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The night economy is colorful and Nanning has bright lights – Xinhuanet

The night economy is colorful and Nanning has bright lights – Xinhuanet
The night economy is colorful and Nanning has bright lights – Xinhuanet

[Original title]Guests at the 2023 Guangxi Cultural Tourism Development Conference experience Nanning night tour project

Night economy is colorful, Nanning tour is brightly lit

  On the evening of November 19, guests attending the 2023 Guangxi Cultural Tourism Development Conference experienced the “Traveling to Southeast Asia in One Day” immersive singing and dancing night tour project at Nanning Fantawild ASEAN Theme Park, and enjoyed the celebration of the 2023 Guangxi Cultural Tourism Development conference theme drone light show performance.Zhou Jun/photo

Watch graceful ethnic dances, taste mouth-watering food, and try unique folk handicrafts… From November 18th to 19th, guests participating in the 2023 Guangxi Cultural Tourism Development Conference inspected the Nanning Night Tour Experience Project and experienced The cultural and tourism pedestrian street has the unique charm of Guangxi’s regional characteristics, exquisite national trend culture and immersive consumer experience.

In the “Nanning Night” neighborhood, you will see bright lights, crowds of people in the scenic area, and endless music and shouts. Many tourists held special snacks bought on both sides of the street and stopped to enjoy the wonderful performances. It is understood that the first phase of the Guanglv Nanning Night Project in Liangqing District has a total length of about 666 meters, including 16 performance art stages, 10 groups of large-scale entertainment facilities, and more than 100 Internet celebrity “check-in points”. It brings together many elements such as Guangxi’s traditional national culture, smart night tours, and landscape check-in, realizing the integration of “cultural tourism + night economy + technology” to provide tourists with a Nanning city with distinctive regional characteristics, exquisite national trend culture, and immersive consumer experience. New Stage”.

“The first time I came to Nanning was in 1993. It has been 30 years since I came here this time. I feel that the changes have been very drastic, which shocked me!” Yan Shuan, director of the Scenic Area IP Service Center of the China Tourist Attractions Association, told reporters that through this inspection experience , he believes that the cultural connotation of the “Nanning Night” neighborhood is very rich. It is a display method that integrates Nanning’s regional culture, legends, folk customs, contemporary technology and consumer economy construction. It is very novel and “Guangxi’s natural Tourism resources are extremely rich, and the brand and quality have reached international standards.”

Fantawild ASEAN Divine Painting Scenic Area is very lively at night. Visitors entering the park along the welcoming flower path walk all the way and encounter costumed artists from Singapore, Thailand and other countries by chance. The Nanning ASEAN style scene-style night tour experience gives the Nanning ASEAN style scene-based night tour experience There was a different feeling. “I feel that the program is very rich and fun.” Ms. Wang, a Nanning citizen, took her family for a walk and took photos of her daughter with her mobile phone to check in from time to time.

“Tonight, we have arranged special performances from ASEAN countries at different points in the entire park.” Lu Hongmei, executive director of the Nanning ASEAN-style night tour experience, said that we will bring you a marching and immersive night tour experience tonight. Experience, a grand party has also been prepared at the Festival Square, welcoming everyone with Nanning’s characteristic elements such as “Our Green City Can Sing” and “Ni’s Yeah”. Through the ASEAN song and dance gathering and live drone performances, “culture tourism + technology” + digitalization” integration, showing local characteristics and ASEAN customs, fully displaying the culture of the ten ASEAN countries and Nanning’s open and inclusive city image, attracting tourists from home and abroad to experience ASEAN culture, and deepening cultural tourism exchanges between Guangxi and ASEAN countries.

At present, Nanning has released 15 high-quality night tourism routes, and launched a number of night tourism check-in spots such as Qingxiu Mountain, Fantawild ASEAN Painting, and “Nanning Night” to continue to light up the “night economy”. Nanning City has won the title of “China’s Famous Night Tour City”, and its “Three Streets and Two Alleys”, the South Bank Area of ​​the Yongjiang River, and the ASEAN Culture and Tourism Area have been selected as national-level night culture and tourism consumption clusters. The popularity and influence of “China’s Romantic Night Nanning” Continue to expand.

According to reports, Nanning will aim to build an international metropolis open to cooperation with ASEAN, accelerate the construction of a national tourism hub city and a regional international tourism center city, create an international consumption center for ASEAN, and create high-quality national cultural and tourism consumption It is a model city that continuously improves the level of international tourism services and helps Guangxi build a high-level cultural and tourism area and comprehensively build a world tourism destination. (Reporters Luo Jing, Luo Wanli Cenqin)

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