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Langfang: Enhance industry development momentum to help high-quality development of commercial logistics_Mobile Sina


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November 17 15:36
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Original title: Langfang: Enhance industry development momentum to help high-quality development of trade logistics

The picture shows the Langfang Bohai Rim Distribution Center of China Post Group.Photo by reporter Liu Xiang

The picture shows the express delivery center of the first phase project of Yunda Group’s northern regional headquarters base.Photo by reporter Liu Xiang

The picture shows the fully automatic intelligent sorting assembly line running at high speed in the northern headquarters base of STO Express.Photo by reporter Liu Xiang

Langfang Media Network News (Reporter Wu Qiong) In Hanyingzhuang Village, Antoutun Town, Xianghe County, villager Guoshu went to the Antoutun Town Public Service Station to pick up express delivery. “Now you can get express delivery at the express delivery and reception point in less than 5 minutes’ walk. It’s so convenient.” Han Hanshu said happily.

In order to respond to the needs of the people, serve the people and relieve their worries, and open up the “last mile” of express delivery to the village, the Municipal Postal Administration and 12 units including the Municipal Party Committee Cyberspace Affairs Office, the Municipal Standardization Institute, and China Agricultural University jointly drafted the “Digital Rural Village” ( “General Specifications for Digital Construction of Streets”, the first in the province to clearly introduce construction standards for rural express delivery service stations. Six counties (cities) including Sanhe City and Xianghe County have established a total of 12 comprehensive convenience service stations for mail delivery, operating 10 passenger and freight forwarding lines, realizing mail transportation in 13 towns and cities, and transporting more than 7,000 newspapers and periodicals and more than 500 express mails every day. pieces.

Since the beginning of this year, the Municipal Postal Administration has firmly established the service concept, continuously enhanced the momentum of industry development, further refined specific measures to promote the high-quality development of postal express enterprises, and made every effort to build the “Xianghe Urban and Rural Express Intelligent Co-Distribution Center Project”, which was the first to be established in the city The “joint sorting, joint distribution” express delivery intelligent co-distribution center integrates multiple express delivery brands such as ZTO, YTO, STO, Jitu, etc., through the “co-warehousing, co-picking, co-distribution and co-transportation” model, the first phase The engineering express business coverage has reached more than 70% of the county. Once completed, it can achieve an average daily operation volume of 500,000 orders and an average daily delivery capacity of 300,000 orders, assisting the high-quality development of commercial logistics. During the “Double Eleven” period, 140,000 to 160,000 express parcels arrived at the Xianghe County Urban and Rural Express Intelligent Co-Distribution Center and 120,000 parcels left the port every day.

Combined with the industrial characteristics of Langfang City, the Municipal Postal Administration guides mailing companies to develop in business centers such as Yongqing Yunshang Town, Gu’an Yongdinghe Clothing Trade City, Sanhe Dongmao International Clothing City, Xianghe Furniture City, and Bazhou Shengfang Furniture City. Cooperate and embed finished product warehousing, order distribution and other production and processing links to reduce corporate logistics costs and improve efficiency. From January to September, the “Express Delivery+” business volume accumulated to approximately 440 million pieces, accounting for 54.79% of the city’s express delivery business volume in modern commercial logistics work. In terms of specialty agricultural products, the bureau actively cultivates postal express service local industrial projects, supports rural small, medium and micro enterprises, “builds channels, builds platforms, assists industries, and promotes integration” to effectively enable farmers to grow well, sell well, and buy well. , to ensure that the express delivery villages can be “affordable, stable, well-operated, and long-lasting”.

Since October last year, the Municipal Postal Administration has seized the opportunity and made a decision. After extensive preparations, it has actively carried out the application for the “China Express Delivery Demonstration City”. In March this year, the State Post Bureau issued the “Reply on the Selection Results of the Third Batch of “China Express Delivery Demonstration Cities””, and Langfang City successfully passed the selection of “China Express Delivery Demonstration City”. In April, Langfang City was officially awarded the “China Express Delivery Demonstration City” by the State Post Bureau, making it the first and currently the only one in Hebei Province. In September, in the “Notice of the State Post Bureau Office on the Progress of the Creation of China’s Express Delivery Demonstration City in the First Half of 2023”, Langfang’s achievements in creating China’s Express Delivery Demonstration City were highly affirmed.

Langfang City is adjacent to Beijing and Tianjin and is an important part of the capital’s commuter circle and industrial circle. It has great advantages in developing modern trade and logistics industries. Since last year, Langfang City has established the development of modern trade and logistics industry as the “No. 1 Project”, making every effort to promote industrial upgrading and energy accumulation, accelerate the integration of business formats, and accelerate the creation of a highland for the development of modern trade and logistics. Currently, there are 7 regional distribution centers or regional headquarters in the city including Postal Service, SF Express,, YTO, STO, Yunda, and Jitu. The Yunda northern headquarters base has been officially put into operation through branch registration. Jitu North China Operations Center has been stationed in Linlin. As an empty economic zone, Langfang City has become the city with the most regional distribution centers and regional express headquarters in the province. The city’s average daily transfer volume is 10 million items; Beijing’s average daily service is 5.43 million items, including 2.2 million outbound items and 3.23 million inbound items. The city’s delivery service coverage has reached 100%, and direct-operated enterprises such as Postal Service, SF Express, and have achieved 100% direct delivery to households. A total of 1,158 sets of smart express boxes have been deployed, with a total of 106,700 compartments.

According to statistics, from January to September this year, there were more than 1.6 billion express delivery service users, and an average of 2.7 million packages were sent to the country every day. The total business volume of the postal industry completed 7.711 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 33.88%, ranking first in the province in terms of growth rate; the postal industry business revenue was 6.837 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 21.92%, ranking second in the province in terms of growth rate. The express delivery business volume was 803 million pieces, a year-on-year increase of 42.1%, ranking first in the province in terms of growth rate; the express delivery business revenue was 6.279 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 22.67%, ranking third in the province in terms of growth rate.

Source: Langfang Media Network

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