort to build three 100-billion-level industrial clusters, one of which is the biomedical industry cluster. The core area is the “Chinese Medicine Valley”. How to “take advantage of the situation and achieve inclusiveness” “Symbiosis” is a question that the streets have been thinking about.

In recent years, with the completion of the industrial transformation and upgrading plan of the Jingnan Logistics Base, Tiangongyuan Street has successively eliminated many scattered enterprises in the base, leaving only logistics enterprises that meet people’s livelihood needs, urban operations and high added value. How to use the vacated space efficiently? Through continuous research, demonstration, and thinking, the street has a clear idea: to unite with professional platforms to create high-quality R&D offices and factory spaces, develop in conjunction with the “China Pharmaceutical Valley”, and attract the “high-precision” biopharmaceutical industry to settle in. Increase production value.

In line with the industrial development direction of Daxing District, Tiangongyuan Street, Beijing University of Technology and Yijiu Tiangong (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd. jointly built the Beijing University of Technology Yijiu Tiangong Science and Technology Innovation Pilot Base, and it is planned to complete the construction by the end of 2024. The pilot base adheres to the principle of “building, attracting investment, and operating at the same time” and currently has 35 companies settled there, many of which are “high-tech” like Tsinghua University’s special rare earth bio-protein fiber project. At present, the pilot base has an output value of 70 million yuan, and the overall output value is expected to be 300 million yuan in 2024. The output value is expected to be 887 million yuan after the project reaches full production.

Jin Peng, deputy secretary of the Tiangongyuan Street Working Committee and director of the office, said that the coordinated development of Tiangongyuan and the “Chinese Medicine Valley” is a “two-way rush.” Due to the close distance, it is very convenient for the biopharmaceutical companies stationed in Tiangongyuan Street to go to 12 institutions such as the China Institute of Food and Drug Control in the “China Medicine Valley” area. In the future, the teaching center and medical center of Capital Medical University will be located in the “China Medicine Valley” area. After the northern expansion area of ​​”China Medicine Valley” is completed, companies will not have to worry about recruiting top talents.

In addition, in recent years, Tiangongyuan Street has successively developed shopping malls such as Longfor Daxing Tianjie and CapitaMall, as well as educational resources such as the Daxing branch of Beijing Yucai School and the Daxing branch of the High School Affiliated to Tsinghua University, providing more and more opportunities for local residents and biomedical industry talents. Complete life support services.

(Editors: Chi Mengrui, Bao Congying)

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