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The China Intelligent Transportation Conference opens in Xiamen and will last until the 19th_News Channel_Xiamen Net


The staff introduced the operation and maintenance management platform.

King Long self-driving security vehicle.

Movable roadside sensing equipment provides communication assistance for driverless vehicles and plays a role in filling blind spots. (Photo of this series/photo by Xiamen Daily reporter Ke Kaiyun)

Xiamen Net News (Xiamen Daily reporter Ke Kaiyun) Yesterday, the 2023 China Intelligent Transportation Conference (ITSAC 2023) (hereinafter referred to as the “Conference”) with the theme of “Innovation, Collaborative and Sustainable Development” opened in Xiamen. This conference is hosted by the China Intelligent Transportation Association and will last until the 19th.

The conference includes three major themed activities: the 18th China Intelligent Transportation Annual Conference, the 2023 Intelligent Transportation Technology Innovation Exhibition, and the 2023 First China Intelligent Transportation Innovation Challenge.

Yesterday’s high-level forum of the conference also held the establishment ceremony of the China Intelligent Transportation Association’s Air Traffic Intelligence Special Committee, the 2023 China Intelligent Transportation Association Science and Technology Award Ceremony, and announced the “2023 China Intelligent Transportation Person of the Year”.

King Long self-driving security vehicle:

“Universal Security” on duty 24 hours a day

The 2023 Intelligent Transportation Technology Innovation Exhibition focuses on scientific and technological achievements, technologies and products in the cutting-edge field of intelligent transportation.

With a camera on its head and a speaker hanging on its forehead, it is less than 1.4 meters tall… This is the King Long self-driving security vehicle at the Xiamen King Long booth. The car has just been launched and has not yet been put into use.

“It can replace security patrols, be on duty 24 hours a day, identify unfamiliar vehicles, carry out mobile safety promotion, etc.” The staff said that the images recorded by the camera can also be transmitted to the background for further security data analysis.

Xiamen Jinlong’s booth also displayed the “Apolong II” self-driving minibus that has been put into use. This driverless minibus has played a special role in scenic spots such as the East Ring Road in our city. It is understood that Xiamen King Long has four production bases in Xiamen large and medium-sized buses, Xiamen light buses, Xiamen special vehicles and Shaoxing special vehicles, and can provide a complete line of smart transportation products.

Traffic operation and maintenance management platform:

Traffic lights and electronic street signs can be monitored remotely

“Where the traffic light is broken or the manhole cover has been moved, we can find out in real time on this platform and provide quick feedback to the relevant departments…” At the Yinjiang Technology booth, the staff was introducing the cooperation with the traffic police department many years ago. Traffic operation and maintenance management platform.

Among the systems displayed on the live screen, there is a map of Xiamen. The current status of electronic transportation equipment at each intersection on the map is clear at a glance. It is understood that at present, more than 300 pieces of traffic technology equipment and facilities, such as traffic lights and electronic street signs, have been connected to the system.

At present, this operation and maintenance management platform has solved the problem of traditional management’s inability to grasp the operating status of all equipment in a timely manner, the difficulty in effectively tracking and providing feedback on the operation and maintenance process, the lack of systematic records in operation and maintenance files, and the scattered scheduling and management of multiple operation and maintenance units through information means. Issues such as lack of equipment operation and maintenance knowledge base. “This year, we will promote three-dimensional modeling of the platform and use three-dimensional illustrations to display the status of electronic transportation equipment at intersections on the platform.” Yinjiang technical staff introduced.

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