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With first-run ratings and word-of-mouth success, “Countryside Narrative” decodes Ningxia’s new farming civilization_TOM Entertainment


“The Ningxia River is pointed at both ends, with the Yellow River in the east and mountains in the west, and the Jinchuan and Yinchuan Miliangchuan.” Ningxia is not only the northwest that is least like the northwest on the geographical map, but also the most ideal distant place shaped by time. As local rural revitalization efforts achieve significant results, Ningxia’s new farming story is attracting increasing attention. On November 16, Ningxia Satellite TV devotedly createdRural Revitalization Documentary “Rural Narrative”At the beginning of the broadcast, the program went into the “Fortress of Jiangnan”, using the visit to Ningxia’s “Six Special” and “Six Excellent” industrial bases as the main clues, and opened a dazzling chapter of rural revitalization.

Focus on new farmers + new agriculture and promote Ningxia’s new farming culture

In the first episode of the program, Star Farmer manager Wang Siwen and recommendation officer Miao Jie came to the east foot of Helan Mountain, walked into the vineyard, visited the wine production workshop, experienced the filling task, and carefully tasted this “purple business card”.

The good geographical conditions at the eastern foot of Helan Mountain in Ningxia are prerequisites for the growth of high-quality wine grapes. The 3,000 hours of sunshine throughout the year, the continental climate with huge temperature differences between day and night, and the rich soil make the wine grapes taste more balanced. The high-quality Ningxia wines produced have attracted worldwide attention and have won more than 1,100 awards in international wine competitions, accounting for more than 60% of the total number of awards nationwide. This is also what attracted Chen Xianni, a self-proclaimed “Ningxia native from France” to give up the wines of her hometown and settle in Ningxia to promote Chinese wines.

In the program, the professional scale of the production workshop, which can handle 6,000 tons of grapes, is even more shocking. According to reports, the wineries in Ningxia produce 138 million bottles of wine annually, ranking first among wineries in the country. One-third of the annual income of farmers in the eastern foothills of Helan Mountain comes from the wine industry. Grape vines connect tens of millions of households, and countless people’s dreams are pinned on acres of orchards and rising wineries.

With first-run ratings and word-of-mouth success,

With first-run ratings and word-of-mouth success,

Use programs that young people love to see and watch to trigger resonance among young audiences.

Leaders once said: “Rural revitalization provides young people with a place to show their talents. We hope that more young people will play an active role in rural revitalization.” Let young people become the protagonists of rural revitalization and attract young audiences to pay attention to new rural industries. This is the purpose of “Narrative of Countryside”.

The program adopts the format of an experiential reality show popular with young people, and specially invites young artists Wang Siwen, Miao Jie, and Li Xikan as rural visitors to delve into the “World Wine Capital”, “Hometown of Wolfberry”, “Hometown of Tan Sheep” and “High-end The core of the “six special” industries such as “Hometown of Milk” and “Cold Vegetables”, in a novel, warm and interesting program atmosphere, show the new atmosphere of Ningxia’s rural areas and trigger the same frequency resonance among young audiences.

In the development process of Ningxia’s new agriculture, there are many young new farmers. In the first episode of the program, Wang Haorui, an intern who graduated from the wine major, was familiar with wine knowledge and explained wine appreciation knowledge to the guests. When seeing their peers becoming representatives of young new farmers, many young viewers watching the program gave a thumbs up and praised their actions in blooming their dreams in the countryside.

With first-run ratings and word-of-mouth success,

With first-run ratings and word-of-mouth success,

Starting from November 16th, it will premiere every Thursday night at 22:12 and rebroadcast every Saturday night at 22:00. It will be locked on Ningxia Satellite TV, Yellow River Cloud APP, Red Wolfberry APP and various new media platforms. Follow “Narrative of the Village” to explore Wonderful story of Ningxia’s new farming!


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