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“Crossing the River of Love” shot images in Xinjiang and the beautiful love “moisturizes” Xinjiang – Entertainment


Original title: “Crossing the River of Love” shot images in Xinjiang, the beauty of love “moistens” Xinjiang

China News Service, Xinjiang News, November 19 (Tao Shuanke, Tu Zeyu) The movie “Walking in the River of Love” held a launch ceremony at the Yongfeng Township Film and Television Base in Urumqi County on October 6. This emotional drama was filmed in Xinjiang for more than a month. The creative team presented a vivid story of harmonious coexistence of all ethnic groups with true feelings.

“Walking in the River of Love” is adapted from Li Changxiao’s reportage work of the same name, “Walking in the River of Love”. It adopts documentary techniques and uses the narrative method of “nostalgia and flashback” to show the audience the life of the hero and heroine in childhood, youth, old age, etc. A series of emotional processes during the period. Every frame and every shot not only tells the love story of two people, but also intersperses the family, friendship and love that people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang have in their work and life.

The emotions presented in the movie are just like the land of Xinjiang, broad and deep, natural and close to life, truly restoring the original emotional life of the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang.

The creative team of “Walking Through the River of Love” was interviewed.Provided by the crew

Tell the story of Xinjiang well with heart and emotion

While talking with director Li Boyang, the film creative team played the song “Southern Girl” with tambourines and guitars. Li Boyang’s eyes became wet: “I vaguely saw my mother, a girl from the south living in a village in the north. It was like I saw the scene when my parents came to live in Xinjiang in the early 1950s.”

In 1954, Li Boyang’s mother came to Kashgar, Xinjiang from Beijing to work. From then on, she was like a tough red willow, taking root in the hot land of southern Xinjiang.

Li Boyang, director of the movie “Walking Through the River of Love”.Provided by the crew

This emotion deeply touched Li Boyang. He grew up in Kashgar with his parents. As a “second generation” in Xinjiang, he witnessed the harmonious interactions and closeness of people of all ethnic groups in the land of Xinjiang, and was filled with beautiful emotions. “United Pomegranate Flower”.

The creative team found resonance in the reportage “Walking in the River of Love”. “We are going to make the reportage “Crossing the River of Love” into a movie. Everyone can see that we people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang are really working together in this era.” Li Boyang said.

Let love extend, using the most authentic and simple emotions to present anecdotes of ordinary people from all walks of life in Xinjiang society, fully reflecting the outlook on life, love, values ​​and spiritual attachment that all ethnic groups pursue. “This movie has such a narrative and such a movie structure. I myself think this is a good movie. It allows everyone to see the most beautiful Xinjiang and the vivid stories of the comings and goings between various ethnic groups. “

Accumulating small pieces of work to polish the quality of videos

From the director to the artists, everyone on the crew did their best to contribute to the finished film. In many details, you can feel the artistic spirit carefully considered by the crew.

In terms of casting, director Li Boyang chose local actors from Xinjiang and shot the actors’ most natural and life-like moments with multiple cameras and multiple lenses. “We are just a film team making this reportage. What the audience sees is local Xinjiang filmmakers making this film. Xinjiang itself is a land of singing and dancing. Everyone is good at singing and dancing. We use art to express the most authentic presented to the audience.”

In order to restore the scene construction of the 1950s and 1960s in the main story line as much as possible, the art team of the crew has gone to Ili to collect styles, conduct research, arrange props, and make costumes to visually present better artistic effects to the audience.

When it comes to the use of funds, the creative staff use it frugally and wisely, and every penny is spent wisely.

“I said that day that I wanted a larger display screen, and the crew bought it the next day.” Actor Guzilinur Kutibidin said: “The crew of the crew are particularly attentive, and they have the pursuit of artists. , I was very moved.”

The music of the film uses local traditional songs from Xinjiang as the tone of the film, and blends with the environment, scenery, humanities and customs of Xinjiang, adding to the audio-visual charm and emotional appeal of the film.

The main creative team musicians Anniwar Abulaiti and Gao Daoqiang are both senior musicians in Xinjiang: “Xinjiang is originally the hometown of singing and dancing. We use more folk songs that are close to life and close to the masses to show For everyone, I also hope that this film can show the beautiful life in Xinjiang to the world.”

The film starts from life, focuses on small things, and restores a real Xinjiang that is peaceful, stable, developed and prosperous from the perspective of ordinary people.

“I am very happy to be able to participate in the creation of such a warm and sincere work together with all the crew members.” said Eli Mahon Slamu, one of the film’s creative team.

“Each of us may be a drop of water, but together we can become a rain, moistening the hearts of more people with true feelings.” Ali Mahon Slam said.


Guzilinur Kutibidin, the actor in the movie “Walking Through the River of Love”.Provided by the crew

Actor Guzilinur Kutibidin said that the film is based on the ordinary and peaceful real life of ordinary people in Xinjiang. It truly portrays the unity and friendship of the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, respecting each other, helping each other, and their daily lives. harmonious relationship.

It is understood that the film will continue to be filmed in Urumqi, Ili, Kashgar and other places in Xinjiang, and is expected to be released in theaters next year.

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