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Qiongzhong’s regional public brand of agricultural products “Qiongzhong Good Taste” is officially released. Experts interpret the connotation of brand design-News Center-Nanhai Net


New Hainan Client, Nanhai Net News on November 19 (Reporter Wang Hui) On November 18, the Hainan Qiongzhong Industry Investment Promotion Conference, Qiongzhong Green Orange Promotion Conference, and Qiongzhong Good Taste Regional Public Brand Launch Conference were held in Beijing. The “Qiongzhong Good Taste” regional public brand was officially released at the event. Why create “Qiongzhong Taste”? What is the LOGO design and significance of the “Qiongzhong Good Taste” regional public brand? Let’s listen to Xiao Huilai, brand expert of Hainan Rural Revitalization Network and chief consultant of Qiongzhong Haowei Regional Public Brand, to explain in detail.

Qiongzhong’s regional public brand of agricultural products “Qiongzhong Good Taste” was officially released.

The strategic positioning of the “Qiongzhong Good Taste” regional public brand is “Hainan Rainforest Food Treasure”. Qiongzhong County and Hainan Tropical Rainforest National Park are an “ecological community”. Qiongzhong’s agricultural products share the national park’s ecological environment. Qiongzhong is building a Hainan Free Trade Port “Green Highland”. The strategic positioning is to enhance brand awareness in the “Hainan” region. Qiongzhong practices the “Rainforest+” green development model that coexists with the rainforest. “Rainforest Food” enhances the overall value of Qiongzhong’s agricultural products with their pure, pure, colorful and diverse characteristics. “Treasure” is where rainforest food treasures are hidden, which has a sense of value and scarcity.


According to reports, the “Qiongzhong Good Taste” regional public brand graphic logo is based on the word “Qiong” in Qiongzhong, “Shan Lan Rice”, “Qiongzhong Green Orange”, “Tea Industry”, “Rain Forest Large Broad Leaf Shape” and “Hercules Pattern” “Qiongzhong Seal” and “Miao Rose Red” are the basic design elements, which are creatively designed to form a pattern of towering tropical rainforest trees growing upward.

Among them, the “Rainforest Large Broad Leaf Shape” adopts the typical plant shape characteristics of Hainan Tropical Rainforest National Park, which is highly identifiable. It also vividly expresses the vision and strategy of establishing Qiongzhong Ecological County and creating a “green highland” for Hainan Free Trade Port. “The towering trees of the tropical rainforest growing upwards” symbolize the “good taste of Qiongzhong” and the superior ecological environment of the national park. Qiongzhong’s agriculture has deep roots and luxuriant leaves, and its agricultural industry continues to develop and grow; “Qiongzhong Mountain Lanmi” and other symbols represent Qiongzhong’s agriculture It is a typical rainforest food in the national park and an important agricultural cultural heritage; the Hercules pattern of the Li ethnic group and the rose red of the Miao ethnic group together form the word “Qiongzhong” with a unique “rainforest ethnic” charm, symbolizing the colorful and rich historical context of Qiongzhong. .

Among the brand colors, green symbolizes the “ecological community” between Qiongzhong County and the National Park, implying ecological health, extreme purity and vitality; blue symbolizes blue sky and origin-level high-quality water quality; orange symbolizes maturity, harvest, food and warmth. It represents the high quality and humanistic care of Qiongzhong Haowei, and means that the “Qiongzhong Haowei” brand provides strong value support for agricultural value-added and farmers’ income increase, and empowers high-quality development; “Miao Rose Red” symbolizes the “rainforest nation” and the relationship between people and people. The humanistic concept of harmonious coexistence with nature and sustainable development.

The overall logo is organic, positive, and classic. The brand logo is organically composed of Qiongzhong’s typical elements and colors. It not only expresses that Qiongzhong’s delicious food is the “Hainan Rainforest Food Treasure”, but is also highly integrated and inseparable, implying that Qiongzhong’s delicious food must be It will become a famous brand and Qiongzhong will definitely become a famous Hainan rainforest food capital.


The advertising slogan of the “Qiongzhong Good Taste” regional public brand is “The rainforest food is pure in Qiongzhong.” Regarding the interpretation of creative advertising slogans, Xiao Huilai explained that injecting “rainforest food” into the advertising slogan “Qiongzhong Good Taste” will significantly enhance brand awareness and value, and become an important brand asset.

What do you understand by “rainforest food”? Xiao Huilai said that the first is to transform ecological products into a super category of “rainforest food” to enhance the value attributes and competitiveness of Qiongzhong’s agricultural products. The second is to create a new situation in Hainan food. Hainan not only has seafood, but also rainforest food. In “Jing Zai Qiong Zhong”, “Jing” refers to the pure, pollution-free natural environment, as well as the pure authenticity and ecologically healthy taste of food; “Jing” is also a homophonic pronunciation of “end”, which means “all in” and “all in”. “Qiongzhong’s good taste” is the “ceiling” of rainforest food, and the essence is all in Qiongzhong. The overall advertising slogan is concise, easy to remember, and has lasting characteristics, leaving enough space for industrial development and laying the foundation for building a century-old brand.


The brand mission of the “Qiongzhong Good Taste” regional public brand is to “make Chinese people fall in love with rainforest food.” “Qiongzhong Good Taste” is a regional public brand for all categories and industries of Qiongzhong agriculture, representing the overall image of Qiongzhong’s agricultural products. The rainforest food represented by “Qiongzhong Good Taste” comes from the superior ecological environment of Hainan Tropical Rainforest National Park. It is extremely pure, has authentic taste, and is colorful and diverse. “Qiongzhong Good Taste” is committed to making more Chinese people eat rainforest food, fall in love with rainforest food, and promote Chinese people’s physical and mental vitality and vitality. From this, you can experience the beauty of nature and humanity, and practice symbiosis with the rainforest.


Source of some poster pictures: Sun Shanshan


Source of some poster pictures: Sun Shanshan


Source of some poster pictures: Sun Shanshan

The value of the “Qiongzhong Good Taste” regional public brand is mainly reflected in three aspects. First, “rainforest nourishment”: Qiongzhong is the birthplace of three major rivers in Hainan. The clear and discernible source water nourishes the people of Hainan Island and breeds colorful Ecological rainforest food; the second is “Rainforest Pure Land”. Qiongzhong shares the ecological environment of Hainan Tropical Rainforest National Park. The pollution-free rainforest pure land creates extremely pure rainforest food. The third is “rainforest culture”. The “rainforest people” Li and Miao people coexist harmoniously with the tropical rainforest environment, forming a magnificent, diverse and pure rainforest culture, which is an important cultural heritage of Hainan with a long history. Copyright Statement:
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