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Guizhou Red Ribbon Project debuts in Shanghai Digital Feast to promote colorful Guizhou winter tourism – International Online Mobile Edition


On November 16, the Colorful Guizhou Winter Tourism and Red Ribbon Project Promotion Conference was held in Shanghai. Preferential policies related to Guizhou winter tourism and red tourism boutique routes were launched on-site, and “Red Ribbon·Great Journey” and “Red Ribbon·Colorful Flyover” were released. Products and project preferential policies sincerely invite tourists to start a colorful winter trip to Guizhou.

At the event site, the Red Ribbon, a key project of the Guizhou Key Construction Area of ​​the Long March National Cultural Park, made its debut in Shanghai. The Red Ribbon Project is located at the intersection of Jianlongdong Road and Caihu Road in the Shuanglong Airport Economic Zone, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province. It is the country’s first all-area immersive digital experience hall with the theme of the Long March, and is a key “1+3+8” project promoted by Guizhou Province. “One of the landmark projects is also an important and problem-solving move for Guizhou to promote the construction of the Long March National Cultural Park.

Photos provided at the promotion meeting by event organizer

The Red Ribbon Project takes “Red Ribbon of the Earth” as its architectural theme and “High Flag, Endless Team” as its core theme. It uses the language of digital technology to tell the story of the Long March to the world and inherit the red gene. The venue is composed of two parts: the global immersive digital performance “Red Ribbon·Great Journey” and “Red Ribbon·Colorful Flying”. Among them, “Red Ribbon: The Great Journey” is composed of six chapters: Unsung Heroes, Baptism of Blood and Fire, Great Turning, Difficult Journey, Monument of Victory, and New Era and New Long March. It integrates AI virtual interaction, full-dimensional mechanical movement, virtual reality technology, Using the latest technological means such as three-dimensional sound fields, digital panoramic reproduction of the Long March is possible. “Red Ribbon·Colorful Flying” is the premiere play of Guizhou’s first 8K movie-level giant LED dome flying theater. The theater uses suspended ride equipment combined with an LED dome system and multi-degree-of-freedom suspended dynamic seats, allowing The audience feels as if they are flying above the colorful and magnificent mountains and rivers of Guizhou. With the panoramic sound field and somatosensory special effects, it brings everyone a shocking all-round “five senses” feast.

At the event site, the “Red Ribbon·Great Journey” and “Red Ribbon·Colorful Flying” products and project preferential policies were released: From now until December 31, 2023, Red Ribbon will offer a 50% discount for Shanghai tourists.

In order to allow tourists to better enjoy the colorful winter trip to Guizhou, the Guizhou Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, in conjunction with relevant departments and enterprises, launched the 2023 Winter Guizhou Cultural Tourism “One More, Two Less, Three Free” preferential activities and travel charter flights (including seats), tourism Special trains (including private carriages) and self-driving tour organization incentives are available from November 2023 to February 2024. Specific preferential policies and quality routes have been published on the official website of the Guizhou Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, WeChat public accounts, Weibo, Douyin, etc. Released on official platforms and media, self-media and OTA platforms.

A corner of the promotion venue. Photo provided by event organizer

In order to make good use of red resources and tell the Long March culture and Long March stories from multiple angles and three-dimensionally, this event also fully demonstrated the rich heritage of Guizhou’s red cultural resources and planned 24 red cultural tourism investment projects, covering the Long March National Cultural Park, red tourism Construction and operation of scenic spots, theme towns, revolutionary museums, memorial halls, red experience projects, red study and other projects.

At present, Guizhou is constantly enriching the tourism ecology and humanistic connotation, insisting on using culture to shape tourism and tourism to promote culture, focusing on the three major elements of resources, customer sources, and services, making good use of the “two treasures” of natural treasures and cultural treasures, and striving to build a world-class tourism destination. Vacation destination. (Wen Lili)

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