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New Hainan Client, Nanhai Net News on November 19 (Reporter Li Shaoyuan) On the 19th, the third day of the 2023 “Witt Cup” Hainan Oriental “Village BA” Basketball Super League (hereinafter referred to as Hainan Oriental “Village BA”) will usher in 3 exciting matches, officially starting at 6pm tonight.

 The game time and teams on the evening of the 19th are as follows:

18:00-19:10 Group A Tuolie Village (Gancheng Town) VS Zhongfang Village (Donghe Town)

19:20-20:30 Group C Shangrong Village (Sigeng Town) VS Fuyao Community (Basuo Town)

20:40-21:50 Group C Budao Village (Xinlong Town) VS Andu Village (Tian’an Township)

  Take a sneak peek at the highlights of the game, and the reporter will take you to get a first look at some of the team lineups and players>>

Most of the players on the Tuolie Village Basketball Team have been on the same team for many years, and their tacit understanding and tactical coordination have been very good.

The inside lineup of the Tolie Village team can also be considered “luxurious”. The main small forward Lin Shengrui is 190cm tall and is currently studying at Hainan University and is a member of the Hainan University basketball team; the main power forward Zhang Yuming is 188cm tall and was the captain of the basketball team of Hainan Vocational College of Political Science and Law before graduation; there is even a 199cm tall player under the basket. Center Zhou Shukai guards. Players said that the team will use the tacit understanding cultivated over the years to find shooting opportunities on the spot, create more shooting space through internal and external containment and pull, and strive to achieve good results.

 Some members of the Tuolie Village representative team “make up photos”.Photo by reporter Li Qingfang

To describe the “ball path” of the Chinese village representative team, only one word is needed – fast.

Look for the opponent’s gap, attack quickly, and break through the opponent’s basket. If you fail to score, immediately return to defense and quickly switch offense and defense. This is a tactic that the Chinese village representative team has explored over the years based on the characteristics of its own team. What is surprising is that the age difference between the four forwards in this team that focuses on “winning quickly” is as much as 23 years old.

“Don’t underestimate our forwards.” Wu Zudong, the leader of the Zhongfang Village representative team, said that Ren Jialiang, a player born in the 1970s, is a good scorer in the team. Although he is not as physically strong as a young man in his early twenties, decades of experience have enabled him to He can predict the opponent’s movements early and react in advance. The “post-2000” players in the team have learned a lot of tricks from him.


  Some members of the Chinese village representative team “make up photos”.Photo by reporter Li Qingfang

The history of Fuyao Community Basketball Team can be traced back to 2011. At that time, several members of the team formed a basketball team, but later decided to disband due to lack of experience. After the breakup, the members joined different clubs and remained good friends in private, often making appointments to discuss their skills.

Now, they have reorganized and represented Fuyao Community to participate in the Hainan Oriental “Village BA”. Currently, the team still maintains a frequency of playing games once a week. 22-year-old team member Zhao Xiaoxiang shared. In order to prevent players from being disconnected, the new team is also actively absorbing new forces from all parties. The addition of young people makes the team’s configuration more balanced.


Fuyao community representative team.

At 6 pm on the 19th, lock in the Hainan Oriental “Village BA” stadium, go to the Oriental Culture Plaza, and cheer for your favorite team!

Hainan Oriental “Village BA” is sponsored by the Hainan Provincial People’s Government, organized by the Hainan Provincial Department of Tourism, Hainan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Dongfang Municipal People’s Government, and Hainan Daily Newspaper Group, with technical support from the Hainan Provincial Basketball Federation. The co-organizers are Hainan Provincial Sports Event Center, Dongfang Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Dongfang Municipal Tourism and Culture Bureau, Dongfang Municipal Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau, Dongfang Municipal Media Center, Dongfang Municipal Sports Service Center and Dongfang Municipal Basketball Association. and Nanguo Metropolis Newspaper are the executing units.

The exclusive title company of the Hainan Dongfang “Village BA” competition is Hainan Weite Electric Group Co., Ltd. The competition also received awards from Shaanxi Investment Group Jintai·Yueyunhai Project, China Construction Bank Dongfang Branch, Dongfang City Rural Credit Cooperative Association, China Mobile Communications Group Hainan Co., Ltd., Jinjiang Hotels (China)’s brands – Oriental Vienna Hotel, Oriental Branch of China People’s Property Insurance Co., Ltd., Oriental Capital Hotel, Oriental Shengda Building Hotel, Oriental Banqiao Jinyue City Entertainment Co., Ltd. Hainan Xinda Food Co., Ltd. (Yanniu), Oriental Aoyue Lizheng Hotel, Kyriad Oriental Liangzhi Seaview Store, Oriental Skylight Hotel, Hainan Li Miaojia Cultural Tourism Group, Hainan Oriental China Theater Management Co., Ltd. , Oriental International Gold Hotel (formerly Tailong Hotel), Oriental East Corridor Hotel, Oriental Green Treasure Hotel, Oriental Hejiale Hotel, Hainan Kalmei Sports, Suiyizhu Oriental Oya Hotel, Hainan Huali Valley Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd., Hainan Xidaohong Gourmet Meike Catering Management Co., Ltd., Hainan Guzhen Crocodile Industry Technology Co., Ltd., Master Kong Beverage Hainan Marketing Company, Jiayuan Oriental Sochi Hotel, Oriental Huangji Roast Suckling Pig, Hainan Oriental Times Media Co., Ltd. Ingenuity Handicraft (Hainan Province) Culture and Art Co., Ltd., Dongfang City Datian Meifu Li Brocade Skills Farmers Professional Cooperative, Datian Town Lemei Orchid Industrial Park Research Base, Hainan Yulinzhou Cultural Tourism Investment and Development Co., Ltd. and other enterprise units have strong support.


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November 17-18 evening

Hainan Oriental “Village BA” ushered in two competition days

  The audience was huge

The popularity continues to rise

A group of pictures takes you to experience the hot scene



 Aerial photography of the Hainan Dongfang “Village BA” site.Photo by reporter Zheng Guangping


Aerial photography of the Hainan Dongfang “Village BA” site.Photo by reporter Zheng Guangping


Live audience.Photo by reporter Chen Weidong


Live audience.Photo by reporter Chen Weidong


Live audience.Photo by reporter Chen Weidong


 Live audience.Photo by reporter Chen Weidong


  game scene.Photo by reporter Chen Weidong


Game scene.Photo by reporter Chen Weidong


  game scene.Photo by reporter Cao Zhi


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