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Lai Qingde (Photo source: Taiwan Presidential Office)
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[Watch China, November 20, 2023]Taiwan is a sovereign and independent country, which was further established during the dialogue between Xi Jinping and Biden. In the future, there is only one way for Taiwan to move to a higher level, establish diplomatic relations with the United States, and confirm that it is not subject to interference from China. Lai Ching-te was elected President of Taiwan, and the Democratic Progressive Party has more than half of the seats in Congress, and Yau Sik-kun is re-elected as the President of the Legislative Council.
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More and more members of the U.S. Congress have advocated that Taiwan and the United States must establish diplomatic relations. Now this goal will definitely become a hot topic in the future U.S. presidential election.

U.S. President Biden held talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping in San Francisco on November 15. The topics on both sides included Taiwan. The next day, the White House stated that Biden made it clear to Xi Jinping that “the United States’ one-China policy remains unchanged and does not support Taiwan’s independence, but at the same time it will continue to provide Taiwan with self-defense force in accordance with the Taiwan Relations Act.” And emphasized: “Once again, we will not We hope to see any unilateral or forceful change of the status quo.”

And what is the status quo? Taiwan is a place where presidents and congresses are regularly elected. It is a de facto independent country. The United States has not yet recognized it legally. However, it has used domestic law to declare that it is a “special state-to-state relationship” between the United States and Taiwan that replaces diplomacy with domestic affairs.

This is the purpose of Biden’s warning to Xi Jinping this time. The Taiwan Relations Act is the only law that the United States actually abides by. The three communiqués have no effect and are effectively invalid. They will not mention them in the talks.

Central News Agency quoted Nikkei Asia as reporting that U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin reiterated Washington’s commitment to providing weapons to Taiwan on the 16th. Austin (Lloyd Austin) told a group of people at the ASEAN Defense Ministers’ Meeting Plus in Jakarta. Reporter: “We are committed to taking necessary actions in accordance with the Taiwan Relations Act to help Taiwan obtain the means of self-defense.” This is the key word. The United States will use national defense to defend the status quo of “Taiwan’s sovereignty and independence” and will not show mercy.

Biden then emphasized in his subsequent speech that the United States is committed to the development of the Asia-Pacific region, and as a Pacific country, the United States will actively participate in regional affairs. He also reiterated that the United States has no intention to decouple from the Chinese economy, but to “de-risk and diversify” This is the new status quo. The United States no longer regards China as an ally and is only willing to maintain a “business” relationship to avoid conflicts and reduce risks. Biden’s addition of “diversification” this time is intriguing, saying that more defense measures will be injected into interactions with China in order to “diversify risks.” That is to say, “cooperation and confrontation” to avoid miscalculation. Biden repeatedly used this word in his speech to the American business community and reiterated the protection of the “precious assets” of American enterprises. Since then, US-China relations have adopted a “negative listing” thinking method to “not decouple”. The end of the era of “positive interactions” between the United States and China over the past 25 years means that the U.S. government does not encourage companies to invest in China, and even encourages continued divestment.

Biden went on to say: “We will firmly defend our values ​​and interests. We will continue to maintain our diplomatic commitments and avoid any accidents and miscalculations.” These are key words in the broad perspective of viewing China as an enemy.

As Taiwan approaches its general election in 2024, the United States will not only reiterate the “one-China policy” but also tell China that interfering in Taiwan’s election will arouse “extremely strong concerns” from the United States.

This is a warning, and the words contain a hint that the United States has obtained evidence of China’s interference in Taiwan’s election. This means that when the future election campaign becomes intense, the United States will focus on China’s interference and take action to expose it. Is this a deterrent project to “de-risk and diversify” U.S.-China relations?

Before the meeting with Xi Jinping, the Financial Times quoted White House officials as reporting that Xi Jinping hoped that Biden would clearly state his “opposition” to Taiwan’s independence instead of the “no support” that the United States has always said. However, U.S. officials revealed that Biden has no plans to change his words and is expected to We will maintain the “one China” principle, and will also clearly tell Xi Jinping not to interfere in Taiwan’s election. After the meeting, we will not issue a joint statement like last year. It seems that the United States is well prepared and follows the schedule.

Before the meeting, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning said: “The heads of state of China and the United States will have in-depth communication on strategic, overall and directional issues related to Sino-US relations, as well as major issues related to world peace and development. The current situation in the Taiwan Strait is Both sides of the Taiwan Strait belong to one China. What really changes the status quo is the Taiwan Democratic Progressive Party and the external forces that support and condone its pursuit of Taiwan independence. The United States should earnestly adhere to one China and oppose Taiwan independence with practical actions.” Obviously the United States does not agree with this statement and wants to change The status quo is that it is China that invades Taiwan. Taiwan does not belong to “one China” and the United States will not take any action to “oppose Taiwan independence.”

This time, Xi Jinping wanted the United States to say it “opposes Taiwan’s independence.” Instead, he came up with a clear statement that the United States has no intention of committing to “opposing Taiwan’s independence.” This and the United States’ consistent attitude of “not supporting Taiwan’s independence” form a mutually complementary space. The deeper meaning of “neither support nor opposition” is that the moment of decision has not yet been reached. This is the tone for Biden to face the U.S. presidential election in the coming year. He is currently lagging behind Trump in polls and is still testing the water temperature. If the American people’s disgust towards the CCP continues to increase, their feelings towards Biden will An appropriate move toward “not opposing Taiwan independence” may help his election prospects. However, Trump will also focus on the Taiwan issue. In principle, Trump is tougher than Biden on China policy, which forces Biden to deal with it carelessly.

Another leading figure, Rahm Emanuel, the U.S. Ambassador to Japan, said in a TV interview with Bloomberg News after paying a visit to Xi that Xi Jinping is now eager for U.S. companies to invest in China. “President Xi is in dire need of U.S. investment because he’s made a series of economic and political decisions, arrested a bunch of people, and caused capital flight,” Emmanuel said.

Emmanuel said that Xi Jinping did not attend the reception banquet held for leaders of various countries at the APEC summit, but chose to attend a dinner with American business owners. “I think this incident shows a lot. It can be seen who is powerful and who is vulnerable now.” “. Since Xi Jinping misjudged that China is a “powerful country” in 2021 and chanted “the east rises and the west falls”, this visit to the United States has raised a white flag in attitude, admitting that “the east falls and the west rises” is the reality.

In 2020, Cui Tiankai, Chinese Ambassador to the United States, published an article in USA Today, in which he specifically talked about the adverse and harmful impact of the “invisible virus” or “political virus” on the prevention and control of the epidemic between China and the United States. Cui Tiankai pointed out that in recent years, everyone has noticed that there have been many statements in Sino-US relations that are not conducive to the development of the relationship between the two countries, “because both viruses will damage the long-term interests of our two peoples and are not conducive to Sino-US relations.” Development.” The spreader of both viruses is Xi Jinping’s China. It did not harm the United States, but it harmed China miserably.

The problem is that American public opinion is unanimously negative about the outcome of Xi’s visit. The most important thing is that Xi Jinping’s meeting with major American companies did not cause any fluctuations. Xi Jinping expects the United States to take the lead in reinvesting in China. No one in the world believes that the CCP will change its past and treat foreign capital well.

What’s interesting is that when commenting on the spy balloon incident, he once called Xi Jinping a “dictator” who didn’t understand the situation. Biden mentioned it again this time. International reporters asked that Biden once again called Xi Jinping a “dictator,” triggering criticism from the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Will this affect the diplomatic progress reached between the United States and China? The answer is no, because no progress has been made to begin with, so of course it doesn’t matter.

What is certain is that the United States’ pursuit of responsibility and compensation for the COVID-19 epidemic remains unchanged. The view that Putin of Russia is a war criminal for the invasion of Ukraine and Xi Jinping is an accomplice remains unchanged. Confronting China’s expansion in the South China Sea remains unchanged. The investigation into the rockets used by Hamas in its terrorist attacks on Israel was supplied by the Chinese Communist Party and remains unchanged. The Taiwan Strait cannot be invaded by China and remains unchanged. Trade sanctions against China remain unchanged. The ban on importing high-tech chips into China remains unchanged.

This is the report card of Xi Jinping’s “examination” in the United States, and the scores are red. Nothing accomplished. International commentators have automatically lowered their expectations: if Biden meets Xi Jinping, it will be considered a “success”. No one mentioned whether Biden would visit China. A reasonable inference is that Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi proposed it, but the United States rejected it. Because if Biden goes to China before the election, his presidential election will not be necessary.

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