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One event set a city on fire, Hainan Dongfang’s “Village BA” continues to grow in popularity-News


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New Hainan Client, Nanhai Net News on November 19 (Reporter Li Shaoyuan, Correspondent Zhao Haiying) It was crowded and all seats were occupied… On the evening of November 19, the 2023 “Witt Cup” Hainan Oriental “Village BA” Basketball Super League (hereinafter referred to as Hainan Oriental ” Village BA”) ushered in the third day of the competition, and its popularity continued to rise.

Focusing on Hainan Dongfang’s “Village BA” competition, Dongfang launched the “event + sharing” model to promote the integrated development of “agriculture, culture, tourism and sports”, becoming a new highlight of the province’s culture and a new business card of rural civilization, and promoting Dongfang to build a provincial sports tourism demonstration area , to help rural revitalization and promote the development of tourism across the region, and to help the East further build a modern central city in southwest China.

Live audience.Photo by reporter Chen Weidong

Oriental intangible cultural heritage and oriental goodies are on display for citizens and tourists to feast their eyes on

“This handicraft is very delicate in workmanship and looks very exquisite.” On the evening of the 18th, Mr. Chen, a tourist from Shenyang, walked to the Oriental Intangible Cultural Heritage Li Brocade exhibition area next to the stadium after watching the game. He praised the Li brocade handicraft satchel. “I’ve always wanted a Li-style satchel, and this is a good choice.”

The Li Brocade exhibition area was soon filled with people. They looked at the Li Brocade handicrafts and couldn’t put them down. Tang Qiuchen is a protector and disseminator of Li brocade. In recent days, she has taken Li brocade handicrafts to the periphery of the competition venue for display. “Li brocade has a lot of room for development and can be integrated into more fields, so that young people can Feel the charm and uniqueness of Li Brocade in different scenes.”

There is an Oriental Goods Market next to the stadium, which is a good place for citizens and tourists to learn about the East and feel its customs. The Oriental delicacies such as Li Tao, Li Brocade and Miao Xiu, as well as the Oriental delicacies such as dragon fruit and passion fruit, made tourist Liu Ming addicted. “It is a blessing for the eyes and a blessing for the mouth.”

On the evening of November 19th, the third day of the Hainan Oriental “Village BA” competition, the scene was still very popular. Wang Yan, a staff member at the tropical fruit exhibition area of ​​the Oriental Good Products Market, told reporters that dragon fruit, passion fruit and other oriental tropical fruits are popular among citizens and tourists. “Freshly squeezed fruits also sell well. On the first day of the event, the stall sold 600 Diverse fruits.”


The second game on the 19th was Shangrong Village (Sigeng Town) VS Fuyao Community (Basuo Town).Photo by reporter Chen Weidong

16 village-level teams played 32 games to ignite the “fire” of basketball in the East

The Hainan Oriental “Village BA” competition is like a condensed map of Oriental culture and tourism. There are both oriental goodies and oriental delicacies, as well as exciting events. While watching the game, citizens and tourists can enjoy oriental food and feel the unique style of this coastal city in the east.

The Hainan Dongfang “Village BA” competition lasted for nearly a month. 16 village-level basketball teams from 10 Dongfang towns and the Overseas Chinese Economic Zone were divided into 4 groups to compete in 32 passionate games, presenting a basketball feast to fans and friends.

Dribbling, dunking, blocking, three-point shooting… the Dongfang Village basketball team showed the Oriental people’s love for basketball with passion and speed. The wonderful moments on the court ignited the enthusiasm of the audience, and the cheers and screams were endless.

The host interacted with the audience during the halftime break on the third match day of Hainan Oriental “Village BA”

How popular is Hainan Dongfang’s “Village BA”?

According to big data monitoring statistics, on the evening of November 17, the Hainan Oriental “BA Village” officially started, and the event attracted enthusiastic participation from a total of 15,309 spectators. The number of tourists reached 8,729, including 2,253 overnight visitors and 6,476 day-trippers. At the same time, according to data reported directly by enterprises, the occupancy rate of tourist hotels in Basuo Town reached 55.13%. The number of people continued to rise on the second day, and the occupancy rate of tourist hotels in Basuo Town reached 56.43% (a month-on-month increase of 1.3 percentage points).


Live audience.Photo by reporter Chen Weidong

It is no accident that “Village BA” became popular. It reflects people’s demand for sports culture and reflects the enthusiasm and ability of farmers in the new era, as the main body of rural revitalization, to actively participate in rural cultural construction. In addition, the mass and public welfare nature of the event and the maturity of live broadcast technology in the self-media era have achieved “zero threshold” for watching football.

At present, Oriental is developing a characteristic road of diversified integration of “sports + tourism + culture + rural revitalization” according to local conditions, creating a one-stop “food, accommodation, entertainment, travel and shopping” boutique route that meets the needs of tourists, and establishing a unique Oriental characteristic Sports tourism destination brand; use the competition to highlight the text, let the “village BA” be rooted in the local area, realize the seamless combination of “local flavor” and “modern elements”, promote the further integration of sports culture into the production and life of villagers, and add luster to the revitalization of the countryside; to The competition builds a bridge to promote the “three innovations” work and take root among the masses. Taking advantage of the enthusiasm of the competition, we popularize science and introduce the key points and highlights of the “three innovations” work to the masses, and create a good social atmosphere for all people to participate in the “three innovations” work.

  Hainan Oriental“villageBA“Sponsored by the Hainan Provincial People’s Government, organized by the Hainan Provincial Department of Tourism, Hainan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Dongfang Municipal People’s Government, and Hainan Daily Newspaper Group, with technical support from the Hainan Provincial Basketball Federation. The co-organizers are Hainan Provincial Sports Event Center, Dongfang Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Dongfang Municipal Tourism and Culture Bureau, Dongfang Municipal Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau, Dongfang Municipal Media Center, Dongfang Municipal Sports Service Center and Dongfang Municipal Basketball Association. and Nanguo Metropolis Newspaper are the execution units.

  Hainan Oriental“villageBA“The exclusive title company of the event is Hainan Weite Electric Group Co., Ltd. The event also received awards from Shaanxi Investment Group Jintai Yueyunhai Project, China Construction Bank Dongfang Branch, Dongfang Rural Credit Cooperative Association, China Mobile Communications Group Hainan Co., Ltd., Jinjiang Hotels (China)’s brands – Oriental Vienna Hotel, Oriental Branch of China People’s Property Insurance Co., Ltd., Oriental Jinghua Hotel, Oriental Shengda Building Hotel, Oriental Banqiao Jinyue City Entertainment Co., Ltd., Hainan Xinda Food Co., Ltd. Company (Yaniu), Oriental Aoyue Lizheng Hotel, Kyriad Oriental Liangzhi Seaview Store, Oriental Skylight Hotel, Hainan Li Miaojia Cultural Tourism Group, Hainan Oriental China Theater Management Co., Ltd., Oriental Guojin Hotel (formerly Tailong Hotel), Oriental East Corridor Hotel, Oriental Green Treasure Hotel, Oriental Hejiale Hotel, Hainan Kalmei Sports, Suiyizhu Oriental Oya Hotel, Hainan Huali Valley Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd., Hainan Xidaohong Food Meike Catering Management Co., Ltd., Hainan Crocodile Zhen Crocodile Industry Technology Co., Ltd., Master Kong Drinks Hainan Marketing Company, Jiayuan Oriental Sochi Hotel, Oriental Huangji Roasted Suckling Pig, Hainan Oriental Times Media Co., Ltd., Craftsmanship (Hainan Province ) Culture and Art Co., Ltd., Dongfang City Datian Meifu Li Brocade Skills Farmers Professional Cooperative, Datian Town Lemei Orchid Industrial Park Research Base, Hainan Yulinzhou Cultural Tourism Investment and Development Co., Ltd. and other enterprise units have strong support. Copyright Statement:
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