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China Southern Airlines is waiting for you at the Travel Fair_Xinhuanet


From November 17th to 19th, the 2023 China International Tourism Mart, jointly organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Civil Aviation Administration of China, and the Yunnan Provincial People’s Government, was held at the Kunming Dianchi Convention and Exhibition Center. As the largest airline in China, China Southern Airlines was invited by the Organizing Committee of the Tourism Fair to participate in this event. The booth is located at No. 07A04, Main Venue 7, Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center, covering an area of ​​206 square meters. The booth is divided into 6 display and experience areas, namely the front desk display area, China Southern Airlines kitchen area, China Southern Airlines cultural and creative area, affinity and fine experience area, global shopping area and VIP area. Through a series of exhibition activities focusing on “food, accommodation, transportation, entertainment, travel and shopping”, the public can better understand China Southern and choose China Southern.

China Southern Airlines’ booth at this year’s China International Travel Fair (photo taken on November 17).

In the kitchen area, chefs and flight attendants will show you China Southern’s special cuisine and experience China Southern’s high-quality in-flight catering and cabin services. Of course, due to venue conditions, it is impossible for the chefs to prepare these exquisite dishes on site, but they will prepare special drinks such as coffee, and pair them with special meals such as Butterfly Pastry and China Southern Airlines Cookies B787 to ensure that you can replenish energy in time after participating in the event .

At the exhibition, you will see a flash mob performance by flight attendants. In the past, when taking a China Southern Airlines flight, what you saw were the healthy and cheerful appearance and professionalism of the flight attendants, and what you felt was their care and thoughtfulness. But at the exhibition, you will see another side of the flight attendants who are versatile. After enjoying the performance, you can also participate in a starlight screen shake event to win gifts from China Southern Airlines.

A flash mob performance by flight attendants at the China Southern Airlines booth (photo taken on November 17).

For this exhibition, China Southern Airlines has prepared many exquisite gifts. Through four themed activities: punch in and collect stamps to win gifts, shake your luck, get free coffee with mileage cancellation, and collect likes to win a China Southern Airlines badge gift box, you can win creative cultural and creative products with special features of China Southern Airlines, including exquisite B787 aircraft models, Plush airplane U-shaped pillow, cute movable airplane hat, plush airplane doll, customized flying chess, Little Pearl mini building block airplane… Wow, there are many more.

China Southern Airlines’ cultural and creative products will make you feel fresh and new. There are shelf codes for cultural and creative products at the event site, including China Southern Airlines’ cute movable aircraft warm hats, “Meet You” blind boxes, plush aircraft U-shaped pillows, 46cm simulated aircraft models and other cultural and creative products for everyone to choose from. If you think the variety is single, then try the multiple domestic and overseas products displayed in the global shopping area. There will definitely be one that suits you.

How could such a lively event not include a live broadcast? The theme of the exhibition will be “Xiaoyun takes you to enjoy the Kunming Travel Fair”. Through the form of walk-through + sit-down broadcast, we will lead friends to travel around the tourism fair exhibition hall activities, interact with exhibitors and users on-site, and have a Online and offline collective carnival.

Feel that there is a life called Yunnan, and feel a brand called China Southern Airlines. Meet for travel fair, China Southern Airlines is waiting for you! (over)

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