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The beautiful scenery of ice and snow “makes fans”!Heilongjiang Province Winter Tourism Southwest Area Promotion Conference Debuts in Chengdu


The beautiful scenery of ice and snow “makes fans”!Heilongjiang Province Winter Tourism Southwest Area Promotion Conference Debuts in Chengdu

On November 17, the 2023 Heilongjiang Province Winter Tourism Southwest Area Promotion Conference was held in Chengdu. The Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism brought the province’s ice and snow tourism cities and scenic spots to a wonderful appearance in “Rongcheng”, inviting tourists to go north to Longjiang to enjoy the ice and snow together.

Promotional meeting site

At the promotion meeting, three ice and snow tourism cities including Harbin, Qiqihar and Daqing led the guests to the fairy tale Longjiang, the crown of ice and snow. The Cultural Tourism Promotion Officer of Harbin introduced the six major activities launched by Harbin this winter, and sincerely invited Bashu tourists to the “Ice City” Harbin to experience the world’s longest ice slide, watch the “Heart of the Ocean” performance, meet “Tao Xue” penguins, and experience The ultimate passion for skiing; geese and cranes flying together among the clear water and blue sky, sizzling your taste buds in the fragrant barbecue, and shouting with passion in the fierce ice hockey game… “Crane City” Qiqihar Cultural Tourism Promotion Officer calls “Qiqihar a giveaway” With the theme of “Places People Yearn for”, six major cultural tourism themes were shared, including cranes dancing in the snowfields and enjoying the ice and snow trip, and the fan promotion site; enter Daqing, explore the Ice Age, and have a close contact with the ‘cute’ mammoths, Soak in Daqing’s “C-position” snow hot springs and experience “the happy fish will help you jump over the dragon’s gate”… The wonderful introduction by Daqing’s cultural tourism promotion officer made tourists yearn for this oil city.

Recommended by Daqing Cultural Tourism Promotion Officer

“What kind of ‘world’ have you seen? Is it dull? Or is it bizarre? Is it simple and clear? Or is it complicated? Is it smooth sailing? Or is it sunny or rainy? Now, it’s time to open a new ‘world’. “At the promotion meeting, the opening remarks of the promoter of Harbin Ice and Snow World whet the “appetite” of the guests attending the Southwest Area. This winter, the overall planned area of ​​the 25th Harbin Ice and Snow World Park is 81.66 hectares, with an east-west axis of 780 meters and a north-south axis of 940 meters. It will create six major design innovations, seven major landscape highlights, eight major Internet celebrity hot spots, and nine major theme zones. Chinese and foreign tourists show the world’s top ice and snow charm; “The snowmaking machines of Aoyue Nianzishan International Ski Resort are in full swing, and will provide tourists and snow lovers with a skiing feast.” Qiqihar Aoyue Ice and Snow Tourism Management Co., Ltd. recommended Officials said that this winter they will further build and upgrade tourism products such as Aoyue Water World and Nianzishan International Ski Resort, strive to improve product quality and services, and welcome visitors from all directions with open arms; “Heilongjiang Province has a total of 13 airports, with domestic and international routes extending in all directions, making it convenient for the world Tourists share the ice and snow.” The promotion officer of Heilongjiang Airport Group said in the promotion that more special ice and snow routes will be opened this winter for key tourist source cities in Heilongjiang to provide heart-warming services in winter.


Harbin Ice and Snow World Recommendation

At the promotion meeting, tourism-related enterprises from Heilongjiang Province and Sichuan Province also conducted centralized signings. The two countries will further enhance the collaborative and interactive connections between cultural and tourism enterprises, continuously innovate cooperation mechanisms, expand cooperation areas, build a new pattern of win-win cooperation, and promote the high-quality development of the tourism industry in the two provinces.


On-site signing

The reporter learned that the 2023 Heilongjiang Province Winter Tourism Promotion Conference has successively entered the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the central region. After the southwest area promotion conference, it will also successively enter cities such as Beijing and Shenyang, targeting customer markets such as North China and Northeast China. Make great pitches.

(Pictures and videos provided by Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism)

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