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The musical “Sanxingdui” opens grandly in Beijing, traveling through time and space to unlock the secret realm of ancient Shu_Audience_Ancient Shu_Stage


Original title: The musical “Sanxingdui” opens grandly in Beijing, traveling through time and space to unlock the secret realm of ancient Shu

On the evening of November 16, the musical “Sanxingdui” opened grandly at the Grand Theater of Beijing Tianqiao Art Center. Shocking naked-eye 3D, recreation of Sanxingdui cultural relics, ancient Shu sacrifice ceremony… the audience can immerse themselves in the theater and feel the rich and strong atmosphere of ancient Shu, and the dazzling style of ancient Shu is displayed in the square inch stage.

“Love, Faith and Inheritance” is the core theme of the musical “Sanxingdui”. Through the stories of ancient Shu and modern times, two different times and spaces are intertwined, but they are cause and effect, it shows the Chinese people’s attitude toward each other that has not changed since ancient times. The interpretation of love and dedication, the persistence of dreams and beliefs, and the spirit of tireless exploration and inheritance of civilization.

Although the ancient Shu people and archaeologists have different eras, environments and careers, what has never changed is the exploration of the unknown and the pursuit of emotions. They wrote an epic with love and dedication that “man can conquer nature”. The musical “Sanxingdui” uses artistic vocabulary to make cultural relics “alive”. Many viewers were shocked that the scenes of the ancient Shu Kingdom could be played on the stage. “The ancient Shu culture has always been mysterious to me, but when it unfolded on the stage At that moment, all the imaginations in my mind came alive.” Ms. Zhou, an audience member, said excitedly after the performance.

The musical “Sanxingdui” immersively restores the style of the “Ancient Shu Dynasty” for the audience, and by endowing the characters with connotations of modern value, the overall performance slowly introduces the ancient Shu civilization in a dialogue across time and space.

Naked-eye 3D shocking visual effects, building a dream of sound and light in ancient Shu

The musical “Sanxingdui” has assembled powerful Chinese and foreign teams such as Hu Xiaoou, Wang Yong, Yang Shuo, Yang Donglin, Tom Sutherland, and Morgan Lazi. From the script to the stage design and music, the production team has gone through many rounds of polishing and preparation. Adjustment. The music team of the musical “Sanxingdui” also worked hard to restore the sound of “thousands of years ago” on the stage. The sound of the bronzes heard by the audience is the result of the production team’s extensive attempts and explorations, using common bronze instruments such as trombones and trumpets, combined with modifications and deformations of the timbre, to create a sense of fantasy in the ancient Shu Kingdom.

Since the premiere of the musical “Sanxingdui”, many viewers have shared their experience of watching the show on Weibo, Xiaohongshu and other platforms. What shocked everyone the most was the visual presentation of the stage. Not only can the audience see replicas of Sanxingdui’s representative cultural relics such as the Bronze Standing Man, the Bronze Mask, and the Bronze Sacred Tree at once for the first time on the musical stage, but they can also experience the concert-level naked-eye 3D effect at close range. , immersively experience the “archaeological site” and dream back to the “ancient Shu Dynasty”. Not only that, every costume in the play is specially customized according to the character’s personality and identity, and every detail the audience sees on the stage is unique.


The powerful actors performed on the same stage, and the audience was moved to tears

The musical “Sanxingdui” has brought together well-known actors and musicians in the industry such as Hou Yansong, Zhao Lei, Zhao Yue, and Zhang Keying. “Wuzhu” played by Hou Yansong and “Yangtian” played by young singer Zhao Yue both left a deep impression on the audience. The two powerful actors’ acting skills also brought the atmosphere of the scene to its peak. Finally, when the “Little Golden Crow” appeared in the Easter egg segment, the audience’s emotions were also vented. “This setting of transcending reincarnation sublimated the entire work. The moment I saw the Little Golden Crow, I couldn’t shed tears anymore.” I can’t stop it. As a father, this drama touched me a lot.” Mr. Zhao, an audience member, was deeply moved after taking his daughter to watch it.

The performance of the much-watched young actors Zhao Lei and Zhang Keying in the musical “Sanxingdui” is also very eye-catching. In order to better interpret the role, Zhang Keying conducted repeated and in-depth research on “Qingluan” to gain her understanding of the role. added to his own performance. In order to sing his own excerpts well, Zhao Lei practiced until his veins popped out. He hopes that through his own strength and interpretation in the play, more young people can understand Sanxingdui culture through musicals.



Create sincere works with admiration and help inherit Chinese culture in many ways

The musical “Sanxingdui” has assembled the top musical production teams at home and abroad. From the script to the stage design and music, the production team has gone through many rounds of polishing and adjustment.

As one of the global promotion projects of “Enter Sanxingdui and Understand Chinese Civilization”, the musical “Sanxingdui” has received attention and support from many parties since its preparation. The play is directed by the Propaganda Department of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and Bauhinia Culture Group Co., Ltd., produced by China International Culture Group Co., Ltd., Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, and jointly produced by Xinhuanet Co., Ltd. and Beijing Tianqiao Shengshi Investment Group Co., Ltd. Co-sponsored by Performance Theater Development Co., Ltd. and Sichuan Song and Dance Theater Co., Ltd., produced by Beijing Sihai Yiyi Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Sichuan Song and Dance Theater Co., Ltd., and co-produced by Chengdu High-tech China Performance Theater Management Co., Ltd. and Sihai Yiyi The national tour is operated by Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. and supported by Sanxingdui Museum. The addition of many powerful production teams also provides a strong guarantee for the production level of “Sanxingdui”.

The musical “Sanxingdui” shows the audience the splendid splendor of ancient Shu civilization, creates a strong atmosphere of using cultural relics to tell Chinese stories, and uses the “stage” as a medium to tell Chinese stories. As Yu Tingting, the producer and Chinese director of the musical “Sanxingdui” said, “The musical “Sanxingdui” is a story about love, faith and inheritance. We hope to tell the inheritance of civilization and culture through the concept of ancient and modern dialogue, and the craftsmanship of modern archaeologists.”

From November 16th to 19th, the musical “Sanxingdui” will be performed for five consecutive performances at Beijing Tianqiao Art Center, and will continue to be performed in Xiamen, Ningbo, Shanghai and other places.Return to Sohu to see more

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