Join hands with green development to create a better future – written on the occasion of the closing of the first China (Heilongjiang) International Green Food and National Soybean Industry Expo


Join hands with green development to create a better future – written on the occasion of the closing of the first China (Heilongjiang) International Green Food and National Soybean Industry Expo

A green event focused the attention of all parties on Heilongjiang.

From the 14th to the 18th, the first China (Heilongjiang) International Green Food and National Soybean Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Expo) was successfully held in Harbin, co-sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the Heilongjiang Provincial People’s Government.

“This expo brings together industry leaders to help the agricultural and green food industries lead new developments with new products, new technologies, and new business formats. During the expo, more than 60 activities were held. As of the 17th, the number of visitors reached 115,000. Signing contracts were signed. 302 economic and trade cooperation projects were completed with a total amount of 70.1 billion yuan.” Chen Shijun, chairman of the Heilongjiang Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade, introduced.

“Green development” has become the keyword of this expo. Tan Baicheng, vice president of the Heilongjiang Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade and director of the Provincial International Expo Development Promotion Center, commented that this expo, with the theme of “green development, creating a future together”, has created an international green food industry chain “from the fields to the people’s dining tables” The trade and investment cooperation platform has established a professional docking platform for soybean production, supply and marketing across the country, injecting strong vitality into stabilizing the supply chain of agricultural products, promoting sustainable development, promoting the transformation and upgrading of consumption structure, and driving economic and social development.

Thick planting and ecological background, Longjiang’s good products are well received and popular

“Ecological Hundred Lakes City, Natural Cold Water Fish” “swimmed” from Daqing into a wider space; “Nine Treasures and Eighteen Products” and “Forest Kitchen” entered thousands of households from Yichun; Suihua’s “cold land black soil”, Brands such as Heihe’s “extreme cold cultivation” and Jiamusi Sunrise Dongji use the expo platform to continuously release the “star” effect.

“Babies in the live broadcast room, take a look. These are soybeans grown in black soil. They have plump grains and are non-GMO. They can be used to squeeze soy milk, sprout bean sprouts, and make soybean paste, yuba, and tofu…”

Xinxuan live broadcast room

On the first day of the expo, Xinxuan’s team broadcast live for 12 hours continuously, leading sales to exceed 10 million yuan.

“Our sales have exceeded one million within one hour of broadcasting. It is not difficult to see that our Longjiang green food is very popular with consumers.” Peng Lan, marketing director of Xinxuan Group, said that through this event, he hopes to cooperate with more local brands and brands in Heilongjiang. industries to establish deeper cooperation and jointly promote Heilongjiang products to a better platform.

The anchors in the online live broadcast room introduced the products professionally, and the offline buyers bought them even more enthusiastically.

Xingkai Lake Rice

“This expo allows us to better showcase Xingkaihu rice.” Cao Zhijing, general manager of Heilongjiang Tongye Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., told reporters that during the exhibition, the company has successively conducted interviews with buyers from Beijing Supermarket and Sichuan Old Kitchen Group In cooperation negotiations, at present, the signing of the Xingkai Lake rice purchase contract has been initially reached.

“A good lake of water feeds a good rice. This year, our Xingkai Lake rice has obtained the ‘Black Soil Excellent Product’ label certification. With the government’s endorsement, I believe that our lake water rice can reach more dining tables.” Cao Zhijing said to the company. Full of confidence in future development.

Industrial chain empowerment creates a window for win-win cooperation

For the first time, this expo takes the industrial chain as the main line, cooperates with special exhibitions, and jointly promotes the high-quality development of the national green food industry, focusing on displaying the industry’s chain owners, brand companies, and leading companies.

“We brought a series of products such as ‘Tianfu Longya’, ‘Sichuan Red Gongfu’ and ‘Jasmine Tea’ to this exhibition. I didn’t expect them to be so popular.” Gong Jingbin, head of the Sichuan Tea Brand Promotion Association, said.


Tea exhibits in Sichuan exhibition area

In the Sichuan exhibition area, regional elements such as Tianfu Snow Mountain, bamboo forests, pandas, western Sichuan folk houses, face-changing, and tureen bowls are refreshing. In recent years, the Sichuan Tea Brand Promotion Association has comprehensively created the “Tianfu Longya” Sichuan tea regional brand and the “Sichuan Tianfu Longya” landmark. At the supporting “2023 Tianfu Longya Quality Sichuan Tea Harbin Promotion Conference”, the relevant person in charge of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said that Sichuan Province and Harbin City have close tea culture exchanges, and Sichuan Province will continue to promote tea culture exchanges and mutual learning. Based on the good tradition of Harbin City, we put better products into the Northeast market.

Sichuan exhibitors are optimistic about the Longjiang market, while Ningxia exhibitors seek win-win cooperation.

Savor the unique charm of “Fortress Jiangnan” and embark on a journey of cooperation in the green food industry. With the theme of “Taste Ningxia, Green Sharing”, the Ningxia exhibition area brings Ningxia’s “six special” industries and local characteristic elements such as the Yellow River and Helan Mountain into Longjiang. More than 20 companies bring wine, wolfberry, milk, beef, Tan sheep and other stars Product exhibition.


Ningxia exhibition area

Li Yanpeng, director of the Exhibition Affairs Department of the Ningxia Trade Promotion Committee, said that Heilongjiang and Ningxia provinces have broad prospects for cooperation. We will give full play to the function of “connecting government and enterprises, integrating internal and external, and unblocking supply and demand”, wholeheartedly provide services to all entrepreneurial friends, and help Heining enterprises achieve win-win cooperation.

Build a platform to provide guarantee for stabilizing grain and expanding beans

This expo has invited more than 260 soybean specialty and advantageous enterprises from 29 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) across the country to participate in the exhibition, focusing on displaying more than 1,400 specialty products in 8 categories across the soybean industry chain. During the expo, 6 soybean purchase and sale projects were signed, with an intended transaction volume of 1.96 million tons and a transaction value of 9.2 billion yuan, and a soybean investment project of 2.7 billion yuan was signed.

Bean seeds, dried tofu, soy flour, soy milk, brushed protein, high-protein derivatives… At the expo, a small soybean has embarked on an exciting journey from the soybean market chain, brand chain, value chain to industrial chain. “the road.


Hunan exhibition area

As the main soybean producing area in the south, the Hunan exhibition area has selected 12 outstanding companies, covering categories such as seed industry, soybean product processing and agricultural machinery and equipment.

Wang Shan, a second-level researcher at the Planting Industry Management Office of the Hunan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, introduced that we brought Hengchun Bean No. 10 selected by the Hengyang Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Different from northern soybeans, this variety of soybeans has high protein content and is more suitable for Processed into dried tofu and other bean products.

The four-day exhibition has ended, and Wang Shan, who came to Longjiang for the first time to participate in the exhibition, has gained a lot.


Special soy products in Hunan exhibition area

“This exhibition allows more people to understand the characteristics of our soybean industry in Hunan, and more importantly, with the help of the exhibition platform, we can exchange and learn good experiences. After these few days of cooperation negotiations, our exhibitors all feel that they have gained a lot, more than they have The expected results are that we will come to participate next year,” Wang Shan said.

“This expo has achieved five main results: building a national soybean production, supply and marketing cooperation platform to ensure national food and energy security; building a national green food industry cooperation platform to lead the high-quality development of the green food industry; building a platform to showcase the high-quality development of Longjiang agriculture The stage of “New Picture Scroll” helps the comprehensive revitalization of Northeast China in the new era; builds a “ballast stone” to maintain national food security and promotes cooperation in grain production and marketing; creates a new engine to drive consumption, and demonstrates and leads the development of new industries, new business formats, and new models. .” Tan Baicheng, vice president of the Heilongjiang Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade and director of the Provincial International Expo Development Promotion Center, commented.

Carefully arranged booths one by one, sincere and in-depth negotiations, vivid and rich promotions… The success of the exhibition cannot be separated from the support and help of all parties. Although this expo has come to an end for the time being, the overflow effect of the expo Still emerging, the first expo gave birth to new hope and also meant a new beginning.

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