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November 17 15:18
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Original title: News analysis | This is how the tiered promotion pattern of Hebei enterprises’ listing is formed.

Strengthen cultivation services and optimize support policies

This is how Hebei’s enterprise listing echelon promotion pattern is formed

On April 21, CSSC (Handan) Perry Special Gas Co., Ltd. was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange Science and Technology Innovation Board for the first time, achieving the first breakthrough for a listed company on the Science and Technology Innovation Board of Hebei Province; on the morning of November 16, Xingtai Naconol Finishing Technology Co., Ltd. was first listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange…

Since the beginning of this year, there have been 6 new listed companies in the province, and 3 new companies have passed the review of the Exchange Listing Committee and are waiting for registration and issuance (hereinafter referred to as “pending listing”). As of now, Hebei has a total of 7 domestic A-share companies in the review period, 39 companies in the guidance period, and 232 provincial-level listed reserve resource database companies.

On November 16, the Provincial Government Information Office held a press conference on Hebei Province’s active promotion of enterprise listings and announced the report card of Hebei Province’s active promotion of enterprise listings. The continuously refreshed figures reflect the good trend of steady growth in Hebei’s newly listed companies and companies waiting to be listed.

“The Provincial Local Financial Supervision Bureau resolutely implements the decisions and arrangements of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government on accelerating the listing of enterprises, continuously strengthens top-level design, optimizes the cultivation mechanism, refines support measures, and implements incentive policies. The province has formed a ‘cultivation group, The listing promotion pattern of enterprises is to promote the listing of one batch of companies, one batch of shareholding reform, one batch of guidance, one batch of application, and one batch of listing.” You Mingquan, member of the party group and deputy director of the Provincial Local Financial Supervision Bureau, introduced.

Actively build an all-round support system for enterprise listings, and all relevant departments in Hebei will coordinate their efforts and make coordinated efforts.

The provincial government has established a leading group for the listing of enterprises in Hebei Province. The Provincial Local Financial Supervision Bureau has actively played the role of the leading group office in taking the lead and coordinating the overall coordination. It has issued the “Hebei Province Enterprise Listing Action Plan” and proposed tiered reserves of “golden seeds” and specialized The six major projects of “incubation and growth”, “precision drip irrigation” for financing docking, “optimization and improvement” of supporting services, “acceleration and run-up” of standardized guidance, and “improving quality and expanding coverage” of enterprise listings are the action goals for the province’s enterprise listing work in the next five years. , implementation paths and safeguard measures have been systematically planned and comprehensively deployed.

In terms of consolidating resource reserves and strengthening precise professional cultivation and services, the Provincial Local Financial Supervision Bureau, together with various cities, Xiongan New Area, the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, the Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and other departments, reserve and recommend high-quality resources from across the province. Among enterprises, according to the listing standards of each section of the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges, 232 listed reserve enterprises that are industry-oriented, meet profitability standards, and have sufficient development potential were selected and included in the provincial reserve reserve enterprise resource pool as the main tool for promoting the listing of enterprises. Target groups are subject to dynamic management and follow-up training and services are carried out.

The regional equity market is the “base” of the multi-level capital market and the “nursery” for cultivating listed companies. While comprehensively deepening exchanges and cooperation with the Shanghai and Shenzhen Exchanges, Hebei also gives full play to the service role of the Hebei Equity Exchange.

Zhao Yabing, director of the Financial Operations Department of the Provincial Local Financial Supervision Bureau, said that they actively make good use of the Hebei Equity Exchange’s specialized and new special board platform to provide accurate and effective services to enterprises at different levels (incubation level, standardization level, and cultivation level). Basic services and comprehensive financial services will promote the development and growth of specialized and new enterprises in the province and accelerate the pace of listing in the national capital market.

Create a good environment for enterprises to go public in the whole society and mobilize the enthusiasm of enterprises as listed entities. The Provincial Local Financial Supervision Bureau also guided the Hebei Equity Exchange and the Shanghai-Shenzhen Stock Exchange Hebei Base to jointly initiate the establishment of the country’s first provincial-level innovative listing service organization – the Hebei Enterprise Listing Service Alliance.

“The alliance has organized 27 activities of various types so far, providing full-process listing cultivation services for 606 key back-up companies across the province that are planning to be listed. Among these companies, 2 companies have been successfully listed, and 4 companies have passed the listing process. 15 companies have entered the review period or guidance period, and the company’s listing work has achieved positive results.” said Wu Xiaowu, secretary-general of the Provincial Enterprise Listing Service Alliance.

Optimizing support policies is an important part of cultivating a support system for companies to go public. Hebei implements the implementation of listing subsidy funds that are applied and approved immediately, which improves the timeliness of rewards. At the same time, regular corporate roadshows and docking negotiation activities are carried out regularly for high-quality investment funds within and outside the province on a regional and industrial basis to help companies attract investment and intelligence, and accelerate the pace of listing through capital empowerment.

“Last year, we worked with the Provincial Department of Finance to study and issue the “Eleven Policies and Measures on Supporting Enterprises to Go IPO”, moving the subsidy time node forward to the guidance and filing stage, and raising the upper limit of the subsidy standard to 3 million yuan.” Provincial Local Financial Supervision Bureau Zhang Xuewen, director of the Capital Markets Department, said that when these 11 policy measures are introduced, they will be effective until the end of 2022. In order to continue to play the guiding and motivating role of the policy, they have applied to the provincial government for approval to extend the “optimized pre-listing incentive policy” until the end of 2025.

Source: Hebei News Network

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