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Villagers of Qingshui Village under Mentougou spend warm winter


Original title: Villagers of Qingshui Village under Mentougou spend warm winter

On November 16, Yu Keming, a villager in Qingshui Village, Qingshui Town, was packing cabbage at home to prepare for the winter.Photo by our reporter Wang Haixin

Our reporter Zhang Ao

Blue sky, whistling wind, this is the winter day in the deep mountainous area of ​​Mentougou. After driving for nearly three hours from the city, through winding mountain roads, we finally arrived at Qingshui Village, Qingshui Town. Heavy rains and flash floods on July 31 severely damaged this small village. A few months have passed. How are the lives of the villagers recovering? A few days ago, reporters visited Du Chhuntao’s home, which is the lowest in the village.

“Come in quickly, it’s warm in the house.” Du Chuntiao greeted and asked his wife to help him get his mobile phone. The photos in the mobile phone album reminded the old man of the scene during the disaster. On the day of the heavy rain, the old couple moved to the resettlement site with the help of village cadres. However, when they returned home, they found that sand and muddy water had accumulated in the yard, and the doors and windows had been washed out of shape by the flood. When I entered the house, I saw that the floor and walls were almost washed away.

“Our home is close to the river and is in a low-lying part of the village. We were suddenly hit by the rain and didn’t know what to do.” 75-year-old Du Chhuntao said that both he and his wife were not in good health, and they did not show any concern in the face of the disaster. Ability to repair independently.

What is gratifying is that before the National Day holiday is over, there is a noise in the Du family. Several workers came in and out, paving the floor, scraping putty, and installing doors and windows, every day.

Where does the money to repair the house come from? Speaking of this, Du Chhuntao had tears in his eyes, “The government gave me a part of the subsidy to repair my house.”

Qingshui Town Party Committee Member, Organization Committee Member, and United Front Work Committee Member Ma Baoxin introduced that at the beginning of post-disaster reconstruction, Qingshui Town invited a professional team to provide guidance on house repairs, draw up plans and budgets, and conduct acceptance inspection after the repairs were completed. If the inspection was successful, funds would be allocated. subsidy.

At present, all 412 households in need of repairs in the town have been completed and are undergoing acceptance inspection. Subsidy funds have been allocated to 300 households. The remaining repair households will gradually receive housing repair subsidies from the government after the inspection and acceptance is completed.

From the start to the completion, it took Du Chuntou eight days. Now, in the white-washed room, the thermometer points to 20 degrees Celsius. Not only is it no longer cold and damp, but it is also exceptionally warm. In the bedroom, the new Simmons that his son bought for the couple was covered with brand new sheets; sweet potatoes and dried pumpkins were neatly stacked on the heater; Du Chuntiao had a smile on his face after taking a sip of hot tea. “There are floor heating and electric heating, so we don’t have to worry about winter at all. We, the old couple, are confident.”

Yu Keming’s house, which has its back against the roots of a mountain and lives at the highest point in the village, also has a warm breeze blowing against its face. Sunlight shines through the large windows on the flowers and plants in the living room. The branches and leaves are stretched and green. In this small living room, Yu Keming’s wife Zhang Kefen is watering the flowers, while Yu Keming is drying his own plants in the yard. of cabbage.

“The house has been repaired, but I am not yet practical. I am afraid that it will be a problem to survive the winter after the flood, so I have prepared a lot of firewood.” Yu Keming said that after the water receded, he put firewood in the yard in case of emergencies. need.

However, what he didn’t expect was that the heating equipment after the coal-to-electricity switch was so powerful. This equipment called air energy heating is located on the roof of the west wing of the yard.

In this regard, Wang Jinsheng, secretary of the village party branch, said that Xiaqingshui Village completed the coal-to-electricity project five or six years ago, and the villagers use air energy equipment driven by electric energy for heating. After the flood, whether the villagers can survive the winter warmly depends on whether the power supply is stable. In fact, power was restored to the village with emergency equipment within days of the disaster, and municipal power was restored shortly thereafter.

“The room can maintain more than 20 degrees Celsius, and there is no need for firewood, but I feel very at ease.” Yu Keming sighed.

Like the Du and Yu families, there are more than 600 villagers in the village who can survive the winter warmly. Seeing everyone’s temperature rising, Wang Jinsheng became more confident and had a new plan. He hopes that in the spring of next year, the Qingshui Flower Valley Scenic Area in the village will be reopened to help the village’s industrial development. At the same time, a new commercial street is also being brewed, which will complement various service facilities for guests who come to the scenic spot to enjoy the scenery and play.

(Editors: Chi Mengrui, Bao Congying)

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