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[Confidence to climb high and move towards innovation]Increased vitality Jiangsu’s private industries above designated size are growing faster than the entire province


[Confidence to climb high and move towards innovation]Increased vitality Jiangsu’s private industries above designated size are growing faster than the entire province

All parts of Jiangsu provide warm support to private enterprises. On the one hand, they encourage enterprises to target “difficulties” and “blocking points” in the industrial chain to overcome difficulties and transform technology into real productivity; on the other hand, they provide comprehensive assistance to enterprises in terms of funds, markets, and projects to overcome difficulties. Difficulties. Since the beginning of this year, all development indicators of private enterprises have been higher than those in the province.

[The number of “little giant” enterprises in Jiangsu Province that specializes, specializes and is new is No. 1 in the country]

As of the end of September, the number of private industrial enterprises above designated size in the province reached 52,447, accounting for 83.6% of the province’s total, an increase of 1.2 percentage points from the end of the previous year. The added value of private industries above designated size increased by 11.5% year-on-year, 4.3 percentage points faster than the province; operating income increased by 5.4%, 3.7 percentage points higher than the province; total profits increased by 5.5%, 7.4 percentage points higher than the province.

In the intelligent production workshop of Changzhou Corell Technology Co., Ltd., technicians are assembling intelligent equipment such as visual inspection module packaging equipment and micron insertion machines for photovoltaic and electronic companies. The smart manufacturing equipment they developed not only has 100% independent property rights, but has also achieved 100% localization and successfully replaced imports. Sales have doubled this year. The person in charge of the company told reporters that it was the local government’s considerate help that allowed their new products to be industrialized smoothly and enter the market quickly in the “wind period”. This year, Xuejia Town, Changzhou, where Corell is located, has added five new national-level specialized enterprises. There were 795 new ones in the province, accounting for one-fifth of the country’s total, ranking first in the country.

Tang Guangming, chairman of Changzhou Corell Technology Co., Ltd., said: “Jiangsu’s government service system is very complete. At that time, we were anxious to connect with some leading companies in the microelectronics industry. The government was anxious about our companies’ needs, and they used the best Very fast, responded the next day.”


Hu Yu, deputy mayor of Xuejia Town, Xinbei District, Changzhou City, said: “We use the ‘Enterprise Service Improvement Year’ activity as a starting point, pay close attention to the upstream and downstream needs of the enterprise’s industrial chain and supply chain, and make some related supporting facilities for the industrial chain to allow enterprises to It can quickly meet production expectations after being put into production.”


[A warm hand to support enterprises in all aspects to tide over difficulties]

This year, nearly 72,000 technology small and medium-sized enterprises in Jiangsu have been included in the database and received key support. These enterprises are all private enterprises and have become a new source of high-quality industrial development in the province. While “accelerating” technology companies, local governments have solved “urgent, difficult and anxious” issues such as funding, talent, and policy implementation for a wide range of small and medium-sized enterprises. Jiangsu Saimet Machinery Co., Ltd. in Shangzhuang Town, Yandu, Yancheng expanded its production capacity this year due to the marketability of industrial tires and other products, but it was unable to find experienced technical workers and managers. The local government took the initiative to help redeploy more than ten technicians and recommended four management and technical talents. This year, the sales of new products alone have exceeded 30 million yuan.

Since the beginning of this year, the provincial government has set up 20 billion special relief funds for small, medium and micro enterprises to increase production and efficiency, and requires them to be disbursed before the end of the year. According to incomplete statistics, in the past three years, various regions in Jiangsu have provided more than 300 billion yuan in tax reductions, tax rebates and fee deferrals for small, medium and micro enterprises.

With the government as a “caring person”, private enterprises’ confidence in development has increased significantly. In the first three quarters, the province’s total import and export volume of private enterprises accounted for 43.9% of the province’s total, which was 10.1 percentage points faster than the province’s import and export growth rate. Taxes paid by the private economy increased by 32.0% year-on-year, accounting for 64.9% of the total direct tax collection by the province’s tax authorities.

(Jiangsu Radio and Television Station·Rong Media News Center Reporter/Yu Hai, Zhou Lei, Huang Meng, Yang Guogong Film Channel/Editor of Changzhou Yandu Channel/Zhang Meng)

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