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[Elite Forum]Cai Qi is eager to expand his power and flattery + is ruthless | Li Qiang | Fujian Gang

[Elite Forum]Cai Qi is eager to expand his power and flattery + is ruthless | Li Qiang | Fujian Gang
[Elite Forum]Cai Qi is eager to expand his power and flattery + is ruthless | Li Qiang | Fujian Gang

De Chong is the shopkeeper of the Fujian gang, and Li Qiang is demoted to the waiter; Xi Jinping likes to govern the country with spies, and two police chiefs join the secretariat; Cai Qi boasts that he is the best in the world in kung fu, and with his ruthlessness, he becomes the second most powerful figure. (Provided by “Elite Forum”)

[TheEpochTimesNovember192023]After the deaths of Jiang Zemin and Li Keqiang, the momentum of the Jiang faction and the Tuan faction has obviously declined, and the CCP has become exclusively the Xi family army. But uniformity does not mean a stable situation. Old struggles will ebb and new struggles will arise again. In an authoritarian system, the powerful second-ranked faction is often at the center of the vortex of power struggles. Within the CCP, Cai Qi’s power has replaced Li Qiang and has become the de facto number two figure. The power of the Fujian Gang represented by Cai Qi Gradually he became bigger and formed a rivalry with the Zhejiang Gang. So what kind of character is Cai Qi? What does he rely on to get to the top? What kind of situation might the infighting among the top leaders of the CCP create in the future?

Li Qiang, the shopkeeper of De Chong in Fujian Gang, was demoted to waiter

Guo Jun, editor-in-chief of The Epoch Times, said in the “Elite Forum” that Cai Qi is now not only a member of the Standing Committee, but also the secretary of the Secretariat, the director of the Central Office, and the director of the National Security Council, completely suppressing Li Qiang. It can also be seen from recent reports that Cai Qi’s position is much higher than that of the past secretary of the Central Secretariat. Basically, Cai Qi presides over the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee, the Organization Department of the Central Committee, the Ministry of National Security, etc., and even meets with many foreign dignitaries. Li Qiang’s side is in decline, and the powers of the State Council have been greatly reduced. He can’t control domestic security; he can’t control the propaganda media; he can’t control the construction of laws and regulations; he can’t control diplomacy; he can’t even control industrial policy. Now the National Development and Reform Commission is basically independent. Chairman He Lifeng can surpass the State Council; he can’t control finance. If it can no longer be managed, it will be directly managed by the Central Financial Working Committee. So now the State Department has become an agency, a bit like the Department of Commerce and the Treasury Department in the United States. Relatively speaking, two large new factions have basically formed in Beijing. One is the Fujian Gang, led by Cai Qi, including Chen Xi, He Lifeng, He Weidong, Wang Xiaohong, Chen Wenqing, and Li Shulei; the other is the Zhejiang Gang, led by Li Qiang, including Chen Min’er, but Chen Min’er is no longer good, Chen Yixin. In addition, there are the Shaanxi Gang, the Military Industry Department, and the Tsinghua University Department, but these have actually not formed a climate. Li Qiang originally proposed a theory when he was the governor of Zhejiang, called the waiter spirit, which means that government officials should serve enterprises, just like waiters, and entrepreneurs are customers. As a result, people now say that Li Qiang is indeed like a waiter in Beijing. The shopkeeper is Cai Qi, and the boss is of course Xi Jinping.

Guo Jun said that there are several reasons why Cai Qi stole the limelight from Li Qiang? The first is that Li Qiang and Cai Qi have different personalities. Li Qiang is softer, while Cai Qi is tougher. The second is that Fujian people are now more trusted by Xi Jinping, because the Fujian Gang has been with Xi Jinping for a longer time. They were a group when Xi Jinping was not yet successful. After Xi Jinping later came to Zhejiang, he had already decided to continue to be promoted. If it is clear When you are promoted, relationships in the officialdom are another matter. The third is that the CCP wants to establish a personal dictatorship and learn from the presidential system, and there is no need for an intermediate prime minister. Fourthly, I think all dictators are most afraid of the unity of the people below. If the people below are not divided into parties and fight together, the dictator above will feel very unsafe. In the past system of the CCP, the Prime Minister of the State Council was the party leader. This is the biggest challenge for the secretary, so his power must be greatly reduced.

Shi Shan, senior editor and chief writer of The Epoch Times, said in the “Elite Forum” that in fact, before the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, news came out that He Lifeng was being used in important positions. He Lifeng had been in the National Development and Reform Commission. Everyone knows that the National Development and Reform Commission is under the control of the CCP. This system is a department with very powerful power, especially within the State Council. He is in charge of many industrial policies, including the allocation of state-owned assets. In fact, they have the final say, and he had already surpassed the then Prime Minister Li Keqiang. Many of the decisions He Lifeng made could go beyond Li Keqiang and be discussed directly with Xi Jinping. Because they have financial groups, decisions have already been made through these groups. In other words, Xi Jinping backs He Lifeng, so when he joins the State Council as Vice Prime Minister after the 20th National Congress, everyone knows that he may be more powerful than Li Qiang. Of course, now all financial, fiscal, taxation and even industrial policies are basically decided by He Lifeng. Recently, we have seen that He Lifeng is conducting several rounds of negotiations with US Treasury Secretary Yellen. Basically, the State Council has no control over this matter.

If you look at Xinhua News Agency’s reports, there is basically nothing about Li Qiang. After he attended an environmental protection meeting convened by Xi Jinping, he went to work on several very small pieces of legislation, such as legislation on medical reform, and some very small pieces. thing. We can’t see what he is doing as the prime minister. Basically, it is gone. Otherwise, he is making phone calls to this country. If there is an earthquake in that country, he will send a telegram. This type of thing is different from our previous concept. The Premier of the State Council is completely different.

Two major police chiefs join the Secretariat and China enters the era of spy rule

Gao Guangjun, a former lecturer at the People’s Public Security University of China, said in the “Elite Forum” that China’s entry into spy rule is very obvious. The most obvious trend is that after the 20th National Congress, we saw several professional police officers and heads of security departments of the CCP enter the Secretariat of the Central Committee. There are two representatives. The first one is the former Ministry of National Security. Minister Chen Wenqing became secretary of the Political and Legal Affairs Committee of the Communist Party of China, and the second, current Minister of Public Security Wang Xiaohong, also became secretary of the Secretariat. When these two people entered the Secretariat, many people were really surprised. In the past few decades, the secretary of the Political and Legal Affairs Committee was basically a person who served one term as secretary of the provincial party committee, then became the Minister of Public Security, and finally became a full-time secretary of the Political and Legal Affairs Committee. This is basically this model. In the political structure of the Communist Party of China, Above, I have never seen a Minister of National Security directly serve as Secretary of the Political and Legal Affairs Committee. The same is true for Wang Xiaohong. Wang Xiaohong was originally the Minister of Public Security, then the State Councilor, and also the Secretary of the Secretariat. The entry of these two people into this inner circle indicates that Xi Jinping will implement a model of police rule and spy rule.

If you recall the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the Communist Parties of Eastern Europe, we can find an obvious trend. In the final days of the Soviet Union, the people who actually held real power were personnel of the KGB system, such as Androp Husband, he later became Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Including the current Putin is also from the KGB system. This shows that under the dictatorship of the Communist Party, those in charge of the emotional governance system often easily grasp a lot of real power. This is why Chen Wenqing and Wang Xiaohong were able to enter the center of power. That is to say, Xi Jinping has been in power since his rule. For a while, he will make more use of the intelligence system and the handle of a knife to deal with political opponents. This trend is quite obvious.

Cai Qi, the cruelest and most ruthless person in the world, gained favor through two evil arts

Gao Guangjun said in the “Elite Forum” that after the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, when seven secretariat secretaries were appointed, many people were discussing who was the director of the Central Office. No one could figure out who this person was, and it was Cai Qi who finally emerged and took office, which was beyond many people’s expectations. So why is Cai Qi favored by Xi Jinping? Because all of Cai Qi’s resume and experience are completely consistent with Xi Jinping. Xi Jinping likes people like this, workers, peasants, and soldiers, college students, who have not received a high education. You and I have the same mind. This is the first reason. Second, Cai Qi should be said to pose no challenge to Xi Jinping politically, because he neither has the people to follow him with this degree nor can he bring it to bear in other aspects. Due to his age, he is unable to challenge Xi Jinping in all aspects, so Xi Jinping puts He chooses it. The third is that he is indeed a representative figure of the Fujian Gang. Of course, another reason is that among the CCP officials, probably the most flattering and disgusting people are Cai Qi and Tianjin Municipal Party Committee Secretary Li Hongzhong. These two people are famous for their disgusting flattery. . So it may be these reasons that make Cai Qi go up.

Guo Jun said in the “Elite Forum” that Cai Qi has two biggest characteristics. Some CCP insiders who have dealt with him said that Cai Qi has big ideas and great ambitions. He must not miss any performance. opportunities for performance. The second characteristic is that he dares to say things that others dare not say, and he also dares to do things that others dare not do. For example, Beijing cleans up the low-end population. Others dare not do it because it is too cruel to the people at the bottom, but he dares to do it. No mercy, hundreds of thousands of people were displaced in the winter, the whole world was shocked, but he was not afraid; and others did not dare to praise the party leader too high, he dared, Cai Qi’s praise of Xi Jinping far exceeded More than Li Hongzhong, even more than Lin Biao’s praise of Mao Zedong. Lin Biao said that one sentence of Mao Zedong is worth ten thousand, and Cai Qi proposed eight unprecedented things. To sum up, the current situation in China and the status of the CCP under the leadership of Xi Jinping are basically unprecedented, unprecedented, and better than God. Huishen is more profound than Marx and more compassionate than Guanyin. It makes people’s skin crawl when they listen to it, but it doesn’t matter, as long as one person likes it. Therefore, ordinary intellectuals do not dare to do this kind of thing, or are too embarrassed to do it, but Cai Qi has no obstacles at all. He dares to say and do it precisely because the current leader of the Communist Party of China needs such a person.

Shi Shan said in the “Elite Forum” that because Cai Qi is ruthless in what he does, the top leaders of the Communist Party of China need such a figure the most now. It is because many people, maybe intellectuals, are soft-hearted or whatever, when I order you to do something, you can’t do it because you are not ruthless enough. Cai Qi is a ruthless person, but when using Cai Qi, you will also face other problems. One danger is that when Cai Qi’s own interests are threatened or he changes his mind, will he be ruthless enough? His actions will be equally ruthless. So the more ruthless these people are, the more worried the top management is about them. So when we look at several KGB heads in the former Soviet Union, it is basically like this. When a new leader comes to power, the first thing he does is to kill them. In fact, it is almost the same within the Chinese Communist Party. People like Cai Qi, because he is ruthless, are of course very useful when they are useful, but when they are not useful, you have to be very careful when collecting them. If you are not careful, you will cut yourself. So this position is a very, very sensitive position. I think it is difficult to say that once the situation changes, once the situation changes in some way, Cai Qi may be the most decisive one. This situation is quite scary for Xi Jinping. .

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