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Tongxue bus will cover 8 districts next spring


Original title: Tongxue bus will cover 8 districts next spring

Yesterday, the second-generation Tongxue vehicle was unveiled at the viewing meeting.

The new Tongxue bus has a rear safety door.Photo by our reporter Deng Wei

Our reporter Sun Hongyang

Add parking signs, rear safety doors, widen rearview mirrors, and increase storage space for schoolbags under the seats… Yesterday, an on-site observation meeting of Beijing’s public transportation vehicles was held at the Xiaoqinghe Branch of Tsinghua University. The new public transportation vehicles with upgraded functions and multiple lengths Learn to drive for the first time. The reporter learned from the Municipal Transportation Commission and the Municipal Education Commission that in the spring semester next year, as the research and development of the new shuttle bus comes off the production line, the pilot scope of the shuttle bus will be further expanded to 8 districts, including Dongcheng, Shijingshan, Tongzhou, and Daxing. The fall semester will start in September next year, and it is expected to be promoted citywide.

 Add rear safety gate and parking sign

At the observation meeting, the new Tongxue vehicle developed by Beiqi Foton made its debut. The new vehicle highlights the characteristics of “safety, environmental protection, beauty, intelligence and comfort”. The models cover large (12 meters), medium (8.5 meters) and small (6 meters). ) three sizes to adapt to a variety of traffic conditions. Among them, the 6-meter “mini” model is more convenient for turning and U-turning, and is more suitable for schools in narrow streets and alleys.

Compared with the first generation, the safety performance of the second generation commuter bus has been further improved. There is an extra fisheye camera on the front of the car, which can cover a 170-degree field of view. Once a “little bean bag” is “swaying” near the car, and the camera captures it, the siren next to the driver will flash, further reducing the blind spot of the entire vehicle. At the same time, the rearview mirror surface is widened to the maximum extent to improve the driver’s field of vision. Looking at the rear of the car, the newly added rear safety door adds an emergency passage to the vehicle to ensure that passengers can evacuate quickly and safely in an emergency. On the left rear side of the car body, there is also a “stop” sign with flashing lights, which is used to remind the vehicles behind to stop and avoid when students get on and off the vehicle. The new model also adds a one-button pneumatic door opening device, which can open the door with one button regardless of whether the vehicle is powered on or off.

In addition to being safer, it is also easier for children to ride. The reporter noticed that the “floor” of the new model is lower, and the three steps for getting on and off the vehicle have become one step, so children can board in one step. In response to children’s complaints that there is no room to store schoolbags, the new model has raised the seat height to 43 centimeters to increase the storage space for schoolbags under the seats. A new type of blocked safety belt buckle is adopted to appropriately reduce the buckle release force to solve the problems of lower students’ fingers being easily stuck and the safety belt being difficult to release. The soft bags of the armrests in the car are made of environmentally friendly silicone material, which provides better grip.

  The number of buses transporting students to and from pilot schools dropped by 12%

Since its launch in September, the Tongxue Bus has been welcomed by parents and students because of its environmental protection, safety, convenience and efficiency. “Since the pilot, the scale of school bus operations has continued to expand. The number of pilot schools has increased to 21, the number of lines has increased to 48, and an average of 4,100 passengers have been transported every day. The first batch of 100 school buses have all been put into operation.” Municipal Transportation Commission Ground Bus Operation Management Office Director Zhao Zhen introduced that all departments have continuously optimized and refined service measures, and the shuttle buses have achieved “zero accidents” in operation, “zero vehicle breakdowns”, and an on-time rate of 100%. Monitoring shows that the number of cars transporting students to and from pilot schools has dropped by 12%, order around the schools has improved, and traffic congestion has eased.

Relevant persons in charge of the Municipal Transportation Commission and the Municipal Education Commission introduced that the shuttle bus, as an innovative service, is a new option for primary and secondary school students in the city’s compulsory education stage. Through the method customized by the school organization and parents, sites are set up on the community side and the school side to highlight the advantages of convenient transportation and quick arrival. The school bus uses new energy power, has zero emissions and zero pollution, and is equipped with inspection buttons, anti-forgetting cameras, fire safety cabins, 360-degree panoramic surround cameras, etc., which improves the safety performance of the vehicle. In the later stage, travel services such as study tours and off-campus education can also be provided to improve vehicle utilization.

The convenience of the pick-up and drop-off stations is the biggest concern for parents and students. In order to reduce the walking distance for students to get on and off the bus, bus stations are set up in accordance with the requirements of “convenience for students, reduction of walking distance, and reduction of crossing the road”. At present, the bus stops that have been opened are as close as possible to the entrance and exit of the community or school, with fewer stops on the way, providing students with a “point-to-point” one-stop service from home to school.

A third-party satisfaction survey shows that 96% of students and parents believe that the facilities in the car are safe, comfortable, convenient and punctual; 95% of students think that the seat space in the car is comfortable, the armrests are convenient, and the safety buckle is convenient and easy to use; 90% of parents Expressed satisfaction with the location of the bus stop.

Tongxue bus transformed into general culture “micro classroom”

Each bus is not only a means of transportation to school, but also a mobile “micro-classroom”. Tang Jiandong, deputy director of the Haidian District Education Committee, said that Haidian District is exploring the implementation of “general culture + characteristic culture” education on general education buses. After soliciting the opinions of parents and students, and from the perspective of protecting students’ eyesight, audio is determined to be the main form of playback.

Up to now, 7 pilot schools in Haidian have collected, sorted and developed more than 200 audio materials, covering safety education, civilized etiquette, current political news, life encyclopedia, traditional culture, etc., creating a warm, intelligent and childlike ride to school. environment.

Dou Guimei, principal of the Primary School Affiliated to Tsinghua University, said that the 40-minute commute on the “Tongxue Bus” has become an important part of the school’s education. Through the “Shuimu Children’s Voice Small Speaker Broadcast” on the bus, the school arranges the children on the way to and from school according to the children’s daily rhythm. It includes columns such as classic stories, morning recitation time, current affairs broadcasts, and book recommendations. “Teachers organize students to get on and off the bus at the departure and pick-up points, and the flight attendants manage the bus. The students follow the audio from the small speakers to learn and live independently. We truly fulfill our duties and work together to build and govern together,” Dou Guimei said.

  Parents can apply through the school

In the spring semester next year, as the research and development of new general-school buses rolls off the production line, the pilot work of general-school buses will be further expanded to eight districts. On the basis of the four districts of Xicheng, Haidian, Chaoyang, and Fengtai, Dongcheng, Shijingshan, Tongzhou, and Daxing will be added. 4 districts.

“Our school has 5,000 students. After preliminary research and demand collection, more than 700 students have signed up to take the shuttle bus.” Yang Yuhui, principal of the Tongzhou branch of Beijing Yucai School, said that the school has done a good job in personnel statistics and will cooperate with the transportation department to do so. Site design, and launch of shuttle bus service at the beginning of the spring semester.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Education Commission, the Education Commission of each newly expanded district will guide schools to prepare for the opening and operation of public buses for the start of the school year on the basis of forming district-level special classes. If other districts have a rigid demand for passenger school buses, they can promptly apply with the city-level special class and strive to promote it throughout the city when the fall semester starts in September next year. Parents can apply through their children’s school, and the school will collect needs and work with special classes in each district to carry out line survey, design and site layout.

(Editors: Chi Mengrui, Bao Congying)

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