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  CCTV news:As temperatures drop in many places, the popularity of ice and snow tourism continues to increase. Major ski resorts are “open” to welcome guests, and the order sales and pre-sales of ski resorts in many places have reached new highs since 2019.

In Xinjiang, the Cocotuohai International Ski Resort, which has the longest operating hours in Asia, has attracted tens of thousands of ski enthusiasts since its opening on October 1.

In recent days, snowflakes have fallen on various ski resorts in Chongli District, Zhangjiakou, and ski enthusiasts have jumped down to enjoy the joy. The number of visitors to this ski resort exceeded 20,000 in just one week after its opening, a record high in five years. This weekend, nearly 1,200 hotel rooms in the ski resort have been sold out.

Several small and medium-sized ski resorts around Changchun were among the first to be opened in Jilin Province, receiving more than 1,000 tourists every day.

At the Ice and Snow Sports World in Harbin, multiple snowmaking machines work day and night. Currently, the number of ticket bookings has tripled that of 2019.

  “The Snow from the North Moves to the South” Domestic Southern Market Becomes a New Growth Point

In recent years, with the development of the ski industry and the popularity of ice and snow tourism, new trends in ice and snow tourism consumption dominated by southern tourists, such as “Southern travelers traveling north” and “Northern snow traveling south”, have gradually emerged.

Shrimp dumplings, rice rolls, roasted pork, and plates of authentic Cantonese dishes appeared in the restaurant of Hemu Ski Resort in Xinjiang. The person in charge of the B&B said that this winter, 90% of the guests come from Guangdong, Zhejiang and other places.

Right now, the lowest temperature in Mohe, Heilongjiang, is close to minus 30°C. The extremely cold new route launched by the travel agency has attracted a large number of curious southern tourists.

At the same time, with the construction of high-quality ski resorts in the south, the popularity of local ice and snow tourism has grown rapidly. Suzhou, the largest ski resort in East China that just opened, has attracted more than 12,000 tourists in the first month since its opening.

Unlike outdoor ski resorts that are waiting to be opened, some indoor ski resorts in the south are open year-round or at night.

   “Cold resources” become “hot industries” and many places have introduced preferential policies

As the number of ice and snow travel and tourism consumption has increased significantly, various places have also actively introduced preferential policies. The entire ice and snow tourism industry chain is working overtime to welcome the coming tourism peak.

Jilin, which has more than 70 ski resorts of different sizes, has specially set up a 10 million yuan ice and snow transportation subsidy. By opening ice and snow through trains and providing incentives and subsidies for tourist charter flights, we strive to accurately attract tourists from outside the region.

Various regions in the Altay region of Xinjiang have launched policies to benefit the people, such as free admission to scenic spots and one-ticket passes. According to statistics, the total number of skiers in the Altay region since its launch has reached more than 86,000, with a turnover of 23.59 million yuan.

In addition to traditional ice and snow projects, many places have adapted to local conditions and actively developed new products and “one-stop” services in conjunction with major airlines, travel agencies, and Internet platforms, including extreme cold challenges, rime rafting, deer hunting in snow valleys, and snow hot pot. ignited the enthusiasm of tourists.

   “Events + Cultural Tourism” Winter Olympics Effect Continues to Appear

The successful hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics has further expanded the influence of ice and snow sports and ice and snow events, attracting more and more people to participate in ice and snow sports.

From November to December alone, major sports venues in Beijing will host five top international ice and snow events. At the National Ski Jumping Center in Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, a number of international competitions have boosted the economic development of the event.

  Wu Yun, deputy director of the Sports Bureau of Chongli District, Zhangjiakou:Nearly a hundred international, national and provincial competitions and activities, including the Freestyle Skiing and Snowboarding Halfpipe World Cup, will run throughout the entire snow season, making the Winter Olympics venues more effectively utilized, continuing to attract traffic and boost the development of ice and snow sports.

  Dai Bin, President of China Tourism Academy:The hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics has accumulated a number of high-level ski resorts and ice and snow venues across the country, and local governments and tourist destinations have been fully mobilized to develop ice and snow leisure and ice and snow tourism.

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