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A baby cried while seeking treatment in a hospital in Hefei, Anhui. (Image source: Getty Images)
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[SeeChinaNewsonNovember192023](See comprehensive report by Chinese reporter Li Muzi)ChinaIn recent years, with the decrease in the number of newborns,kindergartenThe “shutdown wave” has arrived. On November 17, “Kindergartens in many places opened large-scaleshut down“The topic became a hot search topic, Chinapopulationlargest countyAnhui LinquanFifty kindergartens have ceased operations, and even many high-end international kindergartens in Guangdong Province have not been spared.
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50 kindergartens in Linquan, Anhui, the most populous county in China, have been closed

According to a report by The Paper on the 17th, Linquan County, Fuyang City, Anhui Province is the most populous county in China, with a registered population of 2.293 million in 2022. In August this year, the Linquan County Education Bureau issued an announcement stating that 50 local private kindergartens would cease operations, accounting for 11.8% of the total number of kindergartens in the county in 2022 and 24.5% of the total number of private kindergartens in the county.

Among the 50 private kindergartens that have been terminated, 12 have applied for termination, 38 have no actual enrollment or school operation, and their school operating licenses have expired. It is worth noting that most of the 12 kindergartens that applied to terminate their operations have only been registered since 2021. The latest of them was registered and established in June 2022 and closed after one year of opening. This shows that the student supply situation of local kindergartens is tight.

Data from the Linquan County Government in February this year showed that there were 58,243 children in kindergarten in the county in 2023, a decrease of 9.2% from the previous year. This was the fourth consecutive year of decrease, and the decline has sharply increased. From 2019 to 2022, the number of kindergartens in Linquan County is 377, 422, 425, and 425 respectively.

Recently, many kindergartens in China have been closed down

It is reported that the annual inspection of private kindergartens in Haikou, Hainan Province has recently ended, and a total of 33 kindergartens have been suspended, accounting for 6.4% of the total number of private kindergartens in the country. In September this year, 17 kindergartens in Longhai District, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province ceased operations, accounting for 7.8% of the total number of kindergartens in the district in 2022. Recently, six kindergartens in Ruian City, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province also terminated their operations.

The NetEase account “Big Tree Growth Camp” also posted that on November 18, a piece of news about “large-scale closure of kindergartens in many places” was on the hot list. Experts generally predict that the number of newborns in 2023 will be less than 8 million, and the population The continued decline will directly lead to a lack of students in kindergartens, and they will have no choice but to close down.

Nearly 30 schools in Shanghai have suspended enrollment in 2023, including 11 primary and secondary schools and 17 kindergartens, distributed in 7 districts. Most of the schools that have suspended enrollment are private kindergartens. The reasons for closure include school conversion, expiration of venue, and school operating license. In addition to the expiration of certificates and other factors, the main factor is the decrease in children going to school due to low fertility rate. In Guangzhou, Guangdong and Xiamen, Fujian, many kindergartens have also been closed.

According to “Sanlian Life Weekly”, as China’s birth population has decreased in recent years, the number of kindergartens and the number of kindergarten students in the country has also decreased. In 2022, the total number of kindergartens nationwide will decrease by 5,610 compared with the previous year.

High-end international kindergartens have experienced a “tide of closures” one after another

According to a Sohu News report on August 24, recently, Haiyiwan Eton Kindergarten, “the most expensive kindergarten in Zhuhai”, suddenly informed parents that the kindergarten would be closed and would no longer operate. This sudden news shocked many parents.

A parent of Zhuhai Haiyiwan Eton Kindergarten reported that he suddenly received a notice from the kindergarten on the evening of August 27 that due to objective reasons, the kindergarten would officially cease operations on August 31. It is understood that there are two main reasons for the closure: first, the contract lease period has expired, and second, the number of children in the Tangjia area of ​​Zhuhai High-tech Zone where the kindergarten is located has dropped sharply year by year.

EtonHouse Bay Kindergarten is not the first high-end international kindergarten to be closed in the Zhuhai Greater Bay Area. Not long ago, Shenzhen Dulwich College, known as “Shenzhen International Kindergarten Hardware” and “Tuition Fee Ceiling”, announced its closure. Parents are concerned about this. I feel extremely sad that this flash in the pan is so short-lived. I don’t know whether it was due to insufficient student resources due to high tuition fees or due to issues with the school’s qualifications. In less than 2 years, Dulwich College Shenzhen quietly exited.

Dongxiao Victoria Kindergarten in Zhuhai District, Guangzhou also caused heated social discussions due to its closure. The school issued a notice on August 10 stating that there were only 108 children in the kindergarten. The decrease in the number of students and the increase in school running costs resulted in huge operating pressure, and it was finally closed in August 2023. The school was officially terminated on the 31st.

Singapore Invit Preschool School, located in the Shenzhen Bay Area of ​​Nanshan, Shenzhen, is the fifth school of Singapore Invit International School in the world. It was established in 2023 and is the first Singapore-branded international preschool public school in Shenzhen. Enrollment has been less than ideal for a variety of reasons. On August 4, it was suddenly officially announced that all enrollment activities would be stopped on August 8 and the school would no longer be in operation.

Netizen: Thanks to Family Planning, which allows ordinary people to embark on the path of annihilating children and grandchildren.

Weibo account “Jin Luxun” posted on the 18th that “your experts” are saying that the decline in fertility rates is a problem of housing and money. According to “what your experts say”, the decline in fertility rates in developed countries is all due to Due to lack of housing and poverty, as “you said” in Western developed countries, people are starving and people are struggling to make ends meet, so “the fertility rate in Western developed countries has declined.”

The article also pointed out that, of course, “what your experts say” has a “background”, and “your experts” do not dare to “speak freely”. “They speak based on others’ faces for the sake of their jobs.” The article stated that the words “life” and “living” are very important in certain time and space, because for people in that time and space, they are satisfied if they can “live” and “live”. “Who is satisfied?” Support whoever meets these two demands.”

“Cangnanyan” said, “As the closure of kindergartens becomes more and more intense, the closure of primary schools seems to be sweeping across this once prosperous industry. More and more schools, whether public or private, are beginning to face Problems such as difficulty in recruiting students, surplus of teachers, and increasing competition within the industry.”

“One pig will relieve the sorrow” teased, “In our hometown, if the pigs stop giving birth, the pig farmers will go to see if the living environment is poor, the pig pen is not big enough, or the sanitary conditions are poor, or the pigs are stressed and are not eating well. , rather than a document that gives birth to pigs.” Some netizens ridiculed, “Thanksgiving, family planning, medical care, and housing prices have put ordinary people on the path of annihilating their children and grandchildren.”

Netizens on the overseas social media platform A large number of cities will be shut down because there are no more new born children!” “Only by destroying the Communist Party and taking back the 20 trillion (big money), so that the people no longer have three big mountains of housing, medical care, and education. Only then can we do it. Ushering in a new baby boom.”

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